The ungiven fucks, a modern bedtime story

Sunday, 21 July, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A week ago some unread sectioni of the New York Times ran some inane story about Penn State coeds. Something about how they spend their time or such nonsense, as if anyone cares what students do with their time. They'll probably like ask teenagers what they like think about like life and stuff next, you know ?

The famished libertard pressii took umbrage to this, for a very understandable reason : they write just as badly. Isn't it unfair the Times has some dough and actually like... pays people to write ? Actual money, occasionally! Whereas the entire "industry" as represented by Gawker Media has to live off of hopes and promises ? But how could this be, howl-howl.

So far this'd be business as usual, yet another sterile catfight among the useless, part and parcel of the blossoming command economy they've got going over there. It gets better once Whitney Tilson joins the fray however. In case the name's about as familiar to you as the style section of the New York Times, he's Charlie Munger's (Warren Buffett's unofficial boyfriend) official biographer.iii

Anyway, fifty year old banker type, the sort that has to pay thousands for the same sex work that half drunk, sort-of washed and horribly dressed teenagers get for free. If we subscribe to the theory that submission shapes social hierarchy it'd mean he counts for much less in this world than people with no experience, no clue, no money and absolutely no style whatsoever. I guess we'd better not subscribe to such reactionary theories then. Let's quoteiv instead :

A truly horrifying story from the front page of tomorrow’s NYT (especially if you have three daughters, the oldest two of which are teenagers).

Awww. Seriously cute, he's spent all his time and money making cockwrappers for random strangers and he's not had the foresight to get therapy ? Hopefully he's not doing the strategic management of those funds himself...

I certainly hope that my daughters would never spend a second with a guy who would ever dare say “get down on your knees” – but if that happened, they would:

a) walk away
b) better yet, punch him in the mouth and walk away
c) better yet, kick him in the balls and walk away
d) better yet, pretend to go along with it, but when he pulls it out, squint, laugh, and walk away
e) better yet, bite it!

Right. Well... here's the problem Tilly. Mind if I call you Tilly ? Since we're practically related in a sense, and moreover Tilly sort-of sounds like Tilica, which is one of the traditional Romanian names for the iconically, votively stupid. I think it's fitting.

So, Tilly, one of those three girls likes being told to go on her knees, and does a superb job of it, too. The girl's talented, if underage. I take it she takes after her mother ? Would you like to see the pictures ?

Lastly, after doing any of a-e, come home and tell me his name so I can buy my first gun and...well, you get the idea! ;-)

Name's up there in the title of the page. What now, tough boy Tilly ?

I cerially wish to see how a first-time gun owner fiddy something pasty ass American banker guy handles coming after me. Super cerially.

PS. Stop encouraging naive adolescent girls that got used for the intended purpose to misrepresent their usage as "rape". It's unseemly, and not something people who've already bought their first gun approve of.

  1. I honestly had no idea they have a "style" section. If I had any idea I'd have probably done them instead of Elle and whatnot. []
  2. Basically Gawker plus its entire fifty man readership - phear them for they all write blogs nobody reads and thus are a force on the Internet!!! []
  3. If by this point you are thinking the references are getting a little gnarly, I would like to point out in my own defense that I've just been reading de Retz' memoirs, which is probably colouring the comings and goings of the US Court in a distinctly unamerican taint. []
  4. The guy's on blogspot. Yes, really. Yes, he really is a fund manager. Yes, he's on the spam platform. Yes, I know it doesn't make any sense. In his defense, he's probably paying blogspot 2k an hour + free cocaine for hosting. []
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12 Responses

  1. Do you have an explain on why is reproduction spontaneous or arbitrary... why major cultures like Christianity or Islam go for the "soulmate" or "marriage" since it misrepresents reality so badly?

    To err is human, so is to fool yourself? Lol.

  2. an explain

  3. Didn't even noticed.

    An language. An hero. An expert. An noticement.

  4. didn't noticed.

    hehe, sorry for offtopix I guess. go on.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 21 July 2013

    It doesn't misrepresent "reality".

    Children universally display the complex coy behaviour, to varying degrees but from a very early age. It is not learned but inherited and works as the underpinning of all human interaction, as it allows the bridging of the submission/dominance divide, both synchronously and anachronically (ie, it allows the individual both to select effectual behaviour in a given situation and to develop his so called personality for the future and reinterpret his personal history to suit).

    As the individual matures and gender differentiation occurs (a much more cultural process) the behaviour may be discarded in males and refined in females towards what we call flirtation, if we're discussing a rough, male dominated agrarian society, something like Jefferson imagined is the pinnacle of human achievement. Just as well the behaviour may move towards flirtation for both genders, such as displayed by the "polite society" of courtiers in medieval Europe (which is principally to say France), as excellently depicted by the quoted Retz. Or it may just as well remain infantile in males as is the case in US influenced society today. Or it may be simply discarded by both genders, as displayed by the women I grew up with. Even then it lives always in the background, ready to serve.

    So, what reality ? Read up on the reality of gender roles and their evolution in the kibbutz, it's been extensively monographed. What started off as an utopian socialist "ideal society" without family or gender role quickly collapsed - within a couple of generations - into the muchly hated gentile forms, simply under the pressure of young Jewish girls that never had any contact with the outside world spontaneously not wanting to show themselves nude to random Jewish boys, and spontaneously wanting to shave and rouge.

    The behaviour is merituous in a species perspective as it selects, but it is also utterly inconvenient for most pedestrian thinkers on the problems of humanity because it throws asunder their muchly beloved universals (as indeed the pedestrian thinker is defined by and recognised through his conviction that the social world works on universals and his expectation that he's deep enough to distinguish them). And so the fact that the most abject submission is the correct, enjoyable and fulfilling response for some people some of the time, just as the most unyielding dominance is idem the correct, enjoyable and fulfilling response for some other people some of the time grates them. Tilly suffers when he thinks about his precious daughter going on her knees and suckling my toes because I ordered her to, and he'd much rather have submission be never the correct response, irrespective of who's involved and what the circumstance is. It'd make the world simpler and therefore more digestible (for him, because he's not very bright).

    Meanwhile the fact that the girls kneel for some but not others, and take it in the ass from some but not others, and suckle some but not others and on and on and on is exactly what creates social hierarchy, and therefore rubs Tilly the wrong way, as there shouldn't be any hierarchy that's completely outside of his grasp or hope of control. Or so he thinks. Obviously the priviledged have a quite different impression of the entire affair.

    So Tilly figures he's going to reform this unfair state of the world into something less hurtful to the failful. Because you know, that's how it works, the larger collection of idiots gets to make the rules in spite of the narrow core of capable people. Because numbers, and unicorns. Supposedly the way to fix an underperforming hedge fund is not to fire the incompetent managers, but to add more incompetent managers at the helm. Once there's a few million involved no doubt the fund will suddenly perform very well, because it has so many managers - more, in fact, than any other fund, and so it can't help but do better! (It may sound ridiculous when stated, but as Bitcoin finance shows it's nevertheless the baseline thought process of the crowds - the nooblets all wish to buy what all the nooblets are buying and sell when all the nooblets are selling.)

    Niciodata nu o sa puteti sa fiti ca noi - la noi incepe tot cind se termina la voi.
    E de fi-ta ai' draguta, stii c-o fute un smenar, si de fi-tu ala prost. L-au facut baieti iar.
    Linia dintre noi a fost trasa de strada. Tu stai pe-a ta, eu stau pe-a mea. Ramane-asa.

    Art, therefore. That which speaks outside of its intended time and context.

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 21 July 2013

    Bonus :

    Uzzi - dja know what the verses say ?
    Lori - no.
    Lori - what do the verses say?

    Uzzi - make an attempt.
    Lori - never can you be with us --for us all begins when it ends for you.
    Lori - it fi-ta ai', what the hell? it from your beloved son (noway), you know that it fucks a (money changer?), and from your stupid son. you have made boys already.
    Lori - jesus.
    Lori - the line between us was crossed on the street.

    Uzzi - lol totally.
    Lori - you stay on your side, i stay on mine. we'll keep it that way.

    Uzzi - you can never hang with us - our shit starts when your shit ends.
    Uzzi - it's all about your cutie daughter, you know a pimp's her daddy, and it's all about your stupid son - the boys had him again.
    Uzzi - the line between us was drawn by the street. you sit over there, i'll sit over here. it stays that way.
    Lori - wait why is fi-ta daughter and fi-tu is son? sure ta is feminine and tu is masculine, but fi is enough to connote daughter (fiica) and son (fii) the same?

    Uzzi - fiica ta, fi-ta
    Uzzi - fiul tau, fi-tu
    Uzzi - since the pronoun carries gender, tis good enough
    Lori - this is actually how it goes or poetic license?

    Uzzi - no, it goes.
    Lori - nuts.
    Lori - thx anyway ;)

    Uzzi - language of verycomplex let's shorten it
    Lori - right, which is why 7 years ago in PE i'm like m you have to come to this outpost there are ppl here speaking nonsense african language you won't believe it de pe fi-ta ca o lu lu la la

    Uzzi - lmao
    Uzzi - ahahaha that actualy is meaninfgful in romanian
    Lori - just my luck x_x

    Uzzi - "you won't believe it, off your daughter 'cause we're fucking her"
    Lori - right. complex language, let's shorten it and everything can be interchangeable with fucking.

    Uzzi - since in the foregoing context "lulu lala" stands for fucking.
    Lori - hell.

    Uzzi - :D

  7. didn’t noticed.

    Forced I don't even meme.

    social hierarchy, and therefore rubs Tilly the wrong way, as there shouldn’t be any hierarchy that’s completely outside of his grasp or hope of control. Or so he thinks. Obviously the priviledged have a quite different impression of the entire affair.

    Is social hierarchy still viable when you have a big mass of tillies? Not like civil war is something that happens once in 10k years.

  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 22 July 2013

    His daughter's still sucking my cock on her knees, whether it's 10, 10k or 10mn Tillies tilling about.

  9. If it's 1918 and your name is Romanov?

  10. barbatii e pizde timide.

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