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Friday, 23 August, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

0. No authority. I am not a moderator, administrator, bureaucrat or whatever else on #bitcoin-assets. These rules and regulations do not stem from authority, they stem from common fucking sense, which seems to be in very short supply these days.i

1. #bitcoin-assets is a professional channel.

    1.a. Professional does not imply any restriction of form.ii You are free to be as offensive, annoying, disparaging, crass, crude or indecorous you feel the need or inclination to be. This includes any and all comments that in other, non-professional venues may be regarded as racist, sexist, chauvinist, fascist or whatever else. Pros don't give a shit, it's the clueless twits and assorted pretenders that do.iii

    This rule will never be overturned. If that bothers you in any degree you are well advised to privately come to terms with your unprofessionalism and if you wish resolve it, through self-development. In any case until such a time as this mental problem of yours has been resolved you are both advised and expected to go hang out somehwere else with all the other amateurs, nobodies and generally speaking broken cvasi-people.

    1.b. Professional does imply that you have the intellectual ability to construct your communication in such a way that it says exactly what you mean to say - not more, not less. This further implies that you have no problem with being quoted at any point in the future, as sense and truth carry no expiration date. On the other hand professional also implies that you understand how context works, and will never ever under any circumstances omit relevant context when quoting, especially when such omission changes the meaning of your quote and the quoted then has to point this out to you like you were some sort of politician or assimilated retard.

    1.c. Professional means that you respect your elders, on account of their superior experience, which makes them better people than you. Professional also means that you respect your betters, which is to say those who know more and those whose brains work better than yours. Until you have factually identified such people in the field you are not a professional.

    A safe assumption if you're entirely new to the channel is that everyone is both your elder and your better, and then proceed to cut names off the 2nd list as time goes by and always for very good reason, which as per 1.b you are always able to publicly document on request. A braindamaged assumption is that on account of any sort of "qualifications"iv or simply on account of your existence you're pretty cool and certainly equal to anyone else. This is wrong on one hand and the core of what keeps you from one day becoming a professional on the other. Get rid of your entrenched ignorance and start learning.

2. Homework. You are to do your own homework. This means :

    2.a. The market is the best instrument for both pricing assets and allocating capital that humans have stumbled upon so far. This instrument works perfectly on condition that it be used by intellects proceeding from diverse standpoints. If everyone agrees the errors of judgement compound rather than weigh each other out and as a result the entire economy collapsesv. Consequently you may agree with others on any principle you happen to agree on, but you may not under any circumstances copy their conclusions - you are required to reach your own. In this spirit do not ask what should X asset be worth : this is meaningless to you and generally damaging to the marketplace. Come up with your own price for X asset, with which everyone is more than free to disagree.

    2.b. While it's true that on the short term the market is a voting machine, it is much more important that on the long term it becomes a weighing machine. We currently have the voting machine part of Bitcoin denominated financials down pat. If Bitcoin finance fails to eventually turn into a weighing machine over some sort of horizon our experiment will have failed, irrespective of what the Power Rangers do.vi Consequently you are expected, begged and implored to help out with the weighing. Start straining your brains to come up with reasons and rationales. It doesn't matter if they're wrong, you'll just be laughed out of town in insulting terms as per 1.a. You won't give a shit, on account of you being a pro and all, but keep at it. Eventually, who knows, you'll be the one guy that plugs that one hole and everyone'll hate you for it.

3. No spam. assbot is the only entity allowed to spam #bitcoin-assets.vii You are not to repeat yourself. This rule doesn't speak to form, it speaks to content, if you keep insistentlyviii repeating the same shit nobody cares about you will probably get banned.

That'd be the whole of the law. Now go forth and do shit.

  1. If it weren't they wouldn't even need writing, and incidentally that's why you aren't able to find written references to document the fact that this is exactly what professional has meant for as many centuries as professional has existed : people used to have a lot more sense before this current generation of hatched rather than born humans saw the light of day. []
  2. It is indeed characteristic protestant cheapness to imagine that you shall go to Heaven on account of not cursing, not chewing tobacco and not spitting on the floor. []
  3. Like, for instance, Sarah Sharp. []
  4. Here's a hint : qualifications don't mean jack on their own. []
  5. Such as it is always seen in ideologically coherent systems. []
  6. Yes, Bitcoin can fail perfectly well even without any serious coding mistakes. In fact such mistakes are easily if inconveniently fixed through a fork, but a failure of Bitcoin finance to thrive is irrecoverable. []
  7. If you don't like this, ignore her. There's also #bitcoin-assets-trades, for streaming ticker only. []
  8. If in doubt as to what insistently means, go with once a day. Per item, not per account, and generally speaking do not try to circumvent this rule as there's no legitimate way to do so. []
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  1. But why just bitcoin, sounds like basic how to live rules to me. With the exception of face-to-face you can tell for sure who the elders are. :P

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 23 August 2013

    Ya well gotta start somewhere.

    It's coming through a hole in the air...

  3. "Pros don’t give a shit, it’s the clueless twits and assorted pretenders that do."

  4. I’ve changed my name to Sage Sharp.

    I would appreciate it if you could use my new name. If you’re thinking about writing about me, there’s a section on writing about individuals who are transitioning in “The Responsible Communication Style Guide”. You should buy a digital copy! [...]In May 2016, I decided to make diversity and inclusion my full-time job, and I opened a consulting business, Otter Tech.

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