The wonderous fiction of Otherdolls.

Thursday, 12 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Friday October the 10th. I dreamed the whole night that the owner was forcing himself inside of me, but it wasn't painful at all. It just melted my behind like if I was made of icecream down there, and I just leaked out into a puddle. Then I'd drag myself out of the puddle by my hands, nails scraping on the floor, and I'd have my butt and legs again somehow, coming out of the puddle with the rest of me, and I'd kneel with my knees apart for him, and my belly between my thighs, the way it was when Doll held me and told him to come into me, and he'd come and force himself into my hole again but it wouldn't hurt, just my butt would turn into birds, many little white birds that flew away chattering in all directions and I'd fall over without a butt just my body and I'd roll down the side of a hill which was all green and grassy although we were still in the room somehow, and my legs would grow back from the grass and at the bottom I'd kneel again for him, and he'd go inside me again, and my insides and guts just churned somehow and churned and churned and then I was inside-out and he was tickling my outside which was my insides with his penis and dripped from it on me everywhere and also melted butter and lemon juice. Like for a snail, or to scare goat. And then I'd fall out of myself and I was back to normal, like I am normally, and I'd kneel again for him and he'd come again for me and something else would happen and again and again like that, I don't remember them all. It was very strange and I woke up panting and really desperate for having him inside me.

Alana was sleeping on her back with her mouth open, and she was making a soft sound with her throat, like a rustling. I went next to her very slowly and whispered in her ear very quietly, "Pretty whore, kiss my butthole" but she didn't move so I said it again, and she made a sound from her throat but then didn't do anything, so I whispered again. I did it many times and eventually she woke up and she turned but I had my eyes closed and she thought I'm asleep. She turned on her side with her back to me, and then after a little while she turned on her other side with her face to me and then she kissed my mouth very softly! I opened my eyes, and she said "Princess, I want to... may I... may I kiss your pretty butt, Princess ?" and I nodded and I turned the other way, with my back to her, and she moved down on the bed all softly and kissing my back from where my hair starts down the middle of my back many many kisses until where my butt starts, and then she lifted my leg with her hand slowly and then kissed me between and kissed my butthole and started licking it deeper and deeper and kissing it. I put my hands around sisi, and she woke up. She whispered "Oh Princess" and kissed me, and I whispered back "Kiss my bud lovely sisi princess". She went between my legs and I rested my head on sisi's thigh right by her bud. She smelled just like she smells between her thighs, and they licked me both together very loving and softly. I was on my side not sitting on anyone's face but they had my leg up so they could reach me easily inside and their mouths were so warm I was drifting into a sort of crazy sleep and then I had it like in a dream.

They didn't stop after they made me have it the first time, but it was driving me just too crazy and I couldn't have it again so I told them I can't do it anymore and begged them to let me go and they did but only after playing with me more, like I was their toy in their mouths and it felt good although I was too antsy to really enjoy it. Then we went to shower and it was too early because Meron wasn't in with the breakfast, but we sat in the livingroom anyway on the floor, chatting but not very long because Doll came out and then Sylvia and dogslave holding hands and they said hi and showered too and then I asked Doll what did you three do in there ? She told me that at first she kissed dogslave like she likes to be kissed inside while dogslave was sitting on Sylvia's face so Sylvia could eat all her sweet pee which she did and then kissed her with her mouth full of it too, meaning Doll, and they both kissed dogslave with it also and they all split it among themselves kissing their mouths with it like that. But dogslave only had a little in her and they asked her how come you have so little sweet, puppydog ? and dogslave told her that she makes herself make it many times, when she's on the toilet, she puts her thumb inside her hole and her other fingers inside her butt and rubs herself from inside both ways because there's just a little skin there in between and with the other hand rubs her bud and she thinks of lovely things and it makes her sweet pee come out like that. Then Doll said she and Sylvia held each other and they kissed their mouths like they were buttholes and Doll looked into Sylvia's eyes, and Sylvia looked into Doll's eyes, and Doll put her leg up over Sylvia's butt, and Sylvia put her leg up over Doll's butt and dogslave kissed one bud and then the other and then again many times and she made them feel loved together like if they were holding arms adrift upon a sea of kisses. They fell asleep like that and with dogslave at their feet but they didn't kick her.

