X.IDIFF.JUN has settled

Wednesday, 19 June, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The previous Bitcoin network difficulty future settlement (X.IDIFF.MAR) saw an increase of network difficulty to 4`847`647, which at the time was considerablei. Today's X.IDIFF.JUN settles at no less than 19`339`258, a 4x increase practically.

During its lifetime so far X.IDIFF.JUN has traded for an average price of 0.11995776. The current 0.19339258 settlement means that on average net contract buyers realised a ~60% gain with net contract sellers realising a ~40% loss. The good news is that coverage remained at all times sufficient, allowing traders to succesfully hedge their various exposure by using the instrument as intended and showing that the original parameters arbitrarily selected at the creation of the instrument back last year were judicious.

MPEx continues to lead the way in all matters pertaining to Bitcoin finance as well as to provide the only actually secure, actually safe, actually sane trading environment catering to the needs of the Bitcoin finance professional. Enjoy!

  1. A 45% jump over December's 3`370`182. []
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