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Sunday, 27 October, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

MP Now that part's true :

Constituency boundaries were out of date, and the so-called "rotten boroughs" had a hugely disproportionate influence on the membership of the Parliament of the United Kingdom compared to the size of their populations: Old Sarum in Wiltshire, with one voter, elected two MPs, as did Dunwich in Suffolk, which by the early 19th century had almost completely disappeared into the sea. The major urban centres of Manchester, Salford, Bolton, Blackburn, Rochdale, Ashton-under-Lyne, Oldham and Stockport, with a combined population of almost one million, were represented by either the two county MPs for Lancashire, or the two for Cheshire in the case of Stockport. By comparison, more than half of all MPs were elected by a total of just 154 voters.

HH Wowza. It does seem startling from a modern perspective.

MP Yeah. Well, 1818 is modern.
HH Yeah I knew there's going to be some problem. Listen. What am I supposed to say?

MP What do you mean to say ? You could say current perspective if you just mean a casual something. You could say contemporary perspective if you mean specifically the past 50ish years or so,
HH What if I non casually mean today?

MP You could say the current generation's perspective or baby boomer's perspective if you want to identify that.
HH Way too wordy.

MP You could also say today's perspective if you want that specifically.
HH Yeah I guess. Alright!

MP You can say anything you actually mean instead of hijacking a term with an actual meaning which is distinct to expect him to mean what he doesn't mean.
HH O may gawd!

MP Nono! :D
HH I asked what I... k.

MP Feelbad™ because your insensitive use of words hurts. You see, words are like weapons. And you're not bothering me!i
HH Lol.

MP Incidentally, I'm surprised there wasn't a b/pulp film named Hitchhiker Hijacker, about this busty brunette that steals truckers' trucks.
HH Not before giving them a hickey?

MP I suppose she could be a honky.

No but seriously, think about it : "Little miss Savannah, the Honky Hitchhiker Hickey Hijacker." Wouldn't you want to see it ?

  1. sp_1101_08_m4 This notion that using the wrong word is somehow a big deal that affects anyone or anything other than the mistaken party is perhaps the most ridiculous yet nauseating thing the intellectually bankrupt US socialist mind has produced - and that's saying a lot considering all the competition from all the other ridiculous yet nauseating stuff coming out of their movement, wholeheartedly dedicated to the products of contemptible yet pretentious stupidity as it is. Buncha wiggers. []
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  1. liberal,racist,progressive,affordable,redistribution,hope,change,peace,free,fine,tax

    Hey are there any good words left?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 27 October 2013

    "Goat" seems to be holding out yet.

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