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36642 7/15/2005 11:02 05BUCHAREST1577 Embassy Bucharest UNCLASSIFIED 05STATE123946 This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available. UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 02 BUCHAREST 001577




REF: STATE 123946

1. The project accomplishments listed below apply for the Counter-narcotics, Cyber-Crime, Police Academies, and ICITAP Advisor projects coordinated by the RSO. RLA/OPDAT will report separately.

2. The major accomplishments for the last 18 months are:

- RSO provided specialized audio-video and surveillance equipment to the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Police. DEA and ICE provided training on undercover operations and intelligence analysis. Up-to-date information and modern equipment increased the success rate and officers' safety in over 100 police operations, which resulted in concluded with significant drug and counterfeit seizures and arrests. In addition, the provision of audio-video equipment enabled the Romanian police Police to record the operations and present evidence in court, as well as to create a library of videotapes for debriefing and on- the- job training.

- RSO provided computer and network equipment to the Cluj Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Office, the second largest in the country. This enabled the connectivity of the local criminal databases to be connected with the central network, leading to an efficient exchange of information.

- RSO provided drug lab equipment and drug testing kits to the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Police, which have been instrumental in the initiation of the second drug lab in Romania.

- The new lab opened in the city of Cluj runs drug tests for the north-western part of Romania. According to the provisions of the new penal procedure code, police can only hold a suspect in custody for 24h. This lab takes the work- load off the central lab and provides more timely results for this area of Romania. RSO provided equipment, training by ICE, and a U.S. field trip to the Border Police Drug Dog School. The school set up a new training classroom, and instructors and dog handlers have been exposed to presented the U.S. model. As a result, Romanian authorities The school implemented several changes in the daily operations, such as: building a new training range for dogs, replacing old training materials such as rubber balls with textile towels, sselectinged a pilot group of 17 dogs to be trained according to by the concepts and methods taught at the Canine Center in Front Royal.

- In addition, RSO provided a variety of computer, networking equipment, and software. ICE and USSS provided training, while the . FBI provided advisory assistance. Up- to-date information, modern equipment and work on cases led to an increase in joint operations, and an increase in the number of successful search warrants, seizures, and indictments in cases involving U.S. citizens.

- RSO provided specialized analysis software to the Border Police which hasve been instrumental in the creation of a Risk Analysis Unit within the Border Police.

- RSO and ICITAP provided computers and software to the Guard and Protection Training Center. They set up a local area network.

- ICITAP Advisor provided advisory assistance on Instructor Development which was incorporated into the instructor development course curriculum and institutionalized in the Post-University Center's Instructor Development Process.

- RSO and ICITAP provided U.S. field trips fields to the officials and trainers of the Law Enforcement Academies to introduce them to contemporary academy management instruction, curriculum development and evaluation strategy.

- The Academies started to implement several changes in the curriculum, uniforms and administration.RRSO and ICITAP provided crime scene processing forensics supplies for the new laboratory of the Police Academy. The equipment is used to train over 400 police cadets per year.

- RSO provided a computer to the Police Record Checks Department. This enabled the transfer of all paper records into an electronic database for easy search and retrieval of information. This department processes approximately. 500 records checks per year for the Embassy. The response time has been shortened byto half.

3. The projects and funding for the FY2006 cycle that Post Bucharest intends to support will follow by COB July 20.


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