And I told dogslave "you are such a whore!" and she said Ruff! Ruff! and panted and sisi clapped and ran over and hugged her. Then I asked Sylvia if she'll let me see what she tastes like, and she said sure Princess, and bent over with her hands on the floor and her knees bent a little and I kissed her cunt lips and then licked inside her and she tastes really as good as Doll! Then Alana asked if she may taste too, but I said silly, a whore needs some time to make her nectar back! Why don't you taste Doll insted ? They taste the same anyway! And Doll spread her legs in her armchair and Alana kneeled and kissed her while Doll was stroking her hair. Then dogslave ran off to her butt and started sniffing and nuzzling, so Alana lifted herself off from where she was kneeling and dogslave slid herself in between her feet and her ass and kissed her and licked inside and her legs were kinda spread open so I looked at sisi and I made fist and she made scissors so I kneeled down and tasted dogslave too! She is not like Doll and Sylvia, she is sweeter and more like earth.

That's when Meron came in, with Chef and with one girl with the breakfast and with another girl carrying all our gym clothes. They were like whoa wtf because Sylvia was hugging Doll and Alana was licking inside Doll and dogslave was licking inside Alana and I was licking inside dogslave! And sisi was like "I dunno wtf they're doing ?!?!" with her shoulders up and arms to the side like ummmm ?! and then I stood up and I said come kiss my mouth Meron, and she did! And then she licked her lips! Then Chef said we have to go to the gym after breakfast, except for Sylvia who has to be debriefed, and we all had breakfast together and Chef asked us what would we like to do after gym ? And I said really we should be beaten, Chef, I really need to be beaten and all my girls need it too pretty bad and it should be humiliating because I really need to be put in my place and would he please do it to all of us himself ? Because I don't want to do it, I want to be a slave that's beaten and hurt and no better than anyone. Chef said that can be arranged and I asked if they could just grab us from the gym and drag us away crying and screaming. Alana lost it, she went on her knees before Chef and started begging him "Please sir, abuse me. I need it so bad, please let me come too. Make me feel just how worthless I really am!" and things like that, so he said he'll have to check on her, but that it's not a good idea to drag us from the gym because it would give us this image like we're reluctant and unskilled beginners and it's not even true. But we can be convicted and it's going to feel just as good. Then he left.

Alana was really excited about the us being beaten. I asked her if Chef will let her be with us ? She said she's a lease-in, so she's sure they have the authority to whup her ass. But then she said "Oh god, I hope Master thought to put it in my terms." and took a bite of her croissant and then she said "You crazy whores are a lot more fun than I ever imagined!" with her mouth full. Then we got dressed, stretch pants and sneakers and bras and even gloves and everything, even underwear. I asked Meron if these are our clothes and she said "No Adadis, no girl in the facility has her own anything. Everything is for everyone, clothes and everything. Everyone just receives what she needs or should wear, and every girl wears whatever she is given, socks and panties and everything. Usually gym clothes are at the gym, but you are different, because you have your own slaves, and you can go into the warehouse directly and pick what you want, but it is not allowed for anyone else because it would be too messy and we're not worthy anyway. But the dress slaves don't mind picking up after you and helping you try things on and do everything you want, because they respect you so much. Everyone does." so I asked her, "So you can't tell me how many other girls wore this pair of panties before ?" and she said "No Adadis, nobody knows. Many have, but they were all the same size as you." Then she stopped and then she said "And they are clean, they come fresh from the laundry." I think because she heard about the time before. Doll said "That makes sense, huh, when everyone is mostly naked all the time anyway" and Alana said "Yeah, I hate wearing clothes. Eveyone mostly does, and they definitely want to keep it that way".

