Various kinds of stickiness

Thursday, 14 February, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Obviously the word sticky and its fambly were in use for a while now to denote anything that has itself a low superficial tension and high viscosity or else is coated in some matter that has low superficial tension and high viscosityi.

The notion of stickiness was however adapted recently to discuss a certain property of prices. To wit, absent any significant changes in the perception of people, like items will continue to have like prices even if the economic realities underlying their price significantly change. To explain this : the price of a cardboard box is not strictly a function of the cardboard box itself. If there's five on the entire planet their value is pushed up significantly by demand, which has nothing to do with the boxes themselves. If there's fifty trillion, literally, we're all covered in cardboard boxes, their value goes possibly below zero (aka, they're garbage we want to be rid of now). Irrespective of these changes of context, people will continue to regard the price of items as a function of their past price at least to some degree (and so you get the various paradoxical behaviours of old people who keep collecting and saving garbage, for instance).

There is probably good reason for this irrational behaviour, going all the way down to natural selection. It's possible that the ape which valued food more by the memory of its own hunger than by the immediate pangs of same had an evolutive advantage over the easy going ape. There certainly is good reason for the pushing of the sticky prices concept currently - the prevailing theory of money is pure nonsense and so it needs all the possible support it can muster. The idea that prices have at least to some degree a cultural basis feeds right into the need of contemporary chartalist followers of the thoroughly discredited inflationary school of economic "thought", let's call it.

Notwithstanding all the foregoing, let me illustrate a different kind of sticky :


The ladies are discussing little old me. What happens there is that on whatever venue (in this case a strippers' forum) the indigents already have a hierarchy in place. If someone shows up to disrupt their hierarchy, such as MPOE-PR did, they will make nonsensical responses which really serve no other purpose than to assert their indigent hierarchyii. If those claims are blown out of the water, they will not give up the thing they've defended. Hierarchy is sticky in the same way and for the same reasons prices are sticky. So... they will try and stick. If that requires an abandonment of reason so be it (have you noticed how little reason pays with people in general ?).

Of course hierarchy being wholly a cultural construct, it is more reasonable to expect the sticky behaviour about it than it'd be to expect the sticky behaviour about prices. And yet, the people who dislike hierarchy and are actively fighting a battle against "the irrational" (ie libertards pushing their various "progress" agendas, such as gay marriage or whatnot) are more than happy to support the progressively more insane theory of price stickiness. Why is that ?

Because two girls in a bar somewhere, in spite of everything, kneeling at the feet of some local douche just so. That's all there is to it.

  1. Yes, that's what makes things sticky : low superficial tension combined with high viscosity. Things with high superficial tension and high viscosity are basically insulants, like tars and such. Low superficial tension and low viscosity makes something basically wet. High superficial tension and low viscosity doesn't really exist. []
  2. A sort of nationalism, if you will, or in the approximate words of this older Romanian article,

    Johnny is a poor and not particularly bright kid living in whatever poor neighbourhood in whatever indistinct town. One day Mircea the Bad comes by on business, sits at the bar with his two bitches kneeling at his feet and drinks a rum or whatever. The girls of the local neighbourhood, out of sheer patriotism (in this example the neighbourhood being the whole country) grab Johnny forcibly, sit him at the bar and kneel at his feet themselves, like the others. They certainly aren't slaves, they don't have the training or the ability or in the end the needs and structures of the respective relationship. No marble columns, no gardens where water flows among the cyprusses nor fonts sprouting forth marzipan await them "at home". There's bare walls and oreos for them. But nevertheless and indifferently of all these considerations, they play a role to support a theory : that they too. That this neighbourhood of ours is just as good as any other, and just as good as it could be.


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  1. Two years and a 1500% price increase later and they still don't like free money:

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 10 March 2015


    They aren't strippers because they were born strippers after all.

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