What's a SpergLord ?

Sunday, 17 February, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A sperglord is a fascinating thing. Let's set the moods with examples : world famous German sperglord. Sorta-famous French sperglord (about in the way, to the degree and for the reasons Virgin Micon is famous).

Now we're ready to tackle the actual definition. A sperger's disease is the modern catch-all name for contextual confusion that is stable, at least somewhat organised and by at least some appearance structural to the afflicted individual. Obviously living in the postmodern, contextualist, nonsensical but loud environment that we find ourselves trapped in (mostly against our will) requires a good deal of anchoring in context. This anchoring is achieved by means of a narrative (which is yet another term of art, but we'll discuss it later). That narrative will perforce be complex and in most cases also loud, to match the loudness of the textual environment. In those cases where the narrative is in fact at least more complex than an arbitrary minimum (often below average) and also louder than an arbitrary minimum (often above average) you're looking at a sperglord's sperg.

Here's another example :

these type of threads are BULLSHIT

we have always honored our refund requests but a thread like this basically just kills my business

Ask yourself this question:

Do you want a nice friendly refund as we have been giving or do you want to completely put me out of business?

because if you completely put me out of business than you are going to have to come to NY to take me to small claims court.

ask yourself this question, do you really want to come to NY to take me to small claims court? or do you just want to wait your turn and quietly get your requested refund as hundreds of people already have. Keep with the mob mentality its only going to keep you separated from your money longer.

this thread is bad for anyone seeking a refund, and the mods need to take notice and remove threads such as this.

this is not good for you. Please stop.

im reporting this to the mods myself - I encourage others to do the same.


this is complete INCORRECT information

all CC refunds are processed immediately

if you do a chargeback it will take MUCH longer (just the way the process works)

all refund requests should be sent to dave@bitcoinasic.com

there is no delay in CC refunds - only short delay in BTC refunds because we need to buy more BTC

too bad threads like this ruined what could of been one of the best opensource ASIC based miners available.

Go send your money to BFL

blocks will be 12.5 a piece by the time you receive your device

im gone for the night


this is a loving SHAME in the worst kind

we have a completed design and wafers that are nearly completed and chips packaged
all this is grinding to a halt due to mob mentality and massive refunds
i had a good friend who literally has millions of bitcoins step in and say he would save the project

well threads like this have encouraged 90% refund rate, so guess what happens now

I will be forced to sell 16,000 packaged Brute force SHA-256 Bitcoin mining chips to a single buyer who will no doubt use them for their own mining purposes, I dont want to do it but I will have to just to pay the refunds. This mob mentality may be the end of Bitcoin. We will see what this person does with these 16,000 ASICS. but just use your imagination


this whole project has been ruined by internet trolls, heresay and bullshit

and i dont have the mental energy to carry it forward

im selling the chips
and the design if I can
and im moving on with my life


For Sale : 16,000 Brute Force SHA-256 ASICS - PACKAGED AND READY TO GO




The chips exist or don't exist and are going to do things or not. If you don't know who Tom van Dyke is, he's the blood sweat and tears guy. Our friend Tom.


I know - no one is happy about this

and I have a confession to make.

I have been dumping my blood sweat and tears into making this happen
and perhaps I was in over my head

I thought I could put this together like I did with the ModMiner Quad
obviously it was not and I was in WAY over my head

I fixed the post up from last night - so at least now its has a big of legibility

yes I had a few drinks before I posted that post (last night) - I was fucking heart broken, some of you look at my like im a fucking scammer and it kills me - I helped start some of the infrastructure Bitcoin runs on today, and have set many Bitcoin firsts
and this idea couldent be farsest from the truth. Look at what ive done for Bitcoin over the last 3 years, I live and breath bitcoin and I love it.

Unfortunately this project was way over my head and I thought I can handle this the same way I handled-ed the ModMiner Quad project, obviously I was sorely wrong and I am so sorry I could not bring this project to market in a timely manner

But I swear to you and I give you my word I never meant to lie to you or tried to give anyone bad advice. I am sorry about my drunken (now fixed ) post from last night - I had a few drinks before that post because after receiving the bad news (about March) - this was the only way I knew how to deal with it. I am selling my share in BTCFPGA and it is now going to be owned by a asian company that is 100% sure of a March Delivery. if you are not interested in doing business with this company please feel free to filll out a refund request and we will refund your money is full. There is plenty enough money to make all of these refunds and I have been a pillar of this community for years, so please no panic. Anyone that wants a refund - they will receive one today. Please I ask you to please accept my apologize - if you can wait until March you will receive a superior ASIC mining device, if you lost your trust in me and my company than I dont blame you at all. But please understand I tried the best at the best of my ability and I can't take any of this anymore. I am not the right man for this job. Your new ASIAN benefactors will be online soon to greet you all and see where were are at and hopefully they can calm some of your nerves. They have the equipment to do most of these processes in house. They dont have to relay on sub contractors and deal with all these little problems that pop up in that process. They can fab pbcs, pick parts, soldering machines, the whole nine yards. You will be much happier with this company and with my out of the picture. Expect contact from them soon.

As for me im going to back to my web hosting business and my computer repair shop and live the simple life for awhile, enjoy time with my kids and please accept my apologies for not being the person you needed - the person who you needed to make his happen.

I will continue to sell modminer quads on http://btcfpga.com or mining and hobbyist uses on the side, and im going to try and live a happy life, I am sorry I let you down I really am and I hope the Asians took good care of you.

we are not going to scam anyone - if you request a refund you will receive it right away - if your willing to wait until March you will probably receive a better product than if you stick with me, thats just the reality of the situation.

sincerely with blood sweat and tears,

Excuse the lengthy quotes. Spergooze is highly volatile and tends to dissapear rapidly when exposed to the open webs.

And now that we've pretty much cleared up what a sperglord is, it's time for the most feared moment of our daily show. You get to ask yourself now, "am I a sperglord ?"

Please, answer honestly (but quietly!) and if the test comes out positive quarantine yourself. Basements work for that purpose.

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