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Saturday, 13 June, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

that idiotic compartmentalizing approach that results in each stage of the graphics pipeline having its *own* conventions and notions as to what is what, without explicitly stating them either, since it's everyone within their own happily recreated village-bubble

This being the very problem the entire "copyrights" and "intellectual property" orchestra supposedly solves.

That's the deal all these despicable fuckfaces in suits are presenting, exactly :

let us extract rents out of the "managing" of "the system", you'll still come out ahead because having intellectual property is so much better than having a bunch of retarded villagers doing the retarded villager dance

And sure as you'd like, when push comes to shove and we're to enjoy these alleged fruits, so very dearly paid for all along... ia-le draga de unde nu-s.

Instead of being mentioned as a footnote explanation or