Monday, 14 July, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Danikai is the most ignorant, unaware, offensive piece of crap you could conceivably run across.

Marisa Tomei's character is this intellectually worthless, physically worthless female that gets fired from a 16k a year clerk job because she can't add, while living in a million-and-a-half suburban sort of house. Because this is how things work, in fantasy land. Hypergamy for everyone!

The culprit is, of course, her husband (I'm writing really short paragraphs so the sort of "journalism major" fucktarded 23 yo woman who's in the demo for such movies may follow along, thumb-on-monitor).

The culprit is her husband, who makes enough money to afford both the house and the woman, but doesn't have the common decency to enforce a morally acceptable, ethically respectable arrangement. Such as you know, Danika living in a basement cage, in a pony girl costume, while better women (bigger tits, functioning brains) have the run of the house.

This sort of appallingly offensive moral hazard then results in hourlong displays of nobody-on-a-stick acting as if she's somehow somebody, like you know, a person, who may open her mouth when people talk, and who may make calls and give her opinions and whatnot. It's really quite disgusting.

She has a problem with her 13 yo girl wanting to know what cunt means, she has a problem with the 13 yo wanting to know what cunt means lying about her English teacher having enforced the reading of the cunt-containing book, she has a problem with her highschooler son making out with an otherwise smoking hot foreign exchange student, she even has a fucking problem lending the guy the car. She has to ask her husband, and where is he going, and who's he going with and are the parents going to be there. It's a wonder the kid doesn't go "eh fuck this stupid shit, I'm taking the lawn mower, riding it all the way there like a baws". It's a wonder he doesn't go all Ken Park on her dumb ass, and here's another thing : if I were in a jury asked to convict the kid after he had impaled her on a rusted fuckstick and left her to die there, I would get that kid off the hook, jury nullificationii if necessary, but I'd get him off. Because Danika has no fucking business existing, and certainly has no business not being raped daily.iii

At which point I turned this stupidity off and went to do something else. Which ended it, you understand ? It's not like I turned off a representation of something that makes sense, or exists in reality. What I turned off was the whole of the story, Danika only exists as a work of fantasy, pumped out by interested dweebs in California to retarded twentysomethings majoring in journalism (Speaking of which, hey honey! How are you going to pay the college debt off 0.001 CPM ?)

Seriously, do something useful with your life. This ain't it. Learn to twerk or something, as stupid as it may be it's miles better than this picket fences post-soccer-mom bullshit.

  1. 2006, by Ariel Vromen with Marisa Tomei. []
  2. Look it up, it's an actual thing. The jury can perfectly well decide to annul the law in question. Whether the judge likes it or not (he won't), whether the prosecution agrees this is a thing or not (they won't, for that matter they don't even agree Obama has to wear a seatbelt if he doesn't want to), the jury can just come out and say "fuck this stupid law, it shouldn't be a thing, this person walks free". Which is kinda the point of the jury system in the first place, to create a guarantee against abuses of the state, as represented by, you've guessed it, judges, prosecutors and defense counsel. Yes, all three together, just like the good cop, the bad cop and their supervisor all work for the fucking police station, not for you. []
  3. Yes, yes, rape is bad mkay.

    At least it'd probably shut her up. Totally worth it, if you ask me. []

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