The suicidal chick, a picture I like

Monday, 22 April, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Like any guy I get pictures of naked chicks. This is after all what technology is for, this is why the web, digital camers and bathroom mirrors were invented in the first place and besides - as predicted years ago on this very blog - one does not have any sort of amorous future who happens to be both female and unwilling to publicise naked butt &c.

Most, nay pretty much all pics I receive suck from a technical perspective, and plenty suck from any and all perspectives, but some redeem themselves through sheer... I don't even know what the term would be. Loi :


High heels which are obviously uncomfortable even if they look good, up on a perch. The position of the feet tells us of the chronic problem of comfort, but also of the acute problem of inbalance. Indeed the chick's wobbly up on that improbable throne, a point strongly made by the shaky quality of the photograph.

The awkward intimacy of the double toilet paper rolls matching the double plungers or brushes or whatever those are in some small bathroom somewhere containing the only mirror in the house adds with a quiet smile to the entire construction.

In my opinion this is art, even if unaware and unintentional.

  1. Which doesn't rhyme with hussy but does rhyme with ho. Come to think of which, where's hussy come from ? The Elisabethan huswife perhaps ? []
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  1. Miguel Gomes`s avatar
    Miguel Gomes 
    Friday, 26 April 2013

    ROFL, very nice.

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