критика и самокритика

Sunday, 03 August, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The title roughly translates as "criticism and self-criticism" in English, but is rendered in Russian because in that language it is a Soviet term of art, denoting a particular institution built out of personal theater and institutionalized nonsense. In order to understand it, you will have to read it in that contexti. In order to understand how it applies to your own personal situationii and generally the culture you live in, whether you want to or not, as an EPLiii person we will have to restate the Maslow hierarchy of needs. It went like so :

I. Homeostasis. This means, drink when you're thirsty, food when you're hungry and a warm place to shit in. This is purely biological, and shared with all life on Earth (and probably beyond).

II. Material domination. This means, the ability to move around in the environment at will, at a minimum, and is a part shared with mostiv lifeform models that came out more recently than slugs. For more advanced animals it includes specific environment structures. Cats want a perch. Men want tools they can use, and the use of which is effectual, that's to say changes the environment. That's why boys were so excited when 3D shooter makers finally got enough juice to be able to make bullet holes. Stuff like "enough stimulation to not get bored" also ends up in here, which is why solitary confinement is so scary to your average John : it has absolutely nothing to do with "society", as naive socialistoid theorists readily imagined. It has everything to do with stimulation, as long as they have the flickering screen shutins are just fine without people around.

III. Sexual domination. This means, the ability to pin a female of the species down long enough to stick it in her. Strictly, strictly that. This is shared with all mammals, for that matter, and while some people may consume a more refined version of the above, nevertheless the need itself is quite as raw as stated. Whether you eat pressed duck or mcshit, whether you order your wife to bring in the maid on a leash or run around groping girls on the campus, it's still number 3.

IV. Social domination. Making other males (and sexually uninteresting females) kiss your feet and thank you for the privilege. That's it : the humility of others, their inferiority readily acknowledged is need #4. Obviously, most people don't get to satisfy need #4v. Tough and fuck you.

V. Mystical domination. This isn't even a need, most everyone can live just fine without even touching it, however it does yield some bitter pathology. This is all about being right when you shouldn't be, or there's no reason to be. It's what makes the compulsive gambler, incidentally : "being lucky" is not merely winning some money, but it's satisfying #5 too, which is why people readily play -EV games : what they get when they win is slightly more than the cash. This is also what makes the religious believer, and if one absolutely has to satisfy this idiocy, religious belief is probably the cheapest approach.

Now let's look at things. If you take your average married guy, getting enough at home, he may occasionally pass on a romp with the missus, but he will never pass on a meal. He could in principle say "you know honey, I won't be having any dinner tonight", sure, but in general it's not quite as likely as "you know honey, I'd rather just jack it tonight", however unstated that naked truth may be. Meanwhile his incel teenaged son would pass a week's worth of eating to stick it in most any classmate. At least half of them qualify, and they're girls picked mostly at random.

To put it in proper perspective : the noembaucadovi correctly gives preference to need #1 over need #3. The embaucado however, does not. Out of this error of the embaucado an extraction engine can then be built, and on the existence of that extraction engine another, parasitic extraction engine can also be built. Which is the whole story with the whole PUA, Red Pill and all that : they're an engine trying to extract a little need #1 and #2 from you in exchange for letting you see how others are extracting a lot more need #1 and #2 from you in exchange for satisfying your need #3, which isn't really how it should work. That's the whole fucking story, they go "Hey Moe, pay us a dime and rub our feet because we're going to tell you how [...]vii is tricking you to pay them a dolla and clean their house to get you laid. AND IT AIN'T WORTH IT!1!1 THEY'RE EXPLOITING YOU MAN!".

Of course it ain't worth it, and the reason it ain't worth it is that it's never worth to trade low on the scale for high on the scale. Whenever you do, someone else somewhere else is showing green in some book.