We showed up at the gym on time, and we started training hard like the trainer said, but she convicted us to wearing ball gags the whole workout soon after because we talked among ourselves too much. She was right to punish us though because at first she told us not to do it and I said "Ok, sorry" but then we did it more anyway. I don't know why, but I didn't realise I was promising to stop, which is stupid, and we don't really have any discipline just like she says, and we'd better learn. But ball gags are horrible! It's a round ball like a large plum that goes inside your mouth, forcing it open like as wide as it goes, so that your jaw ends hurt, and there are leather straps tying it behind your head, so you can't spit it out. It makes it very hard to breathe because you can only breathe through your nose anymore, although the trainder says this is a side benefit because workouts should be nose breathing only anyway. But the problem is you can't really swallow your spit anymore, so it just drools around the ballgag and you dribble it everywhere like a retard, literally. It's so humiliating! And also makes it hard to breathe because you choke on it and god I wish I had kept my stupid mouth shut. I told the girls too, not a peep during training never again, I'm not wearing that shit on my head ever ever! Unless it's for punishment or humiliation but really it sucks so bad to work out with it on you.

Then after workout as we were taking off our sweaty clothes for the laundry pile, which is literally a large pile, every girl that finishes just piles everything in there and the wardrobe slaves come and pick it all up with carts and dump it into the laundry machines which are huge and just around the corner from the big gym. Then everyone goes into the showers naked and washes and then leaves, there's towels if you want but I never use them. It's perfect, just like it should be exactly. I love the facility gym even if my body aches everywhere the whole day after I go. And every girl could get her own towel if she wants but most girls like to use the towels other girls that those girls used already, it's a secret sign so everyone knows who likes who and wants to be in bed together, and so most of the time towels are used until they're dripping wet and then they go on the pile too. But the girls whose clothes we used last time were like mindblown because what we did is so much bigger really, and nobody thought about it before apparently, not that we knew what it meant which is maybe why. So now it's the fashion and lovers do it all the time now, wearing each other's used gym clothes instead of getting new ones, especially the panties because the trainers don't like sopping wet clothes so much because it's harder to keep the machines clean but really not by much and basically sweat is now in so nobody minds using wet machines anymore because it's the fashion! And you're not supposed to kiss another girl in the shower anywhere on her body or make her have it or anything, but hugging is ok so girls now rub their sweat on each other before showering, and all of it started basically the day before yesterday! Everyone's sweat crazy, I mean the older girls especially, because nobody our own age actually dares even look up at us when they're around not to mention say anything, but all the highschool age girls are so into us there's always a growing crowd everywhere we go. And the girls whose clothes we used wanted to hug us and rub our sweat together and it's a little weird smelling but it's somehow very warm and loving and Doll says it's very intimate and I guess we should get used to doing a lot of it from now on.

Anyway, but just as we were about to leave after showering some executioner guys came, and they read our names so we all kneeled down, me and Doll and dogslave and sisi, and they read our whipping conviction, but the problem is everyone around us was shocked and then they kneeled too and one of them yelled "Whip us too!" and they all started chanting like crazy, "Whip us too!" "Whip us too!" because they thought we're being punished because of the sweat thing and the news spread very fast and all the girls who were working out came to the showers and kneeled too or at least most of them I think came and they all started chanting the same thing and it looked like it was going to cause a riot! And they couldn't hear us because they didn't understand we were even speaking because they couldn't see us. But I thought this is too crazy, and I stood up without permission or anything and yelled "Hey!" and suddenly everyone shut up because they saw I was trying to talk to them and I yelled as loud as I could "Go back to working out, seriously! We're not being punished, we asked to be whipped! I asked Chef to beat us myself over breakfast this morning! It's because we asked for it, it's just something we want, please don't ruin your workout because of it!" and they all looked at us like we're from outer space and aliens or something, but they did go back in and I hope the trainers won't punish them with ballgags or anything because of it. Though I doubt they have that many ballgags. But who knows, maybe they do.

