Of men and mice

Thursday, 14 March, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Mircea Popescu Cheeky, aren't they (email).
MPOE-PR Readin. Oh whoa. Very.

Mircea Popescu It's like... I am just as stupid as these other people (here's proof). Please give me free money so we can go have a beer.
MPOE-PR It's not even. It's like give me free money and don't expect anything and also don't tell anyone we know each other because you embarrass me.

Mircea Popescu They really don't get it do they. They actually think that they are better than rich people because "they are smart". For their own, self created definition of smartness that nobody else seems to care or even know about. But that's okay because... who knows.
MPOE-PR They don't actually think they're better. They do think they know better, for sure, but different things there.

Mircea Popescu You think ?
MPOE-PR Actual iambetterism is rare in my experience. What that guy showed isn't proof, what most of the forum ppl show isn't either (there are exceptions ofc, but rare).

Mircea Popescu Srsly ?! You'll have to explain this in detail.
MPOE-PR They think they're nicer, they think they're more polite maybe, they think they know better, and they can easily base the latter on the first two alone...that's common and is easily supported socially.

Mircea Popescu Wait a second.

Mircea Popescu There's many skills in this world. A whore that survives on the streets has some skills. The uncaught thief has some skills. The voted politician has some skills. Person that touches the keyboard and makes lights predictably flicker on the screen also has some skills.
MPOE-PR Right.

Mircea Popescu Now, the whore is painfully aware that her skills don't count for much, in most cases. But there are whores who earnestly believe their knowledge of this world is all that's needed and all that's worth having. It'd appear the whore's brain rot is very common among computer geeks. As in, they actually believe that if they - not as much know how to make lights flicker predictably, but at least are used to the failure of doing so... or in other words, "always have a plan no matter how horrible the last one failed" then that's it, they can answer anything and moreover their answers are worth two shits.
MPOE-PR You're missing an important piece.

Mircea Popescu Go ahead.
MPOE-PR Which is that for the majority of people, the consideration of whether x person, company, group, whatever is potentially worth understanding comes AFTER the consideration of said person/thing's attitude towards them. This isn't conscious. It's automatic.

Mircea Popescu Is it related ?
MPOE-PR Yes it is. Because it's not a real determination that there's nothing else worth knowing or having.

Mircea Popescu But then how dares he ? Lacking that determined, firm conviction, how dares he ?
MPOE-PR Well, consider a mouse.

Mircea Popescu I am now hereby forthwith considering a mouse.
MPOE-PR There's a wall put between lol. Between him and this magical but very real land in which there is all manner of cheese, and possibly even the knowledge of how to make cheese on his own. This mouse, he could make his own cheese! He could sell it to the other mice and never starve himself even! He's never even considered that something like this could even be possible. Now, what is possible is that he can maybe get a faint whiff of the smell of the cheese beyond this wall (the cheese that's there). So he's kinda interested, what's this wall here? And so he wanders along it, what is this? And there's a door! A solid door, he can't see through it or anything. He hasn't ever opened a door before, he's a mouse.

Mircea Popescu Right.
MPOE-PR And as he sits there looking at it, along comes this mallet and it hits him on the tail. Hard.

Mircea Popescu "Along came this mallet one day..."
MPOE-PR Now would you expect Mr Mouse to stay and consider how to placate the mallet? He's a MOUSE. That just got hit all to shit on the tail. What cheese?

Mircea Popescu No, I wouldn't. But are these men or are they mice ?
MPOE-PR Mice. Mostly.

Mircea Popescu I am guessing I was wrong. The project doesn't wait for people for whom it is fun. The project is waiting for actual men, as opposed to mice.
MPOE-PR Well, in reality, they're actual people, just...the way society brings people up these days, they might as well be mice, cause this is how they behave. Predictably. You might even say reasonably inasmuch as this is how their entire experience has been to date. I don't know what the answer is in bringing them towards personhood but I sure as hell don't believe more malletting is going to do the trick on its own. (Or at all? I don't know).

Mircea Popescu That's unfortunate, because I have absolutely zero incentive in actually bringing anyone to personhood. Unless they do it themselves, here's this old mallet.
MPOE-PR I realize in the quest for a reasonable solution to the current BTC problem you can't be taking on the parenthood (basically) of entire people.

Mircea Popescu I think this is the grand part missing in your understanding of things : nobody actually needs mice for any purpose. They're extras under the sun. But funny that they earnestly imagine the sky moves away for them.
MPOE-PR Well, they may do it on their own. Some do, there exist reasonable people in the world, even if it's rare. People who have already done it maybe just haven't found BTC yet, or for whatever reason earnestly wouldn't be interested. Or couldn't be arsed with something like intricate codestuff (like you?).

Mircea Popescu They earnestly wouldn't be interested for the following simple reason : you've got big tits and a nice ass. This however does not reduce you to what retarded computer geeks take it for (obviously, the impersonal you). There's this party downtown. Why don't you go ?
MPOE-PR I don't feel like it maybe, or I have other shit to do....

Mircea Popescu Why don't you go if it's full of a bunch of retarded 15yo boys ? Why do you think nobody with any actual knowledge of anything contributes to wikipedia ? Why do you think the original Encyclopedia was completed cca 1800 by fifty or so people in a few years and is to this day a cultural institution whereas wikipedia has been running for a decade, been dicked around by a million idiots by now and is still inconsequential ?
MPOE-PR Cause I don't go to shit like that. It's obnoxious and since I'm not in the business of reeducating or vaporizing ppl....the vague possibility that there could be something in it for me is drowned in bs.

Mircea Popescu Right. Exactly. Now, add just one single cool guy there. But real cool. Dreamy-like, and suddenly the only reason you're not there is cause you've not arrived yet. Forget the retarded kiddos, you're there to hang out with him.
MPOE-PR Well I'm not as driven towards sex as most ppl are driven towards money and awesome so the analogy kinda fails, but I get whatcha mean I think.

PS. I was looking for a closing for this article. It came literally within minutes :

got a pm from [redacted], [redacted] posts (title of pm same as in re thread's): Hi, I saw your topic, very interesting read. I came to the forum after a long absence because I saw it made the news again. I would certainly be open to feedback at our forum community. Different digital currency, different world altogether.

I guess the conclusion is what it always was : come to sense or it will be brought upon you at the point of the sword. Time is ticking away.

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