Contramuzica antimuzicala

Saturday, 30 April, Year 3 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Intrebarile care ma framinta la acest moment nu pot fi puse in cuvinte, din pacate.

Situatia ar fi trista prin nefericirea ei daca nu s-ar fi nimerit sa existe David Soldier, acest adevarat Matemesia al matemuzicii contramuzicale antifonice.

Dar cum el exista, nu pot decit sa va aduc atentiei diversele forme sonore in care mi-a notat diversele framintari interogative, dupa caz :

  • I found that songbirds will also play instruments if they are provided with something ergonomic to trigger and if they like the sound - they like brass instruments and hate distorted rock guitar.
    (Am descoperit ca pasarile cintatoare vor cinta de asemenea la instrumente daca li se ofera un mod ergonomic de-a le actiona. Le plac alamurile si le displac chitarile electrice.)
  • Two pin pia pieces performed by Cun Smithitham in July 2005: this instrument has three strings and the vibrato is made by cupping a half coconut shell on your naked breast.
    (Doua bucati pin pia, interpretare de Cun Smithitham in Iulie 2005 : instrumentul de suflat are trei coarde si vibratto se implementeaza in meandrele concretului prin intermediul unei jumatati de nuca de cocos lipita de sin.)
  • These collaborations with Brad Garton uses brainwaves (EEGs or electroencephlograms) to control music in real time: there are no overdubs. See also Brad's dedicated webpage on this music.
    (Aceste colaborari cu Brad Garton folosesc undele electromagnetice ale creierului pentru a controla muzica in timp real : nu exista overdub-uri. Vedeti de asemenea pagina lui Brad Garton pe tema.)

Etc etc.

Astept raspunsuri.

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