The conference freakshow

Wednesday, 05 December, Year 4 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

pigeons mircea_popescu: here's your boy
mircea_popescu What, still ?! It boggles how inept someone must be to try and leech bitcoin cred off genjix.

Diablo-D3 Wait, what?
pigeons Nothing, I just knew linking to a genjix video for rile mircea_popescu up.
Diablo-D3 mircea_popescu: who is the guy speaking in the first video?
mircea_popescu Amir Taaki aka genjix

Diablo-D3 Ahh. So thats the face of the man.
mircea_popescu I dunno who were the other schmucks around there, but I guess yet another service going nowhere on half a mil of angel capital.

assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11542 @ 0.00052461 = 6.055 BTC [+]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8939 @ 0.00052465 = 4.6898 BTC [+]
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mircea_popescu A nm, found it. "The only way to prove you are who you say you are purely online". Sorta like, you know, retarded pgp implementation that fails to work I bet.

Diablo-D3 Yeah, I find it funny. Why do people keep implementing things again and again ? Like, just to say reinventing the wheel doesnt cover it.
mircea_popescu Because there's some idiots who think they too can be "investors" in "technology" even if they don't understand either capital or engineering. Sorta like the bitcointalk forum, lending section. These idiots keep pushing money out, and by now a sort of circus/sideshow act has developed. Sort of like the 419 Nigerians, except these are usually poor inner city youths (with or without an acne problem) and they do... what you see in that youtube. Cockgrabbing basically.

Diablo-D3 I dont even mean the investment. I meant the actually doing it. Maybe Im in the wrong business.
mircea_popescu Why ? If you wanted to be in showbiz your best bet would be growing tits and working Vegas anyway, rather than dumbass conference venues.

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Diablo-D3 I should just be serial startupping. Like, marking insane ideas, and raising money. And then failing to deliver.
pigeons Heh he demonstrates silk road in his presentation as his first application of Bitcoin.
mircea_popescu Dude, you'll make 18k a year and work 90 hour weeks (as a best case scenario).

Diablo-D3 mircea_popescu: no no no. I said fail to deliver.
mircea_popescu They all fail to deliver, this is no innovation. Actually delivering something would prolly have everyone fall over.

Diablo-D3 Well like... look at my language seaking. It's a C-like language that is very erlangy in thought process
mircea_popescu A language isn't douchey enough. You need to invent the fycard.

Diablo-D3 No but like... I already know up front Im reinventing lisp at some point.
pigeons Then he takes a phonecall during his presentation...
mircea_popescu Actually I'm publishing this. Too much truth content to let it slide.

It's a fact, you know that ? Conferences are roadshow acts, much like wrestling in the 60s or vaudeville in the 20s.

They principally consist of destitute, barely nourished, single-shirt vagabonds (unsurprisingly mostly male, unsurprisingly mostly young) who roam the countryside hopping from venue to venue in a quest for the meager sustenance of dry&salty snacks and a few dollars here and there.

On the other side of the isle, the consumer of this paltry entertainment : the "investors", greasy old chaps who aren't quite bold enough to come of the closet as of yet, marginally mentally ill wrecks teetering precariously on the outer limits of the DSM-IV, middle aged women with serious social insertion issues, a mind boggling assortment of pretentious failures, rejects in denial, generally speaking the gamut of human refuse.

What purpose does it server ? Why, it kills time. More importantly, it keeps the hordes occupied while the actual people do the actual stuff that actually matters. Modus vivendi, it's called.

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