Then after gym we were just kinda hanging out, and Alana asked if it would be ok if she took dogslave and sisi to show them around, and meet other girls and maybe if it's ok meet her Master too ? Alana is very popular I think and she knows a lot of the girls, and I think sisi kinda wanted to go which is very good because sisi is kinda shy but she is more at ease with Alana and she should meet more girls. dogslave was real eager for it, so I asked her "puppydog, you wanna get fucked ?" and she nodded and kneeled and licked my hand so I played with her saying "Oh does the little puppydog want her hole stuffied, does she, does she ? Does the puppy hole itch inside her ?" and things like that tickling her while she was ruffing and rolling on her back like a doggy. Then I told Alana she can tell her master if he asks that I said it's ok to fuck dogslave if she wants him to, in trade for me having armfucked his loose whore, meaning her. So they took off, and I was left just with Doll, so we laid down in my bed and we hugged and talked. She told me Sylvia is going through a tough time kinda, and she hopes it is ok she used my puppy last night. But I told her Doll Ma'am, you know you can use anything of mine any way you want, and myself included, boss bitch. She was really happy and teared up a little and I think she is maybe going through a tough time herself as well. I asked her about it, and she said it's because they're so old, everyone here is like sixteen and they're ten years older than that, both her and Sylvia, and she is very afraid because what if the Master that buys us just doesn't care about them ? And she told me that I can for sure learn all the gymnastics things sisi and dogslave can do, I can teach my body whether it wants to or not, but her and Sylvia are just too damn old, and they probably never will be able to, no matter how hard they try!

I told her "Lovely Doll, that's just not true, many women much older than you can do those things" but she said "Yes but they started much earlier Babydoll, that's the problem" and then I said "You know there's so many slaves very old, you're not old, they're like that one in the library sixty years old! Sixty Doll, think about it! And their Master still love them very much and they are happy together!" but she said "They were also slaves their whole life Babydoll, they didn't start when they were twenty five, they started when they were like fifteen or maybe even twelve!" I said "Doll, you're not even twenty five, you're twenty one!" and she said "Yes, I'm twenty one and Sylvia is twenty four. That's like twice twelve Babydoll!" But I just thought she's being silly, and I told her "Doll, you taught me so many things! And they know it too, I didn't tell them but they figured it out even if they're kinda slow here, and they want you to come back and help with the training of young whores!" but she said "Maybe they want me to come with you, if you say so Babydoll. But they don't want Sylvia. And you did tell them." but I told her Sylvia is so sweet and loving, and anyone would want her, she's just great and maybe we may have to train her a little but she is fun and interesting. But Doll kinda teared some more and said "Maybe she just was interesting, Baby. Because of her career and things, back before we saw all the dresses and we went to the parties and we met the people maybe she seemed like more. But now it's nothing to us, and it's nothing to any of these people. She was just a little B-list model girl, they fuck real stars from the movies if they want to!" but I told her "I just can't imagine anyone not wanting Sylvia." and Doll looked at me and opened her mouth and closed it. She didn't say it, because it hurts me so much just thinking about it, but the owner didn't want me either. He didn't. Maybe they don't want any of us, maybe nobody does. Maybe we're just like the clothes in the pile, the sweated out clothes nobody wants to wear anymore.

When Sylvia came back with Chef and Meron and lunch we were just holding each other in our arms and crying our hearts out like crazy people. Sylvia asked what's going on dollies ?! But we just said we're too happy, that's all. And Chef asked us if he's invited to lunch with us, and we said "Hell Chef, it's your lunch, we just whore here." and he said "In that case, may I invite you three whores to lunch ?" and we were like yaay! Chef's lunch! Let's see what great things he made out of boiled oats and hay this time! Maybe there's like... a raisin ? We could split it three ways! But really it was great lunch, they have surf and turf which is steak with shrimp and demi-glace sauce which is something French but I don't know what. And they cook the steak very well, it's not like rare but not point bleu either it's a little in between and it's just perfect. And he told us the beating is scheduled for nine, and it will be public, and we'll have a lot of fun, and it'll be great for our publicity, because he's sure we'll take it like champs and enjoy ourselves. He said that's very important, when the audience sees the slave is hurt but takes it like a slave, that she knows she deserves it and works with the man whipping her together towards the same goal which is her being stripped of everything so she's completely defenseless and fully exposed without any protection at all.

After we were done inhaling that lunch, omg were we hungry, Chef left and Doll asked if it's ok if she and Sylvia hang out in her room, and I said sure Doll but is it ok if I get your book you got ? And she said sure Babydoll but which one ? And it was the one called Other Stories of Otherdolls, but it's really in French so it's different. And while they hung out in their bedroom I read a story from it. It's kinda hard so I did need to work with the dictionary a lot, but I will tell it here so this way if I want to remember it later when I'm old and like sixty I don't have to do the whole dictionary thing all over again!

