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Sunday, 18 December, Year 3 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Lalala i got a cupcake
Lalala you got one too

[10:29] {mircea_popescu} lalala i got a cupcake
[10:29] {mircea_popescu} lalala you got one too

[10:29] {+rawrmage} hihihi mircea_popescu

[10:29] {mircea_popescu} :)

[10:30] {+BTC_Bear} mircea_popescu: I keep checking you site but don't see changes... is it still operational ?
[10:30] {+vragnaroda} gmaxwell: When I see it, it's almost a reflex.

[10:30] {mircea_popescu} surely.
[10:30] {mircea_popescu} what changes do you expect to see ?

[10:30] {+vragnaroda} I'm not really paying much attention to IRC right now, though.
[10:30] {+gmaxwell} presumably everyone has seen:
[10:31] {+BTC_Bear} its been what, 450 onside 500 the other for awhile

[10:31] {mircea_popescu} i hadn't gmaxwell. cool thing.
[10:31] {mircea_popescu} btc_bear : the volume only changes if somebody buys/sells.

[10:32] {+BTC_Bear} ok, so its not that busy then...? no, offense

[10:32] {mircea_popescu} atm not very busy, no.
[10:33] {mircea_popescu} and i dun see why i'd be offended :)

[10:33] {+Cory} It's because you don't have accounts! :P

[10:33] {mircea_popescu} lol cory

[10:33] {+BTC_Bear} some people get very 'uptight' in here :)

[10:34] {mircea_popescu} the most persistent fellow on irc :D why don't you make an accounts system and charge people a fee ?

[10:35] {shakaru} omg. what a nightmare
[10:35] {+Cory} I guess it's fine without accounts. >:(

[10:35] {mircea_popescu} but srsly cory. you could make a pretty front for it, have all your transaction api executed and charge a satoshi a transaction or something.
[10:36] {mircea_popescu} BTC_Bear anyway mostly i suspect people are more in xmas mood than figuring out yields and smiles.

[10:37] {+BTC_Bear} true
[10:37] {+Cory} Maybe I'll give my family some calls for Christmas. :)
[10:38] {+rawrmage} mircea_popescu: i bet chemistry isnt
[10:38] {+rawrmage} chemistry figures your 5% yield and laughs its head off

[10:38] {mircea_popescu} who's chemistry and what ?

[10:39] {+rawrmage} darea you yea man run this rxn

[10:39] {mircea_popescu} i want some of rawrmage's egg nogg
[10:39] {mircea_popescu} that's some good shit :D

[10:40] {+vragnaroda} What the fuck?
[10:40] {+vragnaroda} *eggnog

[10:40] {mircea_popescu} o look who's here ?! when did you get out ?

[10:40] {+rawrmage} What the eggnog?
[10:40] {+vragnaroda} lol, I came back like four times this week
[10:41] {+vragnaroda} I guess this time's been the longest, though.

wikipedia[10:41] {mircea_popescu} from wikipedia, the begging encyclopedia : A carton and a glass of eggnog from Montreal, called by its French name lait de poule.
[10:41] {mircea_popescu} lait de poule, i could see that.

[10:41] {+vragnaroda} chicken milk?

[10:41] {mircea_popescu} yea.

[10:42] {+vragnaroda} ├ętrange

[10:42] {mircea_popescu} course it sounds quite like cock in romanian.
[10:42] {mircea_popescu} the french call lightbulbs ampoules and eggnog lait de poule. obviously they're a little confused.
[10:42] {mircea_popescu} or maybe they've just seen the light. of eggnog.

[10:42] {+rawrmage} lol
[10:43] {+BTC_Bear} I like lait de boeuf, dam it was a bull :'(

[10:43] {mircea_popescu} btw, i had a domestic argument yest. what would you folks call carrot juice with vodka ?
[10:43] {mircea_popescu} cause bloody sally sucks! it's bloody jane. isn't it ?

[10:43] {+rawrmage} carrot juice with vodka
[10:44] {+rawrmage} is wht i would call

[10:44] {mircea_popescu} nono. it must be "bloody something". like tomato juice. but with carrots.

[10:44] {+rawrmage} a carrot juice with vodka

[10:44] {mircea_popescu} hater.

[10:44] {+rawrmage} ├╣i have no idea

Intrebarea ramine. Bloody Sally sau Bloody Jane ?

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8 Responses

  1. bloody popescu. :d sau bloody mircea.

    sau daca vrei sa iti incanti scalvele... bloody mari, evident ca da...

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 18 December 2011

    Tie la ea si chilotelu' ei ti-o ramas gindu', zi drept ?

  3. Inteleg ce zici. Si eu tot incerc sa gases numele pentru sucul de spanac cu votca: Bloody Eco parca ii zicea la asta. Sau cum ?

  4. pletzalcoatl`s avatar
    pletzalcoatlinsigna de criptograf 
    Monday, 19 December 2011

    Bloody Gaia. Obviously.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 19 December 2011


  6. Lu,lu,Lu
    I got some apples
    You you've got some too
    Let's stay togheter

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 19 December 2011

    Tu stii cine-i Butters Stotch apropo ?

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