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Saturday, 31 May, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

It all started as all good things start these days : on irci :

mircea_popescu !t h am1
assbot [HAVELOCK:AM1] 1D: 0.11000000 / 0.26376753 / 0.43411640 (945 shares, 249.26031865 BTC), 7D: 0.11000000 / 0.32420524 / 0.50990000 (1337 shares, 433.46240978 BTC), 30D: 0.11000000 / 0.39303465 / 0.50990000 (2780 shares, 1092.63632173 BTC)

mircea_popescu !t h amq
assbot Have you got any tobacco?ii

mircea_popescu Guise halp whay is good investment tankeing ? Shorts fud campaign ?
mircea_popescu !up skinnkavajiii
-assbot- You voiced skinnkavaj for 30 minutes.
* assbot gives voice to skinnkavaj

mircea_popescu How's your portofolio these days ?
fluffypony "Have actually been discussing this very topic with a couple of my friends. Though CS has been around for quite sometime, it's becoming more and more apparent that Kumala doesn't seem to spend a whole lotta time even making sure his sites wallet's are working. Add to this the ridiculous fee's, 0 due-diligence, and serious lack of support we've all agreed that CS's time is limited at best barring some sort of major delta in Kumala's modus operandi of who gives a flying-."
fluffypony CS seems to be on the way out.

mircea_popescu Heh. Well this is the best ever indication the fuckwits are running out of whole bitcoins : the people who used to steal by the 100s are no longer interested to either continue hitting them for quarters or to sell to a hungry young scammer willing to bother. And so the ancient chumpatrons close down.
fluffypony Unfortunately the aforementioned user jumps to the wrong solution. "Decentralized exchanges are the next logical step in my opinion." Right after complaining about due dilligence.

mircea_popescu This is because the aforementioned user does not belong holding any bitcoin. He's not correctly privileged in the head.
pankkake !b 10
assbot Last 10 lines bashed and pending review. ( )

mircea_popescu This is why privilege is so very important : so that guys like him are kept packing others' groceries forever.
fluffypony He should check his privilege.

mircea_popescu Definitely. I think this is the new meaning of that previously meaningless expression : "check your privilege" is a polite indication that one's being so generally stupid it's not worth discussing the particulars. Roughly the equivalent of old MS-DOS "general failure please reboot".
fluffypony Lol
jurov Abort,Retry,Ignore,Fail?
fluffypony All of the above.

mircea_popescu ^
fluffypony Unprivileged comment detected. Please dump core and reboot life and / or universe.

So now you know.

  1. Check the day's logs, there's an abundance of gems in there, including an unrelated discussion of "tech" "IPO"s. []
  2. Apparently this symbol wasn't randomly suspended because "suspicious activity" - in spite of matching exactly all the particulars of the NEOBEE case. Consequently it also wasn't arbitrarily re-listed with random letters added in the tail. Clearly, Havelock must be defunct, just like the brain of a random full time fuckwit/part time blogger unknown as Brad Edwards. []
  3. This is that famous guy. Also known for "I love to buy stocks when everyone is selling them". A typical representative of forum-investors. []
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