The difference between me and everyone else : I haven't a sense of humour, or hahaha-lalala

Tuesday, 25 May, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A recent comment got me to thinking, and here's the thing... my first Bitcoin buy, just to try it out, amounted to a grandi. This isn't special or particular, by the way, it wasn't some special inspiration that helped me isolate Bitcoin from the vague cloud of computer games I'd throw the same sort of peanuts at, in the period.ii

Back then Bitcoin was trading around fifteen dollars a pop, and it promptly went to two-something, such that everybodyiii got to spend the whole summer ha-ha-ha-la-la-la "Oh, I can reproduce MPs exotic play on twelve cents to the dollar" la-la-la-ha-ha-ha.

They didn't, though. They didn't actually reproduce it. The hahaha-lalala was enough for them, the could have entirely satisfactory -- for them. I meanwhile spent that whole summer bringing my cost point down, to two-something. Hahaha. The whole thing brought me rather intact highschool memories, because back then also, and in the exact same way. Lalala.

The difference between me and everyone else isn't "inspiration" (be it from "science" or "wisdom" or any other goddess). It's not that I'm better at selecting the subjects of my affections. It's not that I care, deeper, better, anything in that vein.

The difference between me and everyone else is that I despise everyone else.

  1. And that's a grand of last decade's money, easily twice if not outright thrice the value of today's sad fiat. []
  2. Sadly I didn't screenshot, but the girls did giggle at, this recent eggregious discussion whereby somebody was bemoaning "the greed" of some game developers because they'd like to actually keep the lights on, and seeing how they spend their time developing games they'd like the people enjoying those efforts to actually pay for their expenses.

    So I pointed out to the guy that who the hell cares, if I go out it's at least a hundred, more like a thousand a plate, and I never go alone anyway. Thereby following the logic, a game that manages to keep my attention a coupla hours' more than entitled to the piddly twenny it's angling for ; and while the numbers might not exactly hold for everyone, the principle still does : figure out what you're worth per hour, a buck or a penny, whatever it is, and... spend that.

    It resulted in some massively butthurt foreign dodo, following me around to insert his 2c worth of "well what do you know, you're insane, you throw out the thousands everywhich way you turn, I AM ON A VERY FIXED INCOME!!!" into every possible (and for that matter impossible, too, just to be "safe") conversation. Right ? Because the world totally owes him some agreeing, some empathy for his... point of view. Is it ? Is it a point of view ?

    Poverty is stupidity exactly because it is a point of view. []

  3. That knew me, let's not confuse the vague everybody of social acquaintances with the ignare "everyone" of your thisinternetlife, we're not in the same "Boy's Night Out (1962, with Kim Novak)" over here -- which is why you work for me, even though I don't pay you to. []
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