A deal can be anything.

Friday, 20 December, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Hi Bro,

I am here from couple of years and have good knowledge on how to promote a coin in a big way (like DOGE).

I am very much pleased with features of BEK and would like to join with you, to work to gather for the success of BEK.

If you give support, by way of sending me big quantity of BEKs - I can use them for promotional purposes like different give away threads (like give away for nothing, give away for tweets/likes on our site/page, give away for suggesting BEK on exchanges like cryptsy, etc.). Also I can promote articles related to BEK and promote them through my websites/blogs/social media. Not only these, I have more and more ideas to promote BEK.

So, if you are willing to work to gather with me........... Send Big Quantity of BEKs, to start my work.

Here is my Wallet: BVLq8aVifbFrZQnXv1QMBoEFm7P4DQxA61

Hope to hear from you soon on this matter.

With Regards,

Apprentice Jesus!
Master You wanna hear the best part ?

Apprentice What, there's more?! Lol. Shoot.
Master That pastebin deal ? Makes perfect sense. Textbook example of a well structured deal.

Apprentice What does well structured mean? It must mean something other than what I think it means.
Master Nope, it likely does not.

Apprentice So then how is this either "well structured" or a "deal"? It looks to me like: I am overconfident based on nothing. If you are also overconfident, and can direct this towards me, please show this by showering me with currency. Steps 2 and 3 are lame ideas that don't work and I likely wont carry out anyway, and step 4 is fuck you, at least I got something. Oh, and step 5 is I'm adding this to my rambling resume so I can use it on the next person I assault with my empty confidence.
Master If you give him what he asks for it is no longer in his best interest to gyp you. Self-enforcing contract. The moral being, never disparage a deal because it's not dressed as you expect. A deal can be anything, and often is.

Apprentice i get what you're saying, but in the case at hand... yeah, I guess I have a hard time looking at the "structure" of this without letting the obvious idiocy of the agent corrode it
Master This also means you probably have a hard time looking at the misshapen structure of other idiocies without letting the pretty clothes confuse you.

Apprentice Yep. I'll keep this in mind, ty, great observation!

Thanks to pankkake for the link.

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