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Thursday, 04 July, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

mircea_popescu dub why do you hate the fat anyway ?
dub Hate the fat?

mircea_popescu You found some other feature on Kim ?
dub I'm not hating .com I'm hating the reply. Inbred 'hacktavist' unfollowing him because he's not Internet edgy enough anymore.

mircea_popescu Oh I see. Gotta actually follow teh links.
dub Anon is the new emo.

mircea_popescu Nah, emo was actually very physical by comparison. I think anon might be the new steampunk.
dub Anon is the same fat friendless nerd he's always been.

mircea_popescu But now online.
dub Sitting in his room at moms house, desperately wanting to feel connected to something before ascending to a life of upsized combos and debt slavery. So yeah, punk fits pretty well.

mircea_popescu Well punk not so much. But punk died, in like the 70s. The reanimated corpses packed full of nonpareils however... Speaking of which, how the fuck does steampunk get a better Taaki than we do! check out this idiot.

His large number of articles on the genre have garnered mainstream attention:[6] The Chap Magazine dubbed him "America's authority on the movement"[7] in one of their discussions of Steampunk, Marie Claire Italy described him as "a specialist in this field,"[8] and Papermag has called him "the unofficial face of Steampunk."[9] His opinions on the genre are frequently quoted in discussions of steampunk in a variety of publications such as CRN,[10] Bizarre Mag,[11] and local-interest sites

Almost the same article! Much less zittage!
dub I thought steampunk is what hippies grew up and did. s/grew up/got old
ThickAsThieves I thought it's what goths grew up and did.
dub It's all teh same. I'm different so I'll act really different so I can be the same.

mircea_popescu Steampunk is kinda what the kids that dress up but don't fuck do. I don't think it's allowed past about 17ish.
dub All the steampunks I've seen RL are 60+ hippies.

mircea_popescu You think they're hippies, but they're more likely pedos.
ThickAsThieves Their leader does kind look like he should be carrying a tuba.

mircea_popescu I'm publishing this.

[five minutes later]

mircea_popescu Oh this article rocks. Steampunk 101 by GD Falksen. "What is steampunk? Bla bla. Where does the punk come in? Ironically, it doesn’t."
dub mircea_popescu: I'm blaming you when the steampunks, goths, hippies and anonymous fucktards are coming after me.

mircea_popescu Totally IRONICALLY it doesn't. That's it, absolutely. Anon is the new steampunk.
ThickAsThieves cuz they can't stay anon at all?


However, individuals interested in exploring a steampunk equivalent to 20th century punk can find a wealth of material in 19th century counterculture groups ranging from the Luddites to utopians to hooligans. Add a dash of Victorian street culture and a sprinkling of ragtime, and steampunk “punk” comes into focus.

Totally. I can see punk guys adding "dashes" of shit. Like, pinky upturned and everything.

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