Si, cum mai e prin Carantinia ?

Tuesday, 14 April, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : Sujeti pula de boi & vite ce sunteti, bai papagalilor.i

In more-of-the-same news, here's me lording it over a recent article. Fetching, huh!


Above : friend gecko.

Below : butterfriend.


So far so good, amirite ? Indoor activities, being famous online, acting in the movie of your own life, discovering how the stupid cunt tovarasa de viata "can cook" "pizza"... basic, droning pleb shit like that. Isn't that right ?

We're almost alike, what can I say!

Moving on...


Above : bun, da' io am gagici cu pizde mici. Chiar comic de mici. Mititici, bai mitici obositi. Hai, mars la izolare.

Below : vai, dar ce-avem aici ?! Oualelor de Paste & Cocos ?!


Sadly the camera can't quite cope with all the many hues. But they're there, you may take my word for it. For I've seen them, see ?


Nua, the mall even! They didn't really quarantine the malls, did they ?ii


Anyways, sorry to disappoint : my life's carrying on undisrupted.

Your life sucks because you suck. Your life sucks because you're worthless, despicable, disgusting, your life sucks because you should've killed yourself long, long ago. Because nobody loves you, what loves -- nobody even likes you. In fact, nobody even cares enough to hate you.

You're not even a thing, let alone a person -- which is why you must be quarantined, socially distanced, ultimately plastic wrapped.

You know, just like any other turd.

But enough about you, let's buy this slut shoes.


The pellet dispensary, shown here during a stampede by perambulating subhuman turds.


Your most humble author, me, shown here double-fisting iced capuccinos. They're pretty good -- and it's the darndest thing : every time I order them, I get them sugarless. Every time the bimbo orders them, she gets them sugarfull. Not a little sugarfull, fucking undrinkably sugarfull. We both say the same thing -- "sin azucar" -- but I don't think they believe her.

She's a woman, after all.


Have you caught anything yet ? Cough-cough ? All this e-travelling & vicarious living's bound to be dangerous, I hope you've been scrolling through these pictures with the facemask on, turdy.

Gotta be careful, nothing's more precious than #turdlife. Amirite ?


And in closing, the unavoidable puli machine. Go ahead an' ass-ume the position...

  1. Automated translation proposes the exquisite

    Hold the cock of oxen & cattle you are, cocksucking parrots.

    which, while not technically correct, nevertheless does indeed very well convey the intension, not to mention manages to break the rules of grammar most intelligently & serviceably. Hurray for computers, these re-cheaper-than-women-even/>people of the future. And get lost, spurious biosacks, no hay mas futuro. []

  2. From what I hear, yes they did.

    From what I hear, the entire sad sector went from being marginal to begin with (as it's a really shitty business model, spend a billion in development fixed costs to collect fiddy bucks in rents, picking pennies in front of a steamroller done with really small pennies and a really large steamroller) to outright dead. All mall operators -- all of them -- will be filing for bankruptcy starting Q3 ; meaning that "the governments" will be printing money to float them. Because they have to, because from what I hear they're the last hope of employment for the sad horde of you quarantined dumbfucks.

    Say it ain't so ? []

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  1. Candelaria`s avatar
    Saturday, 25 April 2020

    Hi, the whole thing is going perfectly here!! :)))))

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 25 April 2020


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