The onlinns of court

Wednesday, 03 July, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Master "For example, the sound of a crying baby may be annoying, but it is an expected part of quiet enjoyment of property and does not constitute a nuisance.". So basically... nuisance is this concept we use to piss on people we don't like. And if you don't like it, you're a nuisance, so there. Ha!
slave .....crying is an expected part of quiet enjoyment? Is spewing total nonsense an expected part of writing, as well?

Master Apparently. Well, this is where the law breaks down. People like to represent the law as flowing from unmoving, universal, quasi-divine principles of Justice. They also expect it to match their life, conveniences and comforts exactly. This of course because people, fundamentally, believe themselves divine and the world in rotation around their center. In practice this obviously never works, and so the law always devolves into a "he who is mighty shall shape your life, not you his".
slave Boo.

Master Which is all nice and good, but brings the question as to why exactly bother with the pretense of "law" and "court" when you still have to in the end back it on a "Simon says".
slave Well because it's subconscious, and making it conscious would be painful and difficult.

Master Or because in the end it boils down to the same "you are not the master of your life, bow down and obey the real master". Perhaps that's the impetuus. People'd rather pretend their asshole is being used to the enjoyment "of circumstance" than to the enjoyment of Billy Bob from the 3rd floor.
slave Sure.

Master Right. So in the end, we're back to the original and only purpose of the law : lubricated condom. How'd you enjoy teh periple ?
slave What's a periple?

Master Periple is what peripateticians do. A walk. Hence the Romanian peripetii and the English peril.i
slave Ah. Nice walk!

  1. Technically peril comes from periculum whereas periple from peripulum. The relationship between pulum and culum is left as an exercise to the reader, with the helpful hint that if the catholic God had not intended for homosexuality then he wouldn't have called them RECTum and eRECTion. Jus' sayin'. []
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  1. And unmodeled clay is expected to become jars? By itself.

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