The flippant sheep

Friday, 08 February, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The flippant sheep would make an excellent name for a bar. In the interim, it will make a decent title for the following conversation :


A judge who encounters and reviews OPCA conceptsi will find their errors are obvious and manifest, once one strips away the layers of peculiar language, irrelevant references, and deciphers the often bizarre documentation which accompanies an OPCA scheme. When reduced to their conceptual core, most OPCA concepts are contemptibly stupid.

Mr. Meads, for example, has presented the Court with documents that appear to be a contract between himself, and himself. One Mr. Meads promises to pay for any liability of the other Mr. Meads. One owns all property, the other all debts. What is the difference between these entities? One spells his name with upper case letters. The other adds spurious and meaningless punctuation to his name. Mr. Meads (with punctuation) is the Mr. Meads who appeared in court. He says the Mr. Meads (all capitals) is the one who should pay child and spousal support.

Meanwhile the other story : guy owns a house, a business, money, a wife and six children. She fucks around, he catches her, she takes 250k in cash and most of his silver

Me And there's this court proceeding to "establish her rights". (She's been trained as a lab tech but "doesn't like it" and so has to be supported.) Which of the two is the more insane ?
MPOE-PR More insane...yeah.

Me Right ? Court recognises woman's right to fuck around, even tho it's not what she signed up for. Court doesn't recognise his right to tell them to get lost, even tho it's also not what he signed up for. I can't call it.
MPOE-PR I can tell you which one I like less, but it's entirely superficial and idiosyncratic anyway so what's the value other than entertainment.

Me Which do you like less ? 'Cause I can't decide that either.
MPOE-PR I like the latter less.

Me Why ?
MPOE-PR It sounds whiny. I don't like you anymoar cause you put out to that guy. Well I don't like you either I should have more of your things! The Mr. Meads thing is fucking stupid but it doesn't rub the same way I guess. But like I said, so the fuck what, this holds up nowhere but in my head, and that could change tomorrow too.

Me Same bs tho. If I went and made him suck my cock he'd expect any policeman nearby to save him neh ? He won't go oh... I r person imaginary corporate fiction I can't ask for police help must gobble it.
MPOE-PR Well probably but it's not implicit in the text.

Me Ya well it's not implicit in the text she cheated either. Seems vaguely alluded to.
MPOE-PR Frankly I wanna know how you have time to fuck around and hoard silver with 6 kids on your hands.

Me They prolly were on her hands.
MPOE-PR I wonder if Dali could've painted this problem ;D

Me Ahahaha! Srsly. Problem is people don't know how to be spurious anymore. If I was the Mr. Whatever I'd have sued the woman's CRMP new bf to pay me for her.

Me What, he's getting a (provenly fertile) woman for free ?! Rustling!
MPOE-PR How'd you valuate her? Sheep style?

Me Add up all she cost. Ask for discovery to include all her expenses.
MPOE-PR O damn.

Me Take a while.. How's sheep style ?
MPOE-PR No finder's fee?

Me I guess he could have a 15% deducted for having taken her himself.
MPOE-PR Well afaik the kyrgz have a 10 - 15 sheep rating system for women atm.

Me Wtf.
MPOE-PR 100 - 150 I mean.

Me Fucking socialists.
MPOE-PR Sheep being their currency (these are the isolated guys in the Wakhan corridor, where the fuck'r they gonna get shekles).

Me I get it but what the fuck, all women are within 1 and 1.5 ? There's no F ? Should be between 1 lamb ear and 150 pregnant sheep, most women scoring something like a goat's worth.
MPOE-PR Well I imagine in a society as small as that a wife is, to an extent (ie 1 - 1.5), a wife.

Me I bet you they're all short, fat and ugly.
MPOE-PR Dude afghan kyrgz are fucking stunning.

Me Rly ?
MPOE-PR Well...some I've seen are. They have this eye thing going on. Course nao I can't seem to find any. Maybe I dunno what I'm talking about. Someone around there has really nice eyes. >.>

Me :D I wonder how much 150 afhani kyrgyz sheeps are in buttcoins.

Me Do you think it'd be more or less than 10 buttcoins to get random girl to pose with stick in anus ?
MPOE-PR What the hell am I gonna base this on?!

Me Yes, this is dog. I have no idea what you'd base this on.
MPOE-PR Lol well then, I'd say it's 50/50 :D

Me It's about the same on whether I wanna publish this.
MPOE-PR So flip a sheep. Heads you post, tails you don't.

La vuelta del malon by Angel Della Valle. Detail.

La vuelta del malon by Angel Della Valle. Detail.

  1. The source of this text is some 200 page long rebuttal of litigation prepared by some canadian judge. Source in the previous article about the system breaking down. []
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