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Sunday, 12 January, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

MP Lol @ "R not lawyer but I know shit"i.
HC "I would know shit if I had more money, which I know I'm too dumb to get myself but which maybe we can pool together pls hivemind."

MP Meanwhile http://www.libertatea.ro/detalii/articol/l-a-imitat-pe-michael-247198.html
HC Dude they dunno how to resize pics?!

MP "Sponsorii şi partenerii acestui eveniment sunt Agenţia de turism Christian Tour, Terasa Princess, www.dreamgirl.ro, Armony Events&Models, Cofetăria Claus, sala de fitness Victory’s by Zamolxis Squad şi firma de pază şi protecţie Zamolxis Squad." The dreamgirl site fell off the Interwebs meanwhile.
HC Ahaha Christian Tour. Christian Titty Tour mebbe. Jesus.

MP The Zalmoxe fitness and security and payday loan and pond shop and 7/11 all in one. Also, teh 2nd placed got the attention of the owner of Relax Day Clubii, thus "getting a masseuse contract".
HC Oh god look at that crowd. Are there worse ppl to strip for? ;/

MP Crowd is bestest. MUARE DE FUAME.iii They all own a BMW 2nd hand in leasing (yes, they actually do leasing for pre-owned here) and live in 200 sq foot "apartments".
HC Ahahaha a masseuse contract?

MP Yes. Like a surgeon contract, but w/o breaking the skin.
HC There's too much shit in here I can't even pay attention to one thing for long enough to properly make fun of it.

MP A sort of assheropatist.
HC Ahhaha... but I mean, wouldn't it suck, if you shelled out some dough and girl doesn't know how to massage at all

MP You mean with her mouth ?
HC But sorta gyrates around in shitty scraps of clothes cause some jerkoffs somewhere else thought her tits look nice or w/e.

MP Lol nono, I'm pretty sure the way it works at that level is you got strippers and cocksuckers, the latter being called masseuses for some obscure reason.
HC Poor professional masseusees lol

MP Which makes people who also went to school for it do those complex "no srsly, we JUST massage you" ads, recall ?
HC Yeah, is what I had in mind. "The center for no rly srs actual massage hey come back it's not the kind you're thinking of! of therapy and intentional professional...I don't just suck cock, honest!"

MP Well maybe a little. And besides, what dough. Seventeen bux.
HC 17 bux. For....more BMW loan payoff? Oh vicious cycle of imposture.

MP No. For the civil lawsuit of reality fund tour.
HC Ahahaha... I don't get what that site's trying to do. I mean...there's porn, the jig is up.

MP It's Romania's #1 newspaper by circulation. George likes it because you don't have to think too much.
HC You're not telling me anyone actually pores over that thing so as to get their jollies while eschewing actual porn sites and thereby thinking they're christian or pure or economizing or some bs.

MP Actual porn sites are threatening. I think you fail to realise how important the woman being obviously stupid/failful is for most men.
HC Well sometimes maybe. Tho I DID see -assets this afternoon.

In other words, poor people that only speak one language, only ever lived in one country and were only ever owned by some government or large corporation are incredibly lame, by which euphemism is meant that continuing to disburse food, clothing and other necessities into their hands is at best morally ambiguous and quite likely morally wrong.

  1. Dork : "i thinking of organizing a large cilvil lawsuit, seeing that the btc price is so much higher thanks"
    MPOE-PR : "Let's start with what your competence in organising large or otherwise civil suits would be, prior experience, all that important stuff."
    Dork : "I'm not a lawyer, therefore we would have to organize a legal team but if there are many of us we can all give some $$$$ and get one of the best lawyers/ legal teams in New Zealand and then sue him for his last buck." []
  2. Closed meanwhile. No I didn't bother checking, I'm taking my odds. []
  3. Some cab driver famously remarked that things are so much better in the US, whereas people in Romania are dying of starvation by comparison. The proximate cause (ie, that Romanians are on the whole even more retarded than US folk) never occured to him, nor I suspect could it, and therefore the phrase became shorthand for ethnic idiocy. []
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