Fried chicken

Sunday, 25 August, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Vicki Marble is a perfect icon of white trash / trailer trash / whatever you want to call poor & ignorant white people living in areas with significant black population.i She owns and operates a coupla bail bondsman offices and through hard work plus diligent making of friends and influencing of people with power (combined with a gracious atmosphere of general notgivingafuckitude) managed to get elected to the Senate.

Not the US Senate, the State Senate of the state she lives in (which is Colorado). For people not familiar with the general workings of US politics, state legislatures stand with the central ones in Washington roughly in the relation the Special Olympics stand with the actual Olympic Games. Limping vs Lympic as it were. It's a sort of massive Tupperware party. If you've seen Fargo the scene'd be directly familiar to you, Frances McDormand's character would be the master of ceremonies in any self-respecting state senate.

As a junior senator she was appointed to the Senate Education and Local Government Committees, on which she "serves". Her service is aptly summarised by her remarks before the Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Forceii meeting on August 21st, where she stated :

When you look at life expectancy, there are problems in the black race: sickle-cell anemia is something that comes up, diabetes is something that’s prevalent in the genetic makeup and you just can’t help it. Although I’ve got to say, I’ve never had better BBQ and better chicken and ate better in my life than when you go down south and you — I love it.

This is what a "senator" had to contribute to the discussion of matters & problems. This is it, this is what she's got. This is "leadership" in action, prose so bad it wouldn't on the strength of family connection allow the emitter passage through the Caudine forks of standardised examination.

Average Colorado hard working idiots are actually paying their taxes so that a building could be maintained, to which such an idiot may be driven in a car (paid for by the same taxes) and her valuable contributions may be heard (through audio systems paid for by the same taxes) and recorded for all posterity (same taxes). Does this seem reasonable at all ?

It doesn't end there, however. It couldn't, it's just too stupid to ever end. Ever.

So therefore, a nigger by the name Rhonda, who unrelatedly also happens to be black was offended! Fancy that! In her words,

The title for this committee is the Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force; and one of the things I will not tolerate is racist and insensitive comments about African Americans, the color of their skin. You mentioned what we eat — I was highly offended by your remarks.

Just as bad prose, I'll have you know. For one, the reference to "the title" is pure voodoo, and otherwise a logical error - if there's something wrong with Marble's allocution is the bland ignorance of that very allocution, not the limply inept but very pretentious titling of some pointless, toothless and ultimately wasteful commission nobody committed. For the other, mentioning "fried chicken" in the same disjointed paragraph that happens to include "sickle cell anemia" and "black race" is about as racist as a black eye.

This is all besides the point, obviously. You may not know this, or not have realised it yet, but that's what Rhonda the Nigger is paid for. She's not there to give any sort of meaningful comment on anything whatsoever, she's not there to think, she's not there in any sort of independent capacity as any sort of independent agent. She's simply there as a trained monkey with a very simple Pavlovian reflex : Mention of "black" -> offended. Mention of "race" -> offended. Mention of "fried chicken" -> offended. She's given a list like that, and she gets offended. Should she get multiply offended the term of art is "deeply offended". That is all. That is what she does.

I can't help but notice a racial difference at work here : ostensibly both black citizens and white citizens pay taxes in the grand state of Colorado. For their tax receipts the white people get to watch a complete idiot - that, again, on the strength of her intellect is not fit to graduate a high school equivalency program - emit pointless drivel. For their same tax receipts the black people get to watch a despicable nigger jump up and down like a trained monkey. Did they give her the script, at least ? I doubt it. It seems to me the blacks are coerced into being represented by a nigger which has absolutely nothing to do with them at all, and by all appearances is running on a script provided by nefarious and racist special interests.

I imagine if I were a black guy that happened to live right in Colorado and had to deal with racism in my daily life - like for instance not being able to marry some girl because her daddy don't approve because her daddy is a racist moron, or like any other of the myriad ways racism can fuck up the daily lives of ordinary citizens - I'd be pretty pissed off at Rhonda the Nigger. She's not just wasting a bunch of tax money, but she's actually using me as a meal ticket. She probably knows what she's doing, and if she doesn't she god damned well should. In either case she doesn't care, because hey, she's getting paid, and besides, outside of an independently wealthy Romanian blogger who doesn't give a fuck about the whole thing nobody can even voice all these issues, because Rhonda the Nigger and her racist special interest friends have gotten the language, and public expression, and the political process pretty well fettered.

I'd be pretty damned pissed, because what Rhonda the Nigger is doing is in no way different and in no way better than the old blackface sketches they did depicting black people as niggers generally, universally and indiscriminately. At least those were done by unsympathetic white folk, rather than by absolute worms who also happen to have been born black, but instead chose to live their lives as niggers.

  1. You've not noticed this, have you ? "White trash" somehow doesn't exist outside of where black people live, which then would logically make it quite racist a term directed against the very blacks, reflective of the need to distinguish between "black-like whites" and "white-like whites". I wonder if anyone ever made this point before. []
  2. When did bored housewives get into this pompous naming convention ? I'm pretty sure it was before the time of Mark Twain, but can't quite more accurately pin it. []
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  1. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 28 August 2013

    A little cheese extra to go with the chicken :

    A The truth is they've refined the art of trolling people to a fine point. Everything's a "debate" now, and everyone's arguing it damn well.
    B You can't troll if you don't know you're trolling, can you?!