Putting people in prison is not particularly effectual in stopping them from engaging in some classes of criminal behaviour exactly because they're aware it's not worth trading #1 for #2 (and the frequency of spoken Spanish in US jails may suggest exactly why that's the case : they're natively familiar with the term of art!). They're not "sociopaths", defined as "failing to fuck themselves over for the greater glory of society". You are the sociopath, because the pathology involved happens to be exactly the inverse of what you imagineviii it to be. This is precisely why "you can't build a society on criminals" : yeah, in order for it to be +EV you kinda need the quiet, law abiding, tax paying type. If we can make a deal so that your freedom to move is contingent on your payment of money, then we can build the greatest society there can ever be. Once we're done grafting the shit out of it, of course, but that's a secondary point. Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

While it makes perfect sense for a woman to trade #3 for #1, and so extract a little out of the willing chumps all around, that's not going to have a very good name : society's not making a buck out of that. Meanwhile the worst deal a woman could possibly make is give up #3 in exchange for #4, and yet that's exactly the trade she's been stuck with forever : in exchange for not having sex, she may be "treated like a lady", which is shorthand for a fool, but who's counting ?

Think of it, "society" doesn't simply trade #3 for #1 and #2. It couldn't, society doesn't have a cunt, and if it did it'd probably smell quite bad. Instead, it finds some poor soul whose #3 to trade for the #1 and #2 it pockets, and in exchange... that poor soul gets a #4! Admire the beauty of this, it's gravy on both ends! Work hard in school so you may graduate and go to college, work hard in college so you may get a diploma, work hard with that diploma to pay for all the debt and buy a diamond ring for some poor girl that's not even going to get laid because someone traded you her cunt for all your wasted time. Oh, what's that I hear, you didn't buy a diamond ring, did you ? Forsooth! Did you ever kiss a lady's toes ? Aww, not even the pinky ? It's so cute... Never stuck your tongue in between, where that ticklish flap of skin resides ? No ? A breakthrough is thee, valiant sir Knight, but ever kissed her hand ? Oh, that's not the same thing. I see. May your journey never end.

Whores and sluts aren't any more "broken women" than [certain classes of] criminals are "psychopaths", but then again there's nothing quite as productive for society as getting you to pay sweat and blood on God's green Earth in exchange for "riches untold in the Kingdom of Heavenix". Best swindle that could ever be, as De Beers will certainly attest.

And so now here we are, we've not covered all of these, but I think you get the general idea : whenever someone's trading low for high, someone else's showing green somewhere, somehow. It's the golden rule of society, this is how humanity works.

Now consider the case of the Soviets, as applied to your own circumstance. Have you noticed how the US Soviets, ie the CGR-politicsx people take a lot of pain and put a lot of effort into illustrating that they're fallible ? That's what gave the show away for me, actually.

You see, what the great libertard movement offers is a lot of #5, which is to say, being right when you shouldn't be or there's no reason to be. This is easy : if reality is created by consensus, then just identify some things most idiots in your victim demographics may want to believe, and declare them true. End of fucking story, you're delivering on 5 in spades. That may not be enough, as Lenin found out, so you're best advised to add a sprinkle of #4. Every so often it helps if your victims may be wrong about things, because this gives them an opportunity and an excuse to suckle the toes of every individual member of the group. Not "of the group", we're not stupid enough to be drinking our own kool-aid herexi, but of each individual member. And this is great because you see, sooner or later one or another, maybe even three our four people out of ten thousand or so may realise just how fucking stupid the whole charade is. What are they going to do then, go read Trilema ? Reading Trilema is fucking hard, for one thing the articles are long, for another they're un-fucking-readable let alone comprehensible, covered in a hopeless web of reference, citation, insinuation and endless enumeration that just gets you having to re-read while feeling stupid and small. Plus the guy's an asshole, laughing it up all the while, up in his ivory tower of good luck, genetic, socioeconomic, cultural and semantic privilege with his complicated shoes.

