Search and Destroy

Wednesday, 13 March, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Search and Destroyi is packed to the brimmin' gills with memorable monologues and witty one-liners. You could swear this is a Tarantino flick, and in fact it's obscure enough that if you doctor the credits you might get that one guy who's Tarantino's #1 fan really believe you when you claim you found a really secret and unknown banned film of his.

Most notable among them, the description of the penis puss lobster claw (Illeana Douglas' really fuckin' disturbed, I'll tell you that), or the undying "I lie. I don't do it right though, I always lie at the end, when I'm scared and I don't get anything. You're lying at the beginning."

Basically your average Bitcoin entrepreneur is told in no uncertain terms that unless he pays up his debts to the taxmanii...

So he decides right then and there that the best way to proceed is to... make a movie.

Is he connected ? No. Is he solvent ? No. Does he have any experience with moviemaking ? No. Does he have any experience whatsoever ? Well... he's watched a lot of late night infomercials, going by the looks of his cheap suit and his speech mannerisms. His personal life (in the parsimonious shape of a single amorous relationship with a single woman) is coming apart. What does he bring to the table ?

He's determined. You see... that matters. The determination of chewing gum stuck in shoesole matters. He wants to. He has the best intentions. He'll do the best he can. You really won't comprehend Bitcoin until you've seen this film.

"So you're not a . ~ = { Movie Producer } = ~ . ?"
"No... I mean... I am. I am a producer."
"Well... have you ever made a movie ?"
"Doesn't matter. I am what I say I am. Because what you say you are... that is what you'll be."
"Just by saying it ?!"

That's it right there. What's more to be said ?

Ps. "You're never quiet. Just be quiet. Stop talking!"

  1. 1995, by David Salle, with Dennis Hopper, Rosanna Arquette and cameos by Christopher Walken and Martin Scorsese. []
  2. ~150k, and these are real dollars, pre 1995, pre Obama & the rest of the Nobel prize winners. We're talking something like five to ten million current bucks here. []
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