Octopus omlette

Friday, 22 February, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

No, seriously, this article is going to be exactly what it says on the tin.

I don't know about you, but I have a list of foodstuffs that a. taste very differently canned than fresh and b. I like the canned version just as much as the fresh version. Tuna is a great example. I like a tasty morsel of fresh tuna just as much as any other Japanese guy. But I actually also like canned tuna. It tastes nothing like tuna I'll readily grant, but one of my favourite breakfasts is a can of Rio Mare in olive oil. I like fresh, ripe pineaple just as much as any other monkey. Yet if you're not in Costa Rica fresh ripe pineaple is just not happening. I also like canned pineaple, and have since I was a wee boy. They taste nothing alike, I like both, them's the breaks.

In furtherance of this theoretical ambiguity I set forth to buy myself a can of octopus. I like octopus fresh just fine, especially if just caught moments ago by some topless Greek chick that swims like a fish. I've never had it canned, so maybe it's worth a shot ? Here's the contentsoctopus-omlette-1 of such a can :

I then proceeded to omletteize it,


End product as served :


Unfortunately the entire experiment turned dissapointing. Canned octopus is awful. I couldn't even finish the omlette, although it came out very nicely.

Here's a tasty beverage to wash this failed experiment down :


Take bottle, insert into freezer, extract the next day, open cork, hear pssssss (just the other way), admire oily consistency while pouring and bottoms up!

PS. The Americanization of omlette to "omelet" is almost as ridiculous as all the other ridiculous shit they do over there. Just for the record.

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