Tuesday, 22 January, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Lornai comes a decade earlier and lives a floor above stuff like Women Behind Bars.

It debuts with a scene of sexual assault cum battery that might as well be the definitive cinematic depicition thereof (and I suspect functioned exactly as that, for a generation or two). Ugly, old, blue collar fellow, luscious but drunk lady, it's a trope pretty much.

That's not the only normative bit, either. Lorna represents for the benefit of the inquiring minds that wish to know the cannonical woman both as far as her sexuality goes (much unlike better trained contemporaries, who run on gasoline and as such just start & go, girls of the 60s ran on Diesel - you remember, those obnoxious delay lamps, have to fiddle with your pipe for a while for the engine to "warm up"ii) and as far as her amorous aspirations carry (obviously all the sickly sweet yet ultra cheap "romantic" bullshit).

Finally, there's the rape-seduction, whereby some young hot blooded blond convict happens upon a girl lazing on the river bank, she's mersmerized by the animalic whatever, tries to run, he chases her, she tripsiii, he tears her clothes off, she fights, he wins, she changes her mind and then cooks him breakfast. About as sensible as all the rest, really.

Ant that's all.


  1. 1964, directed by Russ Meyer, written by Russ Meyer, filmed by Russ Meyer, edited by Russ Meyer, starring Lorna Maitland, also featuring Eve Meyer behind the camera as delegated cocksucking servicer for the directing, screenwriting, cinematography & editing crew, also assistant producer. []
  2. The gasoline/Diesel idea isn't actually mine. I picked it up from this obscure Romanian band. It's a hymn to the universal slut, containing the line "Nici macar nu trebuie s-o incalzesti, // E pe benzina, poti direct sa o pornesti..." which literally means, "she runs on gasoline, needs no warm-up, starts right up" or something like that. []
  3. Do you know the rooster and hen chase joke ? []
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