The coyote, the hyena and the expired water buffalo. A parable.

Monday, 04 November, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Let's start our discussion with a bit of anecdotal evidence fished from the murky waters of the retard encyclopedia :


Basically, the water buffalo is long defunct ; any movement of its gnawed carcass strictly the result of nudges and pushes the predators impress upon it. Their pretense of using various water buffalo-inspired hats (such as the titulature of "mayor"), and of nominally engaging in various water buffalo-inspired activities (such as "drawing budgets") is at best satire, and at the likeliest an analogue of the consumate care with which termites avoid breaking any surface while they rot away all substance.

Upon that carcass, the coyote of "race relations" and the hyena of "gender issues", coexisting more or less peacefully. It's not, you will notice, at all a matter or a consideration of whether either gentleman had a point. It's merely, in the best tribal tradition, a question of how many zombies back one and how many orcs the other. Strictly headcount. One of the best qualifications one could have in today's Washington for discussing "budgets" is whether they're gay, or moreover, backed by "the gay community". Another one of the best qualifications one could have is whether they're black, or whatever, backed by the black community.

Budgets, of course, are neither gay nor black. Sexual preference and skin color have little to do with anything worth the mention in public. Merely the fact that I have to point this out would seem to indicate that neither party has done very well in school... but for that matter, which school ?

And so you see, if man was spherical and lived in a vacuum in such a manner that gender studies and race issuesi were somehow relevant to his survival, the budget of Washington might be balanced though this process, and even rendered useful. Until such a time as that particular utopia may be somehow realised, the United Nigger Faggots of America are desperately seeking further water buffalos for the role of corpse.

Know anyone ?

  1. Did I accidentally flip these around without your noticing ? I guess this clearly shows just how important they are, objectively. []
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  1. Your conclusion seems to pin the root of this on "people who feel disadvantaged" or whatever, but I do suspect it's moreover the people who imagine that that's happening to others and so wish to police their peers.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 4 November 2013

    Or for that matter, just wish to police their peers.

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