It all depends on what power means.

Tuesday, 21 January, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

GEORGE: I don’t get art.
JERRY: There’s nothing to get.
GEORGE: Well, it always has to be explained to me, and then I have to have someone explain the explanation.

Her I was just reading your chicken sauce article. Interesting so far... the first footnote gives me some trouble, as I suppose might've been predicted (identity, what other people do changing what you are, what does what you are mean, etc).
Me Mhm.


That’s how kids are introduced to numbers, they’re shown a box with four severed nipples or a bag with three stretcher dildoes next to the abstract notation of 4 or 3 or what have you.

Lmao is that an awakeness test?
Me Mnope. There are two important points there. One is... people DO control what they say to kids very narrowlyi, do they ? If this is the case, why should anyone be surprised kids form very peculiarly mistaken views ? Of course they do.
Her Yeah.

Me The other is... it bothers you, doesn't it ? The fucking bloodied nipplesii would be preventing you from thinking of the abstraction proposed, yes ? Well guess what ? Many things bother kids, in exactly the same way, for entirely different reasons. Which is why they have so much trouble ingesting YOUR abstractions as intended.
Her Aha. Some pretty good points then.

Me Moreover, since we're on it, you've probably missed the zoon/bios issue. Did you ?
Her I guess it needed more meditation or greater cleverity than I gave it.

Me Zoon is life, in its general sense. As such it is eternal, and immortal.
Her I guess I must have.

Me Bios is life, in its definite, and thus civilised form. The one thing people do in reaction to terrorists is re-label them : they are not bios, life as in, living in town. Not no more. They are now zoon, as in, life of the beast of the field. This is fine, but it also implies, nay, it also STATES that they are now immortal. It is, in original Greek, a plain statement that "and they will crush us." Poetry as a notion in the first place, as well as the idea of magic (to wit, that you can obtain SOMETHING through manipulation of notation) all stem from the excellent quality of the Greek language, which works as a thought-leverager. In point of fact, in old Greek, merely stating what you mean states the implications of what you mean too, for your benefit. You need just re-read and it's almost as if you thought it through, if you were a very smart person doing the thinking. It works like a slide rule. This I would suppose makes the current US abuse of language a thing of wonder. It's not only that they don't even have a very good language in the first place, which is to say English is scarcely if at all able to provide the chief service for which language exists, but moreover - retards that they are - most of the energy they expend goes into fighting the very shy inklings of correct functioning in their language. They're trying to control the implications of words whenever said implications come into conflict with their mistaken notions.
Her Wondrous English eschews stating priors? Or even understanding them huh.

Me Or even... working. It's as if you go to someone's kitchen and discover the way they do things is... they put stuff in the blender, hum, then pour it back out. This, to them, is a blender : the receptacle which holds some edible matter while you hum at it. And they're going to have the vessel industrially smoothed, too. It'll be "more professional" that way.
Her Haha.

Me And I mean... the fact they importantly hold kitchening seminars and everything... There's just not enough lol available.
Her Yeah. So could one conclusion here be that obscuration empowers? Like don't discuss what the "terrorists" did, nor why they're what we say they are, just keep pounding in the word and separate them from the good "us", to the point they become immortal and will crush us?

Me Depends of your definition of power. If by power you mean, the quality of a car that is moving extremely fast well outside of the control of its driver, then yes. You get splendiferuous crashes the more powerful you get.

Or in other words, while the sauce for the goose works just fine for the gander, this point is well wasted on vegetarians : the stuff they eat doesn’t even have flavor colour gender

Haha this is a pretty interesting article even for nonheretical gerbils ;p

Me >D (obviously flavour and color as quantum particle descriptors).
Her Mhm.

  1. One of the best things to do, if you want smart, well adjusted kids that is, is lie to them. If you've never lied to your kids all you've done is ensured they'll be someone's dope, no question about it. Whether it be daddy-state or daddy-Hitler or daddy-Obama, in point of fact they'll be someone's dopes.

    Falling into the other extreme doesn't work any better, of course, you can't be lying for the sake of lying. You definitely shouldn't be doing it for gain. But you still should keep them on their toes. []

  2. Incidentally, the number one most obscene thing for a seven year old, bar none. She's only recently done feeding on those! They're nice! Horror of horrors. []
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