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Dave Zirin

DP - Acronym for "Double Penetration"
Noun \ˈdə-bəl pe-nə-ˈtrā-shən\

Sometimes misappropriated to "Double Pounded" although the meaning is synonymous.

A cultural act symbolic of the female need for more love and attention than a single male is capable of giving. In the act, the female mates with two males simultaneously making use of both her anal and vaginal orifices.

The act of DP is practiced primarily as a performance piece by a small sector of humanity. While only a small cultural sector partakes in this practice, it has gained such notoriety in performance outlets to make it seem much more mainstream. So much so that the few female participants become highly revered and discussed primarily among male audiences. (See Jenna Jameson)

While not conclusively proven, there is a wide belief among experts that females who require this level of attention upon sexual maturity did not receive enough attention during growth and development. (see daddy issues)

Did you see Jenna Jameson's latest sex video? she totally gets DP'd!

This is why they're so funnay :D

Jenna Jameson They?

Dave Zirin Yes. They.
Jenna Jameson Pretty loopy attempt I guess. Who are they!!!1

Dave Zirin They are the ideologically hostile group. They who produce this sort of weird babble because they just can't handle natural sexuality. So then it must be "explained". And the explanation is always the same 3-4 things.
Jenna Jameson O o I see.

Dave Zirin And in fairness, I judge it likely that more women did it so as to piss all over them than because their daddy didn't pat their ass enough in Jr. High or w/e. Just like it's probably the case more people burned the US flag and dodged the draft because the Gov't wanted them to go than because they were cowards.
Jenna Jameson I'm not sure it's that they think it needs to be explained. I think it's moreso that before them has been put a template of stupidity which they are encouraged to fill and so at some point find themselves pushed to explain that which they haven't actually thought about but about which they perceive all kinds of vague social pressures and impressions, which they then attempt to distill in order to properly complete the template. How's my sentence! :D

Dave Zirin Pretty good actually! This process that you describe IS the very template. How come teh dp isn't the cultural act symbolic of the female submission & ability to adapt to any circumstance whatsoever ?
Jenna Jameson There can only be one template? I meant, specifically, the entire "wikipedia, urban dictionary" thing which afaik is rather unique to our era, where clueless children are encouraged to "contribute" to the whole as though they were qualified simply through having a keyboard.

Dave Zirin Oh, because they are afraid this means the female is not human, in the sense of not having an identity.
Jenna Jameson Srsly? I don't know why it can't just be something that some people do because it feels nice. Why the fuck does every goddamned thing have to be all political and speak to the deep underlyings of....ffs already. It's fucking.

Dave Zirin Well I'm sure it is, but in this discussion, once we've selected it's the cultural act symbolic, it gotta be the cultural act symbolic of something.
Jenna Jameson I guess I didn't realize I had selected it's the cultural act symbolic.

Dave Zirin You hadn't. They have.
Jenna Jameson So fuck 'em.

Dave Zirin I was entertaining the thought process. And I'm not fucking that.
Jenna Jameson They pick a weird misappropriation, we have to appropriate it in the same shell but differently? What if the shell's broken?

Dave Zirin This is how thinking works tho. Someone proposes a setting to you and some conclusions. You assume the setting and verify the conclusions. Always honestly and fully take their axioms at face value.
Jenna Jameson Aha.

Dave Zirin Now admittedly, there was a LOT of shorthand above. "If it's gonna be the cultural act symbolic of something, how come teh dp isn't the cultural act symbolic of the female submission & ability to adapt to any circumstance whatsoever ?"
Jenna Jameson I see. I cannot argue this.

Dave Zirin Because there's nothing to argue. Nevertheless, they go nuts if asked lol. Because well... not thinking. Because exactly, weird soup of, to quote "all kinds of vague social pressures and impressions". So they get agitated exactly like the girly led through town towards a chalk scribbling of "suck my cock" instead of the culturally symbolic "wouldja marry me" or w/e she was expecting.
Jenna Jameson Right, makes sense. Jostling people...jostles them.

Dave Zirin I'm publishing this on MPs blog. He's a great friend of mine.

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