MRAs, and the average gender of an Urban Dictionary editor

Thursday, 08 May, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Today I learned of this MRA thing. It all started, like all mediocre things, on twitter :

Molly McHugh Oh good, MRA idiots in the comments. Internet would have broken w/o that. Tabloid headlines without the sexism

Mircea Popescu @iammollymchugh Magnetic Resonance Angiogram ? Or Marketing something or the other ?

urban-dictionary-mraNo, it's neither of those, turns out. The ever helpful Urban Dictionary informs that MRA truly and really stands for Men's Rights Activism. Or -ists, or whatever.

As you can see if you bother clicking on the ~endless~ screen capture sprawled to the right, there's no less than four pages of this stuff. On this one page, we count a total of 7 definitions, which generally compose to

A bunch of whiny pedantic morons (1) troglodyte[s] (2) that sit on a huge pile of white and male privilege and keep whining that they are oppressed (4). They are scared shitless (3) and the most screaming announcement of insecurity and masculine shortcomings short of two pit bulls in a lifted 4x4 truck with a "No Fear" sticker on the window. (5) An MRA is always suffering from Little Man’s Complex. (5) Hates women because they wouldn’t give him the time of day. (5) An MRA is an evil loser. (5) There are actually people who are so stupid (6) that they were fed paint in lieu of breast milk as a child (6). This would explain the intense mental retardation they have as adults. (6) It is thus suggested that you throw all MRAs on a grill and fry them to death. Do not eat them; the MRA carries many fatal illnesses such as stupid, herpes, and Feline AIDS (they are known to fuck their cats, just like New Agers!) (6). It is a backlash group against women's rights and feminism. Other backlash groups include the KKK and "white pride" (7). MRAs want to abolish women's rights by lying (7). An MRA will tell you how much "man-hate" there is in modern society while he insists that women are inferior because ... the Bible said so, Shakespeare, Moore, Hemingway, his uneducated daddy, his baseball coach, the media, and 99% of male internet users (7).

Two things popped right into my eye off that one page. First and foremost, the remarkable consistency. Seven out of seven is not, alas, 99%. It's outright 100%. Meanwhile the source predicates "99% agreement" on... the opposing side.

How could this be ? If 99% of male Internet users hold a certain opinion, factual or not, ignorant or not, malformed or not, how could it be possible that seven out of seven pieces on a website on that same one Internet, dominated by the same sort people, show 100% agreement as to the exact contrary ?

Let's revisit an older article of a strong headed but rather brilliant idiot :

The logic of the witch hunter is simple. It has hardly changed since Matthew Hopkins' day. The first requirement is to invert the reality of power. Power at its most basic level is the power to harm or destroy other human beings. The obvious reality is that witch hunters gang up and destroy witches. Whereas witches are never, ever seen to gang up and destroy witch hunters. By this test alone, we can see that the conspiracy is imaginary (Brown Scare) rather than real (Red Scare).

It'd seem that this entire debate is a brown stain on the otherwise well stained underpants of the Interwebs. Clearly the universal agreement as to the universality of agreement as to the contrary thesis is telling a story. That story would be "the average Internet brain is made out of shit".

Clearly feminism is dead intellectually, and continues to exist on the nigger respirator, ventilated by lazy people of no redeeming qualities, who know full well that they have no intrinsic value whatsoever, but have found a way to use gab as a protector of their laziness. Why should Luce Irigaray be sent out to pick garbage on the side of the highway with the rest of the untermensch, when she could derp about how E = mc2 is a sexist equation, and how misunderstood and injusticed she is ? As long as she gets a vote in the matter, you'll be paying for her pointlessly pretentious "scholarship", and for as long as you can't summon the guts to tell her to get fucked (and enforce that telling, with the whip in hand if need be) she's definitely getting a vote in the matter.

Clearly, the "anti-feminists"i aren't doing shit and don't and won't matter worth two spits.

Clearly lulzy, all this.


  1. princessnell mra = beta-driven inverted feminism


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  1. braindamage`s avatar
    Thursday, 10 August 2017

    Teh UD top (and only) definition for Mircea, dated pre bitcoin even:

    To be of extreme attractiveness from a Romanian country. To posses an unique ability of poetic words & acts of romantic kindness. Someone seductive all the ladies dream about.

    Lady 1: Who is that heroic, tall, dark handsome man??
    Lady 2: That is Mircea!!
    Lady 1 & 2: (sighhh)

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 10 August 2017


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