Heretic salmon teriyaki

Thursday, 12 June, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


You will need a bottle of red wine and a woki. Heretic teriyaki is not done with a grill, or with rice vinegar. If you're a pussy you might try white whine, maybe a Riesling or something.

You set the wine to a very slow simmer. You know it's very slowly simmering when tiny bubbles of vapor form over the entire surface of the liquid.

Time for the spices.


That's right, I already have a fine marble mortar and pestle, because of a very dear friend that has my comfort at heart. So : grind mixed pepper, very fine, slice ginger, very thin. No garlic, we're not peasants over here. Maybe some sweet spices (allspice, cinnamon, muskatnuss etc), up to you. Add the lot into the wine.

After the wine had a few minutes to simmer add in the brown sugarii and a little vinegar. Let the sugar fall to the bottom of the pot undisturbed and be slightly caramelised by the fire.

Once that's done, cut the fire, add the soy sauce, let the whole solution cool for a little then add the salmon and let it marinade there for a while.


And that's about it, once you're ready fry it and serve it.


(Not that you have to. It's salmon after all).

  1. Depicted here, a fine Argentinian Malbec. []
  2. You can use either the light of the heavy. I prefer the heavy. You know it's the right thing because it shines roughly like ground goethite. []
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