    A Sure.
    B That cheese shop story is pretty fucking offensive tho.

    A Which ?
    B 'O, I said what type of cheese I wanted when I walked into the cheese shop so that I'd present myself a certain way to the workers. Therefore white people are racist.' And by offensive I mean offensively stupid.

    A Very wtf where is it from ? I don't even understadn what this is.
    B The very long article you just sent me.

    A Now I gotta go back and check this cheese stuff out.
    B lol

    A "I was doing shows to get a wedge of cheese. Why in the hell was I posturing in a neighborhood I lived in for 13 years?" Wait, what ?! This dude has issues.
    B Indeed.

    A "With gentrification comes a better grade of products. So, we now have a cheese store." Just tyhis alone...
    B Yeah, it started to get pretty wtf right about there.

    A I guess it makes bdsm pretty fucking difficult. "Right now, white people need to listen and dig deep into how their silence and comfort with their privilege - allows zimmermans to roam the streets killing black children." I don't think he groks that nobody has a problem with some douchy teenager douching up the wrong tree and getting killed. Color notwithstanding, as teens aren't old enough to be a particular color other than worm. "Why isn't there a coalition of celebrities, who stand together and issue a press statement about their pain at hearing the verdict." bwahah. Ok, im sorry I closed that, I missed like 90% of the gems.
    B Well, I care about it very very vaguely and I imagine many people do care to a much more meaningful degree.

    A Listen. The dead kid was exactly one of the niggers hanging out in front of your building. How black are they ?
    B They're not. And I don't at all know that the dead kid was like the kids in front of my building, because the only place I have seen kids as annoying as those in front of my building is in front of my building. And a little in Trilema's comments section I guess.

    A Hahaha. Well it's how I understood the matter anyway. "I am so heart broken over the dismissal of Trayvon's humanity that I don't know what I'm going to do next. I wondered where I could go to begin a one person 'Occupy Wall Street' movement. I feel the need to do something." douchy could obviously get a job...
    B Who's going to employ someone who wilfully reinterprets everything to suit their completely martian worldview?

    A "The latest from tanya steele (@digtanya). filmmaker & cultural critic in the tradition of James Baldwin and Francois Truffaut. between NYC, Italy and France." Ahahaha she's in the tradition of Truffaut. Because, you understand, cheese.
    B Oh she's only saying that to make you feel comfortable.

    A "How can u call yourself a christian and yet speak in the hateful manner you speak in? I wasn't aware that all black people are lazy and dont comb their hair and wear their pants down their butt. That is a stupid ignorant comment. So all white people live in trailors, sleep with their sister and are serial killers? No!" Indeed not. It's spelled trailers.
    B Hahaha evil.

    A You know, the saddest thing in this entire whirlwind of lol is that I guess there exist black people who create this entire mmorpg around themselves wherein the cashier is scoring their fitinness. I wonder how the fuck my life would go if I'd... you know, sit down on the Timi's terrace and start wondering if I'm ordering in a way conducive for the waiter to think I'm manly enough ? Maybe he thinks I'm a fag.
    B Yeah.

    A It's so tiresome, you know, constantly having to put up this front for the benefit of waitresses. Of being like, a customer.
    B lol. I guess it is sad.

    A But anyway : the sad part is not doing it, the sad part is that they don't realise they're retarded George Costantza. They imagine this is what it is to be black. Being stupid. I mean talk about insidious fucking racism.
    B And can't really examine it usefully because racism. Yeah.

    A I mean I imagine in my entire existence as a privileged white asshole or w/e I am in that worldview, at least once some underpaid, undersexed item of human furniture in some shop somewhere had judgements on me. It's just not possible to have never happened.
    B Well sure the...say that idiot waitress. Probably thought you're crazy after the whole cut meat decor debacle.

    A O no. The racism of it all is getting me!
    B Wasn't your instinct to make her feel comfortable?

    A Apparently not. She looked comfortable enough, with her ball of surroundings.
    B Lol. She looked absolutely distraught and discomfitted. And disdainderrided.

    A Suckiest job in the world, you know, having to come back to customers and try and somehow smooth over the incident of "we accidentally sent you a plate of partially pre-eaten earlier food". "For decor purposes". It's lucky this country doesn't have any black people, or else it clearly would have been the case that she's got that job on account of her being black.
    B All customer service jobs with bad management and/or bad product is the suckiest job in the world.

    A Yup. Sorta akin to the job of nursing children with congenital defects. Here's this broken thing you can't fix, love it.
    B That may be very painful but it doesn't quite suck, and certainly not in the same way.

    A Well there's a lot I don't understand.
    B Well you're not doing so bad for someone who never had a job or a child with birth defects I'd say ;p

  2. Second Generation White Trash`s avatar
    Second Generation White Trash 
    Monday, 18 May 2015

    White trash exists in non-black areas, it's a synonym for Trailer Trash, and is generally used for the same uneducated, incestual, drug using, poverty stricken, gambling addict population.

    It's the white equivalent of Niggers, and they are mocked in the same civilized areas.

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