There was once a young man who was a merchant and he had a ship full of merchandise which he was trading, but there was a storm one night, and his ship crashed and was sunked. But the young man escaped from the sinkage on some wood chunks from his exploded ship, and after three days crashed on a beach of an island. It was really hard to be on the ocean just hanging on to some wood chunks for three whole days, so he just kinda passed out on the beach, and slept there. When he woke up it was night, and the moon was rising, all sharp and narrow like a sickle which is a tool for cutting down hay and things and it looks just like the moon when it's all small and not round. Then the young man heard a voice singing a song, and the voice was so sweet and loving and the song was such a sad and lonely song that he was very sad and he cried and couldn't sleep anymore at all. But when the morning came he went all over the island, and found out it's really an island, and gathered some fruits and tried to work out like a shelter for himself in case it rains or something, and tried out all sorts of things like roots to see if they're good to eat and other things like that, until he was very tired when the night came on like he spent the whole day working out at the gym basically, because that's exactly what he did. But then he couldn't sleep all night long because the voice came again and it seemed even sweeter and the song was even more desperate and depressing! And he thought maybe he is losing his mind, and it is not really even a song, but just death singing for him, which I think is really poetic and I wonder if death does sing for people like that and only you hear it because you know what it is.

So when it was morning again he was like deeestroyed, so he didn't do any work but he just went all over the island all careful to see wtf and where could a voice be coming from, because this is a story from long ago before they had speakers or anything like that. And he found nothing, so he just kinda fell over from tiredness under a tree, and slept there in the tree's good shade because he was so exhausted from the sun and not sleeping and so on. But then he woke up because a fruit from the tree fell on his head as he was sleeping because it was ripe, and he remembered what he had dreamed, which was that he was sleeping and a fruit from the tree fell on his head and rolled down through a grate at the tree's roots! And it was the exact same tree, but there was no grate there or anything, because there was just a mess of roots and earth and things. But he dug through it, and found there was a real grate there, just like in his dream. It had just been covered over time by the roots! So he worked all day long to get it off, but it was really hard and he was tired but still he banged at it with rocks all day and tried to dig it out and everything, and eventually managed to break up enough to make room for himself, and he slid in!

He landed in a ruined fane, which is like an old building of the beautiful kind they have in Paris, or maybe Rome, and the inside was very nice and had columns and marble and it was very elegant and antique, and very big with many corridors and statues and rooms but no windows. So he kinda wandered around through there and found all sorts of rare jewels and precious stones and valuable things like that and gold coins and gold statues of like an elephant and jaguars and owls with rubies in their eyes and lots of very valuable good stuff like that, worth much much more than all his ship with his things in it that he had before, but of course it was of no use to him on the island. But then he wandered more and he also found food things, like steaks and cheeses and dried fruits like figs which are delicious and he ate very well which is good for him because he was real hungry. He also found wine bottles but they were from that time which means they were very big like as tall as a person or even taller! He drank some because it was the best and most fine and good wine he ever had, and so he kinda had a little too much like I did and he was a little dizzy but he kept walking around and then he found a room with a bed! Which is all the better because he was so tired, but the bed was not empty, because an incredibly pretty and beautiful woman was sleeping in it! So he thought this is really great, and wanted to force himself into her, but when he turned her on her back because that's how people forced themselves into women back then, they had to be on their back, he thought she is so beautiful like the most beautiful ever and better than he even thought possible and he didn't want to force himself into her anymore when she is asleep, because he wanted her to be awake and beg him to do it to her! And besides, where was she going to go anyway, it's an island.

