Sunday, 30 December, Year 4 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Shampooi is among many things a 70s film directed by nobody in particular, partly written and mostly acted out by one Warren Beatty.

Warren Beatty is pretty much the epitome of asshole. Illustration time :

White House Chief Astrologist And Gender-Balanced Assholes.

White House Chief Astrologist And Gender-Balanced Assholes.

That schmuck in the middle, a supposedly big name actor in spite of never making a good movie and a huge promoter of that so called "liberal" agenda is Warren Beatty. And I can't stand him.

Shampoo is probably the best piece to illustrate why I can't stand him. It's not directly the politics, as you might imagine. The politics are just a symptom, just like me not standing him is just a symptom. The problem is the fact that he fundamentally, intrinsically and unfixably sucks. As a human being, I mean, he's just no good. Not in the sense of being "bad", he's not bad, he's just lame and slightly retarded. A sort of inverse Asperger's if you'd like, it's not that he fails to comprehend that there exists a social world in which people interact, it's that he fails to comprehend there exists anything but. Just as for the average Aspie the problems and intricacies of personal interaction remain forever a secretive mystery wrapped in an enigma, just so for the average Beattie the problems and intricacies of physical reality remain eternally inacessible. It might as well not be there, because he is completely unable to perceive it.

It's not as much that the Beattie believes he can alter reality by wishing really really hard, it's not that he's somehow lost his mind in a maze built out of "truth is agreement" bricks during many years of bad schooling. It's simply that he never had any idea of reality whatsoever, nor any sort of representation for anything but what people say. There's nothing deeper available to him than Goldie Hawn's yelps and bagged breathsii. The bills don't exist, the walls don't exist, if a part of the ceiling fell on his head and gave him a bump his first consideration would be something about how it looks, what people will say, stuff of that nature.

At least he's got a bike. Right ?

  1. 1975, by Hal Ashby with Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn. []
  2. Excellent choice for an actress, too, I couldn't have picked a better vapid pointless dweeb if I tried. []
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