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Tuesday, 27 November, Year 4 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Are you aware "frugal" has at some point become some sort of a secret keyword in the ever-so-crowded "financial" blogspacei ? It's sorta like "social media expert" or "trendsetter". The Frugal Dog. The Frugal Living. LivingFrugally. Lord Frugalilly Lillibottom's Frugalinstructions on Frugality.

Here's something vaguely related :

The Frugal Frag Grenade

The Frugal Frag Grenade

Wait, don't laugh, I'm not done yet!

So, what'd be a blog without advice ? Allow me to quote, randomly and unattributedly :

Having Trouble Sticking to Your Budget? Make Your Bed

Having trouble sticking to your budget? Try making your bed everyday. Why? Well, according to Charles Duhigg in The Power of Habit, making your bed is correlated with better productivity and sticking with a budget. While I couldn’t find the study where that correlation is shown, I can believe it.

This was the advice. I shall adjoin some of my very own, in the same vein, obtained collaboratively by means of an ad-hoc "financial blog" mocking session among some friends on irc :

What is this, acupunctural living?! Are your windows dirty? Go pinch your neighbor's nose!

Want to improve your sex life ? Get blue eyes! It seems chicks with blue eyes get more cock.

Are you affraid you might be pregnant ? Become a man today! Studies show men are rarely if at all pregnant!

If you are worried you might be coming down with the cold and live on a street corner, move! Not only do studies show that dwellings located on street corners are 19% draftier than average and there's a .12 correlation between draftiness over 9000 and catching a cold at a certain point in time, but also studies show that people rarely catch a cold within the first two weeks of having moved into a new house. The risk is further reduced by having moved into a new house with a girl, having moved into a new house with a girl that has nice knockers, having moved into a new house with a girl that doesn't like to wear knickers and having moved into a new house with a girl that has nice knockers, doesn't like to wear knickers and is really really hot, respectively. All studies sponsored by the Knickerbocker Fund & Trust.

And here's a word from our sponsor,

Nasal. From the Frugal Nose Company.

Nasal. From the Frugal Nose Company.

~ THe eND ~

  1. What is the financial blogspace ? Well, the net result of Random Joe the Plumber's Wife being bored at home and for whatever reason unable to become a mommyblogger. So instead she writes her piece on collecting nickles from that space inside the couch, or as Carlin put it, "How to make money by renting out the space inside your nose". []
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