The masters of the snark and other lessons in public communication

Friday, 12 July, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Sample reading :

ThickAsThieves just got an email from coinbase
ThickAsThieves Good news! All level 2 accounts can now purchase bitcoin instantly on Coinbase!
ThickAsThieves With this change comes one additional requirement: all level 2 accounts will now need to complete an identity verification step.
ThickAsThieves To restore your level 2 status please complete your identity verification from the verifications page.
ThickAsThieves good news! who are you again?
Diablo-D3 lol.
mircea_popescu lmao
mircea_popescu good news! you can now suck my cock!
mircea_popescu with this change comes a requirement to throw away all your clothes.
mircea_popescu to restore access to your house please go (naked, on foot) to the closest humiliation center
mircea_popescu where you will be given a free rectal examination which will be broadcast on live webcam at no extra charge to you
mircea_popescu (special conditions apply)
Namworld The special conditions being if you're not over 15 foot tall, you don't get to restore access to your house. You just get another round at the humiliation center ad infinitum.

Theoretical overview :

This happens to be exactly what PR is not. PR is not about clogging the channels with meaningless formulaic stupidity and actively attempting to prevent anything from moving either direction. PR is the effort of clearly communicating the position of the company to the market and the position of the market to the company. Clearly communicating means that sometimes the customer will be delivered a large steaming plate of “You’re stupid”. Clearly communicating means that sometimes the company will have to come out with a “We’ve been stupid” dounce hat and eat some crow.


Again, dearly beloved wanna-be entrepreneurs : communication does not equate masturbation. This distinction is not optional. Get with the program.

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  1. Average american urban vocabulary is part of the communication, masturbation or none?

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