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Friday, 14 March, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

In memory of Vragnaroda

* Joe (~Joe@unaffiliated/joe) has joined #bitcoin-assets
Joe Hi, I am looking for investment for a startup! :) Some friends over at bitcoin-otc said this might be the right channel to find potential investors!
mircea_popescu Sure, lurk for half year or so.

Joe Half year? I'm sorry, I don't understand.
jurov Have you read the MPOE-PR forum post on bitcoin enterprises?

Joe No I haven't. Can you please link me?
mircea_popescu See either La Firma or Pro idiotas, which obviously means, people who have ideas. Ie, idiots depending on which level you're working on. Which I don't know because you just dropped here and started talking randomly.

Joe Thanks mircea_popescu.
jurov I meant this, but above applies too.

Joe Not a bitcoin business. But a social network. Im looking for investment.
jurov As soon as you want bitcoin investment, it *is* one.

Joe Oh, I see. Ok. WOT account as in World of Tanks account? :/
jurov ;;gettrust ughlol
gribble WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user jurov to user ughlol: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: | WoT data: | Rated since: never
jurov ^ No, this one.

Joe Oh I see. I'm on, I have quite some good rep there. And if you're worried about who I am, and if I'm a fraud, I'll give you my real name, and you can google me! :)
nubbins` You may find that the barrier to entry is significantly higher here than many, many other places.

Joe Wow mircea_popescu you wrote one scary-ass post.
mircea_popescu Yw.

Joe Oh, I see. And I have to trade through bitcoin-otc or something to get some rep, otherwise nobody will be interested in investing?
mircea_popescu Well ideally you want to be known. You're not currently known. How you resolve this problem is entirely up to you, but sure, WoT helps a lot.

Joe I'm not known here. But in the security world, at least in India, quite a bit.i
mircea_popescu Yes, but you're not trying to deal with the security world of India, are you ? So you'll have to somehow bridge these.

Joe I agree. But the real question seems to be identity. Because neither did you ask for my idea to judge. You obviously wonder where your investment will go to. And I understand that, I've seen many fraudsters as well.
jurov Just lurk and you'll certainly find out something to offer and gain rep. WoT is not meant for -otc trading only.

Joe Oh. I see.
chetty Sit on the actual idea while you get to understand how best to pitch it here.

Joe Now I understand why the rich get richer and poor get poorer! :)
mircea_popescu There is no such thing as "an idea".

Joe Of course there is. Imho. Nobody trusts in individuals with ideas anymore and that sucks :( Looks like I'll never get investment for anything. Have to do a stupid engineering degree and get a stupid job.
mircea_popescu Well a constructive approach is always more indicated.

Joe Constructive approach how?
mircea_popescu As in read those two things, do what you're told, take the time to do it well. Finance is a profession, not something happenstance like picking up a coin you found in the bus station.

Joe I can't understand how investors dont understand that a two man team can't make a very great app, not in the desired timeframe. They say that they'll invest when they see a prototype.
mircea_popescu Try understanding this part : nobody cares. The world isn't structured so as to make it possible for you to survive.

Joe Yeah. I agree :( And thats just so sad.
mircea_popescu Why is it sad ? I happen to think it's great.

Joe Its sad for people that want to do something but cant.
mircea_popescu Fuck them ?

Joe Im one of them! :)
mircea_popescu Tell me, do you like girls ?

Joe Yes, I do lol.
mircea_popescu Okay. Do you like girls generally or do you like pretty girls ?

Joe I like pretty girls...
mircea_popescu Me too.

Joe Haha.
mircea_popescu So here's the scoop : if we don't kill the ugly ones, they will slowly multiply and take over. We don't want that, so, unless she's pretty, she's screwed. (Otherwise, she's fucked).

Joe Omg. You're right.
mircea_popescu Which i suppose is very sad for the ugly girls, except nobody gives a shit what ugly girls think on any topic.

Joe Thats true. :O OMG
mircea_popescu So then there you go. Same applies.

Joe That makes so much sense.
mircea_popescu Yeah, it makes so much sense, because you told me you're from India and I knew how to construct it. If I didn't know that it'd have never made sense. Which is the fucking point here. We gotta know you in order for anything you say to make any sense. Which is why there's no such thing as "an idea".

Joe Yeah, you're right...
mircea_popescu (Ask all these other dudes who live in Western countries, the entire girl thing makes 0 sense to them, for instance.)

Joe Hmm. I wish I was born elsewhere, the economy in India sucks so bad. And Indian investors dont give a shit about anybody :( Thanks for enlightening me mircea_popescu. Honestly, I first thought you were some random guy full of ego and trolling me. I'm sorry about that.
mircea_popescu That's ok, you're not the first one.

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