How to live to be happy

Sunday, 02 November, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

By far the most practically important aspect of the structuredi sexual relationship is orgasm control.

There are undeniable biological differences between male and female sexual organsii, which create in turn differences in the practice. From what I theoretically understand, the pivot of male orgasm control is the cock cage, an attachable instrument making erection impossible and manipulation difficult. The unreleased male is, from what I hear from they in the know, pliable, obedient, eager to please and generally a lot less inclined to engage in the behaviours and thought processes that'd amount to greatness in the case of a smarter, better man but instead coallesce into an insufferable pile of obnoxious in most cases.

As far as women are concerned, however, orgasm control is not mere orgasm denial - either because nature itself denies them sufficiently or because on the contrary, nature has better equipped them to come - but orgasm training. Generally speaking, any cunt you bother fucking should be able to come, by itself, on your command. Most healthy young women have already spent sufficient time playing with themselves to be able to achieve this by rubbing their own clit, and if the sprawled nude beauty before you hasn't that's either because you take them too young or because you take them too stupid. Either of these is easily adjusted, so adjust accordingly.

That the woman should be able to come when you tell her to is a given ; whether that should also carry the strengthening rider "and only when you tell her to" is an open question. It does create slightly needier, more desperate for attention women, which may be just the ticket if you're engaged in removing the misplaced delusions of independence and supremacy out of a miseducated teenager. Conversely it is exactly the bane of the harem, god help you in the spraying midst of half a dozen huries that can only come when you tell them to.

Be that as it may : the source of all unhappiness in this life is trying to do things yourself in order for results to appear in others. Engage in no such nonsense : if you want the woman to come, have her make herself come, do not try to make her come yourself. This is how to live to be happy.

Accept no substitutes!

  1. A structured relationship is that relationship in which both (all) parties explicitly agree to a specified one's preeminence in all matters. Whether the specified one be a woman or a man, it must absolutely be a single individual, as per the discussion of sovereignity (which this exactly is, within the relationship in question).

    Whether the relationship is sexual or not matters little, irrespective of one's definition of sexuality. For instance any sane definition of sexuality will place lesbian relationships in the "foreplay relationship" rubric, because girls rubbing together can't possibly be sex - but nevertheless the same discussion applies.

    Whether the person in charge is the same on all types of decisions the relationship may encounter, such as is the case in the TPE relationship, making the person in charge the master and the others the slaves ; or whether the person in charge varies by type of decision, making the relationship merely a functional marriage, exploring expedition or whatever else (truly, no relationship can ever function or has ever functioned on a different premise) again matters little, the relationship is still structured.

    The unstructured (or destructured ?) relationship is one in which no explicit agreement exists as to who is in charge, neither on a case by case basis nor in general. All the parties are stuck re-enacting the ancient problem of communication in socialism. This unfortunate arrangement is obviously the result of either mental slowness, mental laziness or a combination thereof, much like not knowing where your cups go is either because you're mentally retarded to the point of being barely able to function, or because you couldn't give less of a shit about cups. You do however know where your car keys go, and where your wallet goes, and where your title deed goes, provided you're together enough to have car keys, wallets and title deeds in the first place.

    Unsurprisingly then, the unstructured relationship myth rhymes with the other avatars of the socialist mind - that unmistakeable manifestation of the marriage between stupid and lazy. Among its numerous fairy tales (like the welfare state that works, and the unelected bureaucrat who knows how to spend resources better than their actual owners, and the equality of all people, animals & things and so on ad nauseam) the unstructured relationship finds its proper home. Then people stand around, unable to decide where to go for dinner, and the brighter of them wonder whether there's not a better way. Yes, there is a better way. Structure your relationships. All of them. []

  2. Without getting into all the details, the penis naturally works towards ejaculation, which is the physical mark of the male orgasm (even if non orgasmic ejaculations are possible, should the male be well tied down and a trained hand in charge of his penis), and is flanked by refractory intervals : before ejaculation, an interval during which ejaculation is unavoidable, after ejaculation, an interval during which arousal is impossible (and often stimulation painful) ; whereas the vagina can be used perfectly well without orgasm, and can orgasm without actually being used. []
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