So he went to sleep next to her as the sun was setting, and he woke up a little later, just as it was night, so he didn't get to sleep long at all, but she was holding his head in her hands and caressing his face and telling him she loves him, because she has been here a very long time, ever since she was a little girl, but her entire life she dreamed of him ever since she was very little, that he will come for her and be her perfect lover and Master and she knew what he looked like exactly from her dreams and it was him! She had waited her whole life for him! And that sad song of loneliness he had heard was her singing, because that's how she spends all her nights, just singing about how much she misses him! And she begged him to make love to her, but he said look, I am very tired, because first I was three days just floating in the ocean with some wood, and then I slept a little on the beach but then couldn't sleep the whole night because of your singing and then worked my ass off the whole day and then couldn't sleep again and yes you are the most beautiful girl in the world and beyond my dreams of beauty but please let's get some sleep now, and we will be in love when we wake up in the morning!

But she said no, that they can't! And he asked how come ? And she said that the reason she sings all night is that she sleeps all day. And the reason she sleeps all day is that long ago, when she was a very young girl, and she lived in her parents' house who were really not like normal people but like aristocratic very rich people and she had a room all by herself in a tall tower, he came to her! He came to her first in her dreams, just a little, but then every night more and more and then one night she woke up because the dream was so intense and there he was, sitting on the ledge of her window! So he told her to come off with him, but she kinda didn't want to at first, but he caressed her and kissed her and petted her and talked to her and asked her to please come so she said ok! And he gave her a hug, but then she saw his wings, because when he hugged her he grew very large bat wings from his shoulders all huge, but maybe they were there all along and she just didn't see them before somehow. And when she saw his wings she saw his face too, and it wasn't him at all! Instead it was a very big lion head with a crazy red tongue and really scary eyes that was on a much bigger body with really huge muscles and chains hanging from him all black and things like that, and she started crying because she was very scared and thought he just wants to eat her, but he flew her away regardless while she was struggling to get herself free but she couldn't struggle so well anyway because what if she was free of him what then ? She would fall from the sky. So he took her to this island and put her inside the basement where he found her.

She didn't want to let the lion head guy fuck her anywhere not even in the ass or anything maybe because she was just by herself, and he didn't want to let her go either, so she just had to sit around the place there and she had nothing to do all day and she was getting very sad being all by herself, so she begged him to just kill her but he didn't want to kill her so instead he cursed her that she sleeps all day long. And she does, only at night she can be awake, so that's when she sings about how much she loves him, the young merchant guy, and how lonely she is and things like that. And then there is more to the story but later the lion guy comes who is a demon really and he just kills the young guy and eats his liver like literally, gulp! And then the poor merchant is just kinda rotting there on the beach and the vultures and things eat him and she sings no more, because before she didn't know if the young guy even exists or it's just something her dreams came up with that's not real, but afterwards she does know he doesn't exist anymore. And that's the end.

It's really a very beautiful story but it's so sad it made me crazy, and maybe it's even true, like the dream in it is true for the girl that dreams it, only she doesn't know which way and it tricks her. I kept thinking about it and crying and then Doll and Sylvia came over because I think they probably heard me, and they kissed my mouth and hugged me between them and told me nice things and we napped a little together but then Alana came back with dogslave and sisi and they were very excited and told us all sorts of stories but it's all basically that they met a bunch of girls and what they said and things but it's not that interesting just how much they admire us and want to be exactly like us but not really with us. And Alana's Master really did fuck dogslave in her new hole, after Alana kissed him on his penis first, and he sent me a letter written very interestingly with strange letters on a special paper and it had a wax seal all big and red outside with a complicated symbol on it and Alana said that's their, or her Master's house crest, that many masters who are taking it seriously and have many slaves and spend a lot of time and money with it have House Crests but each is different of course so you know whose letters are which, and inside it said that he thanks me for my very enjoyable gift of my slave's flesh and he remains indebted to me for my generosity, just in more words and all weird like it's clear they are. And Alana explained that this means that he's going to make me a gift but he doesn't have it ready, so I should probably hold on to the letter. And I said, "But Alana, I'm just a whore slave, I can't hold on to anything, I'm not even allowed to own things" and she said she knows but my case is very strange and she's never heard of anything like it before so why not wait and see. Maybe my buyer gets it, why not. She said a slave is allowed to hold on to things for her owner, or otherwise how did she bring me the letter in the first place ?

