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37243 7/25/2005 13:20 05BUCHAREST1636 Embassy Bucharest UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available. UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 02 BUCHAREST 001636






1. (SBU) During a July 18 discussion with PolOff regarding Romanian constitutional support for Iraq (Septel), MFA Director for the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Andreea Pastarnac, told PolOff that the GOR currently envisages a number of projects aimed at the "institutional reconstruction" of Iraq. Shortly after that conversation, she emailed to Poloff a document titled "Romanian Contribution for the Reconstruction Process in Iraq." The document, reproduced below, outlines proposed contributions through programs coordinated by the MOD (representing, at USD 626,000, the lion's share of proposed assistance) as well as smaller programs administered by the Ministries of Public Finance; Labor, Social Solidarity and Family; Economy and Trade; Foreign Affairs; and, Justice.

2. (SBU) Begin Text (edited slightly for spelling, grammar and consistency):


Domain: Institutional Reconstruction

Institution: Ministry of Public Finances (total value 46,296 USD) Contribution Proposals: Training stages on following domains 1. Presentation of the functioning and organizing of the Ministry of Public Finances. - 6 persons, 5 days, September, 2005 - Costs of the programs: 6,722 USD 2. Presentation of the budgetary mechanism in Romania - legal framework, elaboration, fundamentation [sic] and implementation of the state budget. - 6 persons, 5 days, October, 2005 - Costs of the programs: 6,722 USD 3. Making up and implementing of the Governmental fiscal strategy in order to assure the financial resources for functioning of the public institutions and the economy framework in concordance with the demanding of the market economy. - 6 persons, 5 days, November, 2005 - Costs of the programs: 6,722 USD 4. Making up and implementing of the legislation in the direct taxes domain. - 6 persons, 10 days, October, 2005 - Costs of the programs: 10,204 USD 5. Negotiating and implementing of the Conventions to avoid double taxation and the aspects regarding changes of information - 6 persons, 10 days, November, 2005 - cost program: 10,204 USD 6. Direct Taxes - 6 persons, 5 days, December 2005 - Costs of the programs: 6,722 USD

Institution: Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Family (total value 15,000 USD) Contributions Proposals: 1. Training stage in pensions domain and other social insurances rights - 4 persons, 2 days - Costs: 5,000 USD 2. Training stage in the labor area - 4 persons, 2 days - Costs: 5,000 USD 3. Training stage in social assistance area - 4 persons, 2 days - Costs: 5,000 USD

Institution: Ministry of Economy and Trade (total value 13,000 USD) Five scholarships for academic training, academic year 2005- 2006

Institution: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (estimated cost: 60,000 USD) Contributions: Training and improvement for Iraqi diplomats. Due to the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs request, Romanian side sends its approval for signing an understanding between the Romanian Diplomatic Academy and Iraqi corresponding institution. The terms of this understanding will be agreed through the negotiation.

Institution: Ministry of Justice (total value: 4,000 USD) Contributions: 1. Assistance - 2-3 Iraqi experts from the Ministry of Justice for 4-5 days, November, 2005 2. Signing of the Cooperation Protocol with the Iraqi corresponding institution which could have: legislation exchange, set up of the Romanian-Iraqi Commission (human rights, combating and preventing terrorism and organized criminality), assistance, cooperation in reintegration social of the offenders, penitentiary management etc.

Institution: Ministry of National Defense (estimated value: 626,000 USD) Contributions: 1. Participation to constitution of the evaluation and training teams for the forces and crises commandments in Iraq - Participation of the Romanian personal allocated to have high ranking in the NATO commandments (40 persons in 2005 and 50 persons in 2006) 2. Participation with trainers to the NATO Training Mission in Iraq (NTM-I) - 3 trainers 3. Courses in Romania for Iraqi military personal, accepted by NATO Training and Co-ordination Group (NTECG) a. "Reconnaissance trainers" (4 persons and a translator) between June 08-18, 2005 b. "Training courses in armored vehicles systems" (8 military personal and 2 translators), between May 30, 2005- June 17, 2005. c. "Staff officers - brigade level" (21 officers), between June 20, 2005-July 20, 2005. 4. Proposals for training courses: a. Research domain - 4 weeks in Iraq - 80 USD/day/ Romanian trainer - 2 weeks in Iraq - 80 USD/day/ Romanian trainer. b. NBC protection - Courses for 18 Iraqi 2 weeks; Total costs: 6,300 USD c. Training staff in logistic domain: - 4 course 3 month x 2000 USD/person x 10 persons = 80.000 USD; - 1 course 2 month: 1.250 USD/person x 6 persons = 7.500 USD ; - 1 course 4 years: 10.000 USD/person/year x 10 students = 400.000 USD; - 3 course 12 weeks x 2.400 USD/person x 12 persons = 28.800 USD; - 2 courses 8 weeks x 1.200 USD/person x 10 persons = 12.000 USD; - 3 courses 2 weeks x 400 UDS/person x 15 persons = 6.000 USD; d. Special Training for techniques categories - 1 course 4 weeks: 19 seats x 1.300 USD/person = 24.700 USD; - 1 course programming WEB : 12 seats x 1.800 USD/person = 21.600 USD; - 1 course LINUX: 12 seats x 1.300 USD/person = 15.600 USD; - 1 course operators for numerical communication center: 19 seats x 1.300 USD/person = 24.700 USD.


3. (SBU) Comment: The envisaged Romanian contributions to institutional development in Iraq - constituting diverse efforts by a total of six different ministries - reflect the GOR's genuine commitment to playing a constructive role in the development of a secure, prosperous and democratic Iraq. These contributions are especially significant at the present time given that the GOR's resources (limited at the best of times) are stretched thin as it copes with the financial, logistic and humanitarian impact of widespread, devastating flooding that has destroyed infrastructure and rendered thousands of Romanians temporarily homeless. Romania's support for "institutional reconstruction," together with President Basescu's pledge to maintain troops in Iraq "as long as necessary," underscore the depth of Romania's commitment to staying the course in Iraq. End Comment.

4. (U) Amembassy Bucharest's reporting telegrams are available on the Bucharest SIPRNET Website: .


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