MPEx (S.MPOE) August 2014 Statement

Tuesday, 02 September, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Revenue : 357.11887540 BTC, of which :

  • Revenue from sales fee : 27.11887540 BTCi
  • Revenue from new accounts : 330 BTC

Expenditure : 25.07832294 BTC, of which :

  • Advertising, 0.2 BTCii
  • Tech, 24.87832294iii BTC

Profit : 332.04055246 BTC


We are continuing.

The original MP's Options Emporium, for which the MPEx stock symbol is still named todayiv, ran its first exercise in a very different August : the August of 2011. I have no idea who can believe that's only been three years ago. Certainly not I.

They say that all other investments one may find for his resources and his time are vanity and illusion except children ; they say no thing made by man can outshine the phenomenal growth of the thing made by woman. This is generally true, but here particularly false : no three year old can compete with this thing, and certainly not I.

And so... we continue.

  1. Total trade : 13`559.43770361 BTC. []
  2. This is still the spots we're buying on BitBet. []
  3. See prev. report. []
  4. MPEx was actually acquired by MPOE, so technically, that's the parent. Meanwhile however the son seems to have eated the father. []
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