Find out just how human your girlfriend really is*

Thursday, 24 October, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

* Batteries not included.

asciilifeform nubbins`: anything attached to a human brain is a terrible source of entropy. Ever play with 'von neumann's mind reader' algo ?
nubbins` Nope.
asciilifeform Enjoy.
mircea_popescu asciilifeform you should make that a webservice.


asciilifeform For the crypto/information-theory buffs:
KRS1 Score % Leader Man 3 100.00 Machine 0 0.00. I am teh win.
mircea_popescu asciilifeform cool beans. KRS1 beat it with a score > 100.

asciilifeform Everybody try it on your cat. Or wife. Or other pets.
TomServo What's the high score? :)
mircea_popescu Man 6 85.71 * Machine 1 14.29 <

mike_c That website can read my mind. Super annoying.
mircea_popescu It's not too hard to beat to shit provided you have infinite memory. You don't, so the computer will eventually win (as sooner or later you begin forgetting your earlier patterns). Basically if you can't score > 50% on 100 rolls you'll never be a card counter in blackjack.

asciilifeform You can cheat by tossing a coin, say. But it's gotta be a perfectly fair coin!

I posit that any girl capable of scoring over 50% in 100 tries

  1. Has really small tits and generally a wireframe appearance unconducive to sweet delights ;
  2. Is a cold psychopathic bitch sleeping with knives hidden under her pillow, ready to murder you in your sleep over the slightest offense long forgotten (by you).

Feel free to either bring contradictory or supporting evidence to these preconceived notions of mine by depositing pictures of the girlfriend in question along with screencaps of her score in the comment section.

Or, alternatively, you could play Geek Spin The Bits (tm) : click every second, whoever goes under 40% has to remove an article of clothing and his thing gets reset. Last person naked wins.

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4 Responses

  1. Sooo
    Think I would admit it if I did score over 50?

  2. It has been my longstanding theory that women's emotions are one of the best sources of entropy in the universe. However it's pretty slow.

    I guess a way to cheat, as long as you know binary, is to chose numbers in your head instead and transcribe them. The 0/1 is too mechanical to me and thus makes me create patterns. Doing a lazy version of that gave me 60% on my first 100 tries.

  3. 55.5% in 100...

  4. You now have to show your tits so we can verify MP's theory.

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