She has a point I guess, though it's all pretty confusing. And I asked dogslave how did she like it ? dogslave said she really liked it very much and it's very nice to be fucked, and then Alana asked "what sort of experience does she have ?" and I said "She was raped once, that's all". Alana said "That's the best, isn't it" but dogslave said not really, she said that she likes it much more like Alana's Master did it to her, very softly and slowly and just moving little by little like that and holding and kissing her and delicate but stretching her wide. Alana was like hmmm, and then she asked if dogslave was knotted yet ? And I asked what's that and she explained that when a whore fucks a dog, like a real dog, the dog's penis is not like a man's, but it has a big clump in it that grows as the dog fucks and it becomes like an orange it gets so big, and it's because the dog seals the whore's cunt that way and then pumps her full of his hot cum all full and stretched. And she can't get away from him for a while, because of that clump in her, so they just have to cuddle and rub each other, and it's called being knotted.

I was like ewww, that sounds terrible, but Alana said no, it's actually great, and I said "Yea, you'd know, Alana Wide Screen TV Cunt" and she asked what do I mean like she was all hurt but I put my fingers together like before and I said "Remember ? You're so loose you can fit a sneaker in there probably, if someone kicks you they can even fall in!" and she said "Listen Princess, just because it stretches wide doesn't mean it's always loose. I bet you my cunt is much tighter than yours!" and I said I don't know, maybe, I never had anything inside me there. But Alana was like whatever, and then picked up the pen from the table and put it inside herself. Then she walked like that and jumped up and down on her tiptoes and even had me pull on it and it was really hard to pull out! Then dogslave tried but it just fell right out, like directly, and Doll too, and Sylvia also, and Alana was just snickering and said she bets my dumb bitches can't hold anything inside and she is right too, we tried all kinds of things even shampoo bottles and they can't hold anything at all, even if you drain all the shampoo out and it's just the bottle so it's very light it still falls out in like no time at all, and just standing no walking or jumping or anything. So Alana was like heh and Sylvia and Doll were really bothered like omfg our cunts are broken wtf. But Alana explained that there's special exercises for cunt muscles a whore has to do, like every day, because the cunt is full of muscles inside of it and they need exercising, and if you do them you can take anything well, a tiny pen or a whole fist it's all good because you're not an amateur anymore, and that there's special exercises with weights called Kegels that every whore has to do no matter what anyone says. And we were all like whoa! but she said there's even contests like tug of whore, where two girls pull at each other and the one that pulls the thing out of the other one wins and it's a big deal among real whores.

We were kinda blown away but right then Chef showed up to take us to our beating. It was pretty great, there was a big stage and we all kneeled in a line, Sylvia too, and Alana also because her Master said it's all ok, Chef is very good and he knows what he's doing better than anyone. So we were lined up but we were blindfolded so I didn't see much, but it's better to be blindfolded, I like it very much because you can focus on your pain and how you're being used and exposed that way and deal with it right because otherwise people distract me very much and I want to whore out to them kinda instead of being beaten properly. Chef says because I'm a bit of an attention whore, which isn't really so good, although it is ok in little girls because they can grow out of it easy. I want to very much. But they told me afterwards how it was, the stage was all dark and they had a very strong light from above on the one being beaten, and first we got it with the paddle which is good because it gets the blood going and the nerves excited, and then we got it with a thick cane to stimulate the deep muscles, and then we got it with a sharper leather strip to flower the pain out of us. It was the strongest feeling of a beating I ever had, but it really left very little marks and I think it makes a very big difference how good the one doing the beating is because when we did it to each other I think we did a much worse job. It's a trade like everything else, and I think we spent a lot to get a little while Chef knows very well how to get a lot spending very little. I told him after that I like him beating me so much I hope he does it every time he feels like or thinks I could use it, even if I don't deserve it because I don't want to deserve it, I want him to hurt me often so I grow up to be a great slave. And then I asked him about where to get Kegels and what are they ? And he said it's not possible for virgins, Princess, it's only for whores with their hole made ; but he'll set Doll and Sylvia up with a trainer, because they have special trainers for this here! And I asked what about dogslave ? And he said she's very young so that's up to the trainer, but we'll see tomorrow.

And then we gathered our sore butts together in a sack and went to sleep!

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