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Sunday, 01 July, Year 4 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Shane Kinney : One thing that has really had my gears turning is how many BTC to charge for the tool or what not... I was thinking the beta would be free, and the pro version might be some small amt or something. But since I saw the notice about the referral program, I was thinking about how to use that to help get people to try the tool out and sign up an account. Like, they still pay the up front 20BTC, but then they get like 2.5 back in their acct after registration if they split the 5BTC (if that's what the deal is... i can't recall off hand) with me/
Mircea Popescu : That may work yes.

Shane Kinney : I dunno, if that jives or whatnot ... just has my gears turning a bit about how to bring in some more users. :}
Mircea Popescu : It should be a pretty hefty income stream for all sorts of downstream value adders. It's called a referral program, but really in my mind is more like dev lifeline. If you think about it, the 5btc is $30+ today, which si significantly more than a dev makes.

Shane Kinney : Yeah. I see what you're saying :D
Mircea Popescu : On android you get what, $1 tops ?

Shane Kinney : Haha, yeah if that.
Mircea Popescu : Right, often 5-10 cents. So this is 300x.

Shane Kinney : I C what U did there ;D
Mircea Popescu : In general a dev should be able to survive on that once bitcoin takes off a little. So yeah. Trying to build for the future, as always.

Shane Kinney : Its awesome that you built this platform. I can think of so many cool bells and whistles that I can build into bitotter. I'm gonna start simple, but it could become very cool.
Mircea Popescu : It was really the plan since the get-go. We have this beautiful system that - let's be honest - one man designed, and we're not really living up to it, in general speaking.

Shane Kinney : Well, you know ... I don't think people yet quite understand how important the MPOE options board is for the bitcoin economy.
Mircea Popescu : You know, personally, my greatest nightmare with regards to bitcoin is that one day Satoshi checks out the state of the project and is like "Jesus you people suck". That'd be... that'd be the worst.

Shane Kinney : Naw. If I was Satoshi, I would be excited that my idea has gained traction. It would be the biggest complement that an artist/programmer can have. No one man can build a system that is infallible. It takes many men, and time.
Mircea Popescu : Yeah but it also matters what people do with it. Imagine you build the wheel and people only use it for toys. Like it was the case in some cultures OF RETARDED IDIOTS.

Shane Kinney : Sure.
Mircea Popescu : Heck, the Greeks had the steam engine. The Chinese had gunpowder. On and on.

Shane Kinney : One of the most important things that happened to bitcoin this year was that girls started getting naked for them. If that doesn't demonstrate value, I don't know what else would.
Mircea Popescu : Ehehehe I dunno, girls will get naked for anything.

Shane Kinney : Once people give way to the fact that something has value, there will be innovation to transfer that value.
Mircea Popescu : Incidentally, do you mind if i publish this conversation ?

Shane Kinney : Oh man, i'd be scared of my bad spelling lol. But as you wish, if you think it is important for others to see :)

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  1. Despre ce vorbiți aici?

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    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 1 July 2012

    Pai in general despre MPEx.

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