Comme un cheveu sur la soupe

Sunday, 05 May, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


Comme un cheveu sur la soupe (ineptly transposed in English as Crazy in the Noodlei) is a pretty well rounded comedy. The premise is that some eccentric composer gets his marching papers from his long term prostitute, in the form of having his letters returned. With me so far ? Good. He becomes despondent and aims to end his life. He sees a girl trying to end hers by drowning, jumps in to help her, has his efforts misconstrued as trying to save her. Turns out the girl is a pretty decent singer with a hot body, and she ends up striking television gold on his tunes, which makes him famous. Meanwhile a collective of people (two different gangsters (of which one Corsican), a blonde moll (Sabine Andre) and a goofy bank clerk) he's met while trying to get someone to off him give chase and much slapstick ensues. Sound comedic enough to you ?

Notable mostly for the authentic 1950s French interiors, tastes and proclivities. And also for Sabine Andre, who looks tres tres Monroe.

  1. 1957, by Maurice Régamey, with Louis de Funès, Nadine Tallier, Christian Duvaleix. []
Category: Trilematograf
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