You don't want that. What you want is an opportunity to banish the thought, and what works better than being sorry and suckling some toe ? So there you go, out of your own skin the glue binding you together to your fellow derps is built, and out of your own failed rebellion the reinforcements for it. What do you get ? Why, you get to be right, even though you know you shouldn't be, nor is there any reason you should be. And you get to, occasionally, enjoy the humiliation of others. Why did you think apologies were such big business of late ?

And what's it cost ? Why, a trifle. You're going to be poor, living off noodles and pop. You're going to be caged, either in your concrete box "at home"xii or in a direct equivalent, so that you will never actually travel.xiii And you're never going to get laid. Not in the proper sense, at any rate.xiv

So on the bottom line, we have 4+5 traded for 1+2+3. You know what ? It'd seem to me this is a much better deal than the 4 for 1+2 thing traditional, patriarchal society had going. This seems like it'd actually afford to extract a lot more out of the participants than the old system did. Are you surprised it's taking over, then ? In with the new, out with the old, let's all vote for change, I say :)

Understand that I don't at all mind this system. I lived for decades in it. I did very well. Cunt was never easier, nor ever more eager. You I can accomplish feats of material domination scarcely imaginable for the untrained mind (just think all the stories of soviet wastage but in reverse, "one day I was bored so I set Rome on fire" sort of thing). As far as I'm concerned life's good in the dictature of the proletariat. And as far as you're concerned... well you don't really have an option, now do you ? You don't, and you know you don't. You'll never make enough to pay for that college debt you had to take on. You'll never move out of your shitty rental, unless someone kicks you out, your job moves you, whatever. Maybe when you retire, right ? Sure. You don't even want to pin a woman down in the first place, it wouldn't be nice nor something you'd want.

So I guess what I'm saying in the end is that we're perfect for each other. This has been the критика. You may proceed with the самокритика at your own pace, but be sure you share with the group of your own volition before you're forced to. It's... nicer that way.

  1. The cheapest way to do that would be to have a chat with anyone over sixty who left Eastern Europe after 1990. The best would probably be to read Adam Michnik, Herta Muller and Aleksander Solzhenitsyn : a Pole a German-Romanian and a Russian should cover it. The woman got the Nobel too, by the way, doesn't it suck to be a Pole ? []
  2. Which it does, whether you are aware or not, and whether you would like it to be the case or not. It dun matter how interested in war you think you are as long as war is interested in you, and guess what ? There is a war. []
  3. English as primary language. It's a horrible curse. []
  4. If you prevent a mussel from moving around it won't be all that upset. []
  5. Which is what makes people want to be teachers, for instance, in spite of the pay being shit. []
  6. In Spanish : Engañar a alguien, aprovechándose de su inexperiencia o ingenuidad. In English : To trick someone, taking advantage of their inexperience or ingenuity. Noembaucado would be the opposite. []
  7. Whatever, "society", "women", "feminists", "the big bad", doesn't matter, this isn't a thing that's a thing, it's just a thing that's a hole in your head is all. []
  8. No, it's not really your fault, obviously not. You were taken advantage of, of course. So ? []
  9. Speaking of which, has it occurred to you yet that the kingdom in question is the original Bitcoin miner ? It's been two weeks for what, twenty centuries or so by now ? Yes, that's right : the Bitcoin scammers aren't in any way different, innovative or creative. There's no way to be creative and there's nothing to innovate, the whole playbook's been written down with the Bible and everyone has been eating reheated rehashes ever since.

    But go ahead, you know, don't let me ruin things for you. If you figure it makes you a better person, by all means, be the best person that you could ever be. []

  10. CGR stands for Class/Gender/Race, and CGR-people denotes that dangerous cult of zealots that propose to replace discussion of politics with the comparatively very narrow CGR complex.

    They also quite sovietly attempt to limit political speech in the also very narrow conventions of their own CGR-lingo, partly through redefining common terms in narrow manner, partly through trying to make common terms taboo, but generally through simply ignoring anything that doesn't fit their interpretative dance. (The reason this last part works is that rational arguers will discard argument types that don't seem to work in favour of other arguments, even if weaker, provided that those are at least acknowledged. This can then be abused educationally by a nefarious agent, because most brains are fuzzy enough to not remember why they dropped certain types of arguments, but merely that they "didn't seem to work". So then ignoring perfectly valid criticisms for which one could have no response is a perfectly valid tactic of the enemies of mankind : it'll make most people stop asking the inconvenient questions already!)

    There is of course nothing in any sense new or novel about this, the phenomenon has been seen historically dozens of times. The only problem may be that without fail, whenever it's been seen before, famine, destruction and death were also attendant. But who knows, maybe US libertards are different from the nazis, the bolsheviks and everyone else. It wouldn't be the first time... oh snap. Yes it would be. Except it won't. []

  11. Know what Andropov said when Gorby wanted to see the real GDP figures ? Which yes they had. []
  12. How is it a home ? In what sense, in what manner, you've no slaves there, you've no children there, you've no pieces of furniture your grandfather built or purchased, you've no breadmaking yeasts lingering in the corners, how is it a home ? []
  13. Suppose you do really good - here's a hint : sucking toes like a madman is the best way to get ahead in soviet times. Do it, do it hard, do it a lot, do it before the rest of you acultural, anhistoric fuckwits figure it out, you'll have a massive advantage built up over everyone - and they take you for a conference abroad or something (do you have any fucking idea what a big deal this was for the Soviet citizenry ? Ask.) Well... what then ? Not like you'll leave the hotel, not like you'll go out of the familiar McDonalds / Cpt Chicken or w/e it's called / Wendy's. Yes yes, I know, you'll go have lunch at a local chain which tries to copy one of these, and you'll drink the local soda. Hell, you may even take in the "local flavour" at a local pizzeria. In the sucker quarter.

    You have no fucking idea that pretty much every place where the likes of you go already has a reservation in place, do you ? There's the sucker quarter, where you go. I avoid it like the plague, wherever I go. So no, you never travel, you just get relocated from cell to cell. I know it provides the illusion of movement, but that does nothing for our case : need #2 is material dominance, not the illusion of material change. []

  14. Here's a hint : if you've asked for permission it doesn't count, you might as well jack off. []
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7 Responses

  1. darlidada`s avatar
    Monday, 4 August 2014

    Reading you hurts me. Thanks.

    BTW, while I am here, there is something I wanted to ask you for some time: I know I should be/become your slave but why would I when I can just hoard my bitcoins until they are worth 10k USD and I can finally live as a sovereign? Would the rationale be something along the lines : if you have to hoard your bitcoins in order to live your life fully then you don't have a business, thus you just got incidentally lucky ? Also maybe sovereignty has nothing to do with your net worth? Makes sense but that's not good for me.

    Being an embaucado, the first thing I would do to avoid becoming a slave would be to try to exploit both society and life by finding a way to make a bit of money while keeping my freedom. Either it could be trading altcoins though in the end it would certainly debilitate my mind, either it could be teaching which I don't see any disadvantages - one could argue I have no place teaching kids when I can't teach myself how to live.

    My main problem is that I'm smart enough to not be a slave of anyone (after reading you, I'm not sure anymore if it can be categorized as smart though) but in the end I become a slave to myself. I end up unable to govern myself towards whatever I want to achieve. What is it I REALLY want ? I do not know. Well, I kinda know : #1, #2 and #3. Dominance sounds kinda fun. But .... Why do I add a "BUT" ? This is not me, this is not my values is what I hear.

    Also, in retrospect, teaching is a trade of 1+2+3 against 4 though not as a social domination over kids but some kind of social domination over society inasmuch as offering work of social value is rewarded by socialism - which makes me a HERO.


    Fuck, I just wanna quit. I can sense I'm not far from crossing the Rubicon as a part of me is trying to censor itself. I'm gonna pause and come back later. I'll submit this post even if I am ashamed of it as I think my reasoning (or is it rambling? lets say its my самокритика) could serve as a warning of things-to-not-do to anyone suffering from brain-damage.

    PS: I totally see you as the figure of the philosopher as a cultural physician that Nietzsche developed.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 4 August 2014

    but why would I when I can just hoard my bitcoins

    Slavery [in the sense I use the term] is a voluntary arrangement. One wouldn't become a slave in this sense to fend off starvation. Think of it like a sort of becoming a monk, for an admittedly very weird order.

    sovereignty has nothing to do with your net worth

    It's probably best to think of sovereignity as a rough equivalent of affection in a different sphere. One invests his sovereignity in the same manner one invests his love. Once you've given your heart, in what sense is it no longer yours ? Are you now heartless ?

    I’m smart enough to not be a slave of anyone

    This really isn't how it works. What makes you think slaves are dumb ?

    I end up unable to govern myself towards whatever I want to achieve. What is it I REALLY want ? I do not know.

    This, of course, is a problem oft discussed around here. Such as http://trilema.com/2014/patriarchy-is-a-thing-because-nobody-likes-living-in-a-world-populated-by-little-girls/

  3. Thanks for taking the time to answer me. I've been reading the logs trying to grasp the meaning and the context behind the concepts you use, but I've still some follow up questions:

    [quote] It’s probably best to think of sovereignity as a rough equivalent of affection in a different sphere. One invests his sovereignity in the same manner one invests his love. Once you’ve given your heart, in what sense is it no longer yours ? Are you now heartless ? [/quote]

    Just to be sure: you are saying that one invest his sovereignty by choosing to become a slave? That the state of slavery is a condicio sine qua non to the state of sovereignty ?

    [quote] This really isn’t how it works. What makes you think slaves are dumb ? [/quote]

    This is faulty thinking on my part. I've inherited and built a lot of these. I've been trying to rewire my brain correctly. What would you advise beside reading the logs and trilema? I saw you mention Aristotle Logic. Shall I go with it ? or would I be better off studying mathematical logic ?

    [quote] This, of course, is a problem oft discussed around here. Such as http://trilema.com/2014/patriarchy-is-a-thing-because-nobody-likes-living-in-a-world-populated-by-little-girls/ [/quote]

    Lets model this with Solzhenitsyn' life: his rape was to be sent to the gulag for several years; he was to be taught to obey and not criticize authority; eventually because of the suffering he -as you've put it- exited in his head. Solzhenitsyn started to do it properly when he started doing things. i.e: writing. But he didn't obey nor did he stop criticizing any political regime once he was out of jail.

    What was the lesson he taught himself then? mastery in an art and lack of fear like Bobynin? This is what I aspire to. But I fail to see how you go from exiting in your head to being Bobynin. Or is it as simple as doing things ? In the case of Solzhenitsyn, it would be doing things from the experiences of the raping he received.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 14 August 2014

    You want <blockquote> instead of [quote].

    Just to be sure: you are saying that one invest his sovereignty by choosing to become a slave? That the state of slavery is a condicio sine qua non to the state of sovereignty ?

    That'd depend on what you mean by slave. A sovereign is he who has the authority to make arbitrary decisions. Once you name someone to do this for you, do you meet that definition or don't you ?

    What would you advise beside reading the logs and trilema?

    No reading is wasted, really, but if you want results you probably want to start by reading stuff older than ww2. That aside, Shaw's apparently not the worst place to start.

    But he didn’t obey nor did he stop criticizing any political regime once he was out of jail.

    Not like he has to.

    What was the lesson he taught himself then?

    Well, this is a question for S. himself, not for me. Lack of fear may disappoint you however : it generally flows from a lack of anything worthwhile to speak of, not from some sort of super-character-strength.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 2 July 2019

    One wonders how this all played out, now that Bitcoin's permanently over 10k dubaloos per.

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