Maid in Sweden

Friday, 15 February, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Maid in Swedeni is the protoype for Seinfeld's Rochelle, Rochelle (a young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk). It's one of those stags of the 70s that we've oft dissected here (mostly because stags are half a movie just as much as "normal" films are half a movie, and there's pretty much no grounds to pretend that a missing left foot is any better or any different from a missing right foot).

The missing foot is, of course, "anything other than tits". The girls are nervous (Lindberg especially so), the cast generally lacks any knowledge of scenic movement, speech or pretty much anything to do with show business. The production values are through the roof, there's footage of train models and they do that trick when you spin with the camera and there's even make-up and everything! The dialogue is so retarded it almost becomes adorable (Do you smoke ? No. Do you drink ? No. So what do you do ? I'm in school.) The premise is simply "young, nicely ripening, sexually inactive girl visits sexually active older sister with live in boyfriend attached". Virgo thinks hash smells nice and things go from there.

Ekman obviously took English with the same guy that taught Malkovich, they both have the exact same accent (and they're probably the same age, too). Lindberg has a nice figure but apparently sleeps with her panties on.ii She has voracious appetites, dreaming of entire regiments of men cornering her in dark taverns and pouring their drinks all over her. I guess the first bukkake was beer. That notwithstanding, sex as actually depicted of course still consists of a lot of hair ruffling, oral sex still magically involves the 3rd lumbar, all the good stuff of that time when absolutely everything and pretty much no one sucked.

O, those panties of hers ? She's wearing them five minutes after being deflowered. No blood anywhere. Isn't cinema great ? Certainly worth for laughs. The bobbing stuff they do for dancing is worth checking out just on its own.

  1. 1971, by Dan Wolman with Christina Lindberg, Monica Ekman, Krister Ekman. []
  2. I've seriously never ever seen this done. Anyone ever saw a female human sleep in the underwear she wore during the day ? []
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