Namecheap goes off the deep end. Anyone know a decent domain registrar ?

Monday, 27 January, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the immediate reaction is worth ten thousand later narrations. So, here's my face seeing new namecheap :

mircea_popescu Jesus did namecheap redesign its site to look retarded ? Or is this some sort of webturd dns cache poisoning thing.i
Vexual You buy dour domains at namecheap, I can't deal with such disoulusion.

mircea_popescu What ?
Vexual I don't know.

mircea_popescu I can't even fucking use their site now.ii JESUS GOD! STOP MAKING EVERYTHING STUPID EVERYONE! holy shit
Vexual Sorry

mircea_popescu There is just no alternative, everyone under 30 will have to be butchered and we'll have to start over. We have failed with this generation.
Vexual Can we keep the 16s?

mircea_popescu Maybe.
Vexual Seems sensible.

mircea_popescu Hopefully seeing the gruesome fate their older redditard siblings meet will wake them the fuck up.
Vexual It's happened during history...
Apocalyptic Set it as everyone under 20.
punkman Wow, new namecheap design is horrible. They change the account management stuff to?

mircea_popescu Yeah see, this is why nothing ever gets done, all the individual cases ;/ Soon enough it'll be anyone under 35.00001 and over 34.99999, which fits some guy somewhere a politician didn't like personally. punkman I dunno dood, I can't even log in anymore. Anyone know a sane registrar ?
Vexual I get friendly with the aides annd put politician with emails.

mircea_popescu Like, you know, namecheap USED TO BE ? I can't put up with this GoDaddy bullshit.
Vexual Not familiar with namecheap.

mircea_popescu Vexual that's because you're on the Internet by accident.
punkman Gandi maybe?

mircea_popescu Punkman you use it ?
punkman Not yet, I have most of my domains on namecheap.

mircea_popescu Yeah, so do I.
punkman Oh it's beyond horrible after I signed in. "We continue to work on making changes to our website, refining and tuning to make things easier for you. Please bear with us during this time."

mircea_popescu I don't understand what the fuck is with people. Basically instead of pissing all over the eager public in the forums like I do, they take Fuckwit Q. Bitcointalker seriously and follow their advice. This is immoral, let alone stupid.
Vexual +1. Cant lern em tho. Ait, what, your pr is on fire.
punkman This mobile first, responsive shit is just the worst thing. And it's everywhere.

mircea_popescu Someone came by with "o, we'll improve your DATED design by making it all new and therefore better" and some shit-for-brains officer signed off on this. Namecheap design stood out in a sea of idiocy by not being quite as idiotic. Now it looks like i'm having my domains hosted by fucking Vice.

There you have it, that's pretty much what it is : Namecheap dropped the ball. I will be moving away from them, in spite of a decade of history in operational perfection.iii That's a lot of, you know, actual business, with actual money involved. As opposed to likes, voteups, reddits and whatever other meaningless, worthless drivel this move certainly brought them.

Here's a hint, if you're trying to run a business on the Internet : Likes don't pay your bills. Never have. Never will.iv

What pays your bills is the stuff I have, not the stuff this kid has.v Stop catering to him and people like him, start catering to me and people like me. Currently you might be slightly confused by the fact that we used to defer to the fucktarded kids on the grounds that well... idiocy is cocky whereas power, accomplishment, intelligence and wisdom are full of doubt. And the kids are "the future". And you shouldn't say things like "fuck the poor, nobody asked them anything" or "fuck the kids, that's the only thing they're (marginally) good for anyway". And other equally stupid nonthink.

Not anymore.

I warn you, and I'm not kidding. I am drawing a motherfucking line in the sand. Start catering to the powerful. Forget the powerless. Start catering to the smart. Forget the stupid. Forget the likes, forget the "social media" bullshit, forget the "mobile revolution" and whatever some derp may have said to you at some conference somewhere. There is not enough power in all of social media to slightly warm a lightbulb, let alone make it light upvi. There is not one person with any sort of power that ever deliberately went to one of your conference bullshits.vii There is just nothing in this "web 2.0" marketing gimmick, forget about it, nobody cares, nobody will notice once it's gone.

Forget all that meaningless bullshit and focus on catering to me instead, because if you don't I will by god fucking kill you, your business, your family, your hopes and aspirations. Everything you are and everything you thought you were or one day might become, all of it. By the time I'm done with you they won't even be able to find the crater.

All that out of the way : anyone know a sane registrar ? You know, like namecheap USED TO be ?

  1. I kid you not, the steps I went through were "1. Oh, let's log into namecheap. Here, we type "" into address bar. 2. Wait, what is this ?! 3. Googlesearch to see what google thinks the domain for namecheap should be, maybe it was really .org or something ?! 4. Stare in disbelief at the page. This can't possibly be it." []
  2. Seriously. Their stupid "interactive" shit or whatever it is doesn't work in my browser, because my browser does not follow the trends in "interactive" bullshit. In most cases it doesn't even run javascript, so here's news to you : if you're employing one of those fuckwit "designer-in-his-own-mind" kids to fuck up your site and it becomes javascript dependent, you just lost me. And losing me might well mean the end of your project, unlike losing the entire legion of fuckwitted kids you're trying to cater to, who have no money and carry absolutely no importance in this world. Fuck you. []
  3. Quite the accomplishment this, do all the hard parts just fine, lose your customers on the parts any college dropout / creative writing aspirant / teenage retard can do just fine if properly managed. []
  4. Review the sad, sad history of the "investors" in the Groupon scam to better understand just how botomless that abyss is, between what you think likes are worth and what likes actually are worth. []
  5. This may not be directly apparent to you, but opinions are just like assholes. They're only there for me to insert my penis, if I feel like it, or whatever other object I see fit. No other purpose than that, you hear ? []
  6. Compare and contrast with the MegaWatts Bitcoin burns each second just so. Because it can. Because fuck you, no "useful" task as you define it can compete with the "useless" task of showing you just how more important, powerful and better we are than you could hope to become. That's the lion's mane, right there. Now hear it roar. []
  7. They may have ended up there to get out of the rain, or because they were chasing a piece of tail, or for any other such reason. Maybe they went there to laugh at you all privately afterwards, in their actual social circle. []
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11 Responses

  1. The new design is so... dislikable!

  2. A well-known boojum of the industrial age is that 'Rockefeller drinks the same Coke as the alcoholic street bum.'

    If you keep one domain, you're a $10 customer, even if you're a god. And get the treatment of a typical $10 customer. Unless I'm missing something.

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 28 January 2014

    Let's start with this : last time I sent some money to my account I sent a round grand, because whatever. The remainder of whatever my bill was I left sitting there, because whatever.

    In short : just the interest on my running credit is more than a 10 dollar domain. Now I don't expect to be crimped Vegas style, whale or no whale. But I do motherfucking expect not to be expected to eat in a cafeteria. Just you know, make sure there's a starred restaurant somewhere on the premises, I'll find it, I'll pick my own tabs but what the shit is this!

  4. Richard K.`s avatar
    Richard K. 
    Tuesday, 28 January 2014

    come on, it's not that bad. ;)

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 28 January 2014

    Oh but it is.

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