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Saturday, 20 July, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : Well, not to imply you'd necessarily care,
but it will probably wound.

de Sévigné He is egregious, but the persistence is entertaining. At least where he doesn't have to be personally dealt with.
de Retz I dunno what I'll do. This shit will multiply.

de Sévigné You've already set up a correct protocol for people who don't already have an in with you, I don't see what's wrong with just pointing them to the protocol. They post an example of whatever it is they'd like to do in the comments section of the Trilema post where you called for entries if they want whatever they've got to be considered. Otherwise, whether they're spamming me on the forums with things, whether they're pming you on irc, whether they're sending emails, they can just get a link to that article and an "anything you want considered, post it there and there only".
de Retz He's an expert timewaster.

de Sévigné I think I know his sort. He gets really excited about various projects in relation to which he might have some very vaguely developed skill sets (not really put to the test ever, just, "I could play with that" sort of thing), and he's a little afraid of actually testing said skills so, it's best to talk and plan and talk and arrange and recruit others to get excited and keep this all spinning.
de Retz Yup. Eeexactly. He figures all he needs to tell Dad is "I'm really excited about X", because Dad then says "a ok" then "son I'm proud of you".

de Sévigné He also admires you and he'd very much like you to have a good opinion of him or perhaps just to bestow upon him a status which would allow him to feel like he's "in", so he keeps pushing it, even more.
de Retz Yup. A fucking nightmare.

de Sévigné And no, he doesn't figure all he needs to tell Dad etc. He does actually consider that what he's doing is work. That's the really scary part, I'd think. This is him --actually doing it--.
de Retz Sigh.

de Sévigné He needs to get the bottom line, and to have any other lines around it flattened. If you have something to contribute, you post it in the comments of the article. That is all. It will be looked at and if there's any merit etc. But the bottom line is you have to follow those instructions, no matter what else. Only through this conduit will he manage to actually produce anything, if he's going to. (Obviously discounting spontaneous enlightenment etc).
de Retz Such doomed a generation that has such useless people in it.

de Sévigné Stop being an old man, every generation has such people in it.
de Retz Lol. But the phrase is nice.

de Sévigné It was until you massacred it with double such :D But if you like it that much perhaps if I ever get around to building a shrine to Huxley, you'd like to place a bough! My poor cast iron pan, btw. He's such a nice pan, and tonight I made a veal steak in him. And I could tell, I could tell how perfect he is for it, and the occasionial outside morsel of the meat was divine... but it was a really retardedly butchered piece of meat and so barely not really mostly edible thing.
de Retz Aww! Poor pan.

de Sévigné Why do they butcher steaks so, anyway?
de Retz Because they are Romanian, which in any other language means mentally retarded.

de Sévigné I mean....will people really not pay whatever extra bucks for meat that is properly cut? There's no way, no way, to dig a reasonable steak out of that mess.
de Retz They do not know it is wrong. Too stupid to realise.

de Sévigné But don't they (try to) eat it?!
de Retz Any foreigner, be they a chef or a driver or a fucking comatose vegetable makes this point. No Romanian gets it. It's just one of those things which make being retarded being retarded.

de Sévigné But...I know a lot of Romanian food prep processes are really overdone and there something that's done for veal, like that? Is there some oversized inconvenient kitchen tool for...
de Retz They don't butcher anything correctly. Not even chicken.

de Sévigné Yeah no shit. The sad thing is, I'd think "hey, opening a proper butcher's here would be a great moneymaking idea!!1" but...probably fucking not, huh!
de Retz Not at all. Helping people in general is a losing proposition. They are retarded for a reason. That reason never is "o hey, they just never had a chance". The reason always is "they've spent most of their time and resources deliberately avoiding sense".

de Sévigné But not e v e r y o n e can be like this. That the majority is makes the place unpleasant, but...certainly there must be others in the country who are like wtf why do I have to spend 15 mins hacking at this meat and it's still subpar.
de Retz Ya but on "not everyone" you don't support a butcher shop.

de Sévigné Ah, yeah.
de Retz Certainly there's others in this city who go "hey, fucking corrupt local politics suck, if someone just got us a little place to meet we could really change things".

de Sévigné Lol.
de Retz Right ? And bad games suck, surely if someone just listened to us games'd improve.

de Sévigné O nono, it's more than that. We are the games POLICE. And you CANNOT make games the way we think won't work.
de Retz Or in George's Costanza's immortal words, "This is what I do. I solve problems. Seven."

de Sévigné Lol.

They like to pretend like they're people, aka human beings, citizens with the franchisei and what have you. In point of fact they're none of that and nothing else worth the mention. UPOs, floating aimlessly through the social space. What can you do ?

PS. I hope you appreciate the severe pretentiousness of the pseudonyms d'employed.

  1. I guess you had no idea where disenfranchisement comes from huh. []
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