Pasta tikka masala

Thursday, 25 April, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I have created an atrocity of evil horror which insults both the Italian tradition and the Indian tradition. Cool, huh ? Step by step guide below :

Step 1. Chicken in pot, unfreezes happily with yoghurt and ground ginger.


Step 2. Once unfrozen, hack to bits.


Step 3. Melt, clarify and terrify half a stick of butter.


Step 4. Tikka masala spice mix sent by secret admirer straight from Silistra, India.


Step 5. Look at all the pretty colors!


Step 6. Fresh lovage straight from your own garden. Absent this abort the whole thing - you can't have pasta tikka masala without fresh lovage.


Step 5. Add chicken, cook well.


Step 6. Strain pan contents, return liquid to pan, dry on fire, add flour, create sauce, strain pasta (which has been meanwhile cooking). Put everything together and serve.


Step unrelatedly : ever seen flowering rosemary ?


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