The poster child for github retardation...

Tuesday, 14 May, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

... comes to us via Redditi, of course. From github, of course. Selected quotes :


I don't know the much about stock/shares, etc and I don't have the ability to program such a complex piece of software - but I believe I can make it happen and think this is currently a good idea. Please critque my idea. I'm open minded about all of it.

For those without a github or reddit account, I'd still like to hear your ideas:

Moar ?

How do we get started?

Think about the features, try to uncover any problems. See if such a project is even feasable or wanted.
Find excellent programmers skilled in C++ (?) and cryptography, familiar with bitcoin.
Test it out on a company (Possibly, which hasn't yet launched and is still being developed)

Obviously the author has skipped reading Why I nixed p2p, colored coins and all that jazz, specifically the part about retarded children :

Problem 4 : Permeating all the foregoing and sufficiently so to become a problem in its own right is the incredible arrogance of the recently liberated corporate slavebois working as independent coders. Seriously, start working on the BTC securities trade system of the future without ever having worked for MPEx, without having humbly presented your inept ideas to the most grandiose master Mircea Popescu (ie, me), without anything like that ? O, why, because you’re a special little trainflake of brilliance and genius who can ? Really ?

Anyway, go to github and check out the whole thing, it's quite entertaining. Time to move away from that platform now that the 15yos have figured out how to login ?

  1. Isn't it sort-of telling that one of the only two Ycombinator investments has since that event turned into the Internet's human waste dump ? I pity the dropbox people, as their only choice by now is either get the fuck out or else be drowned in shit and it's never easy to get the fuck out of your early investors (even if it often turns out to be an imperatively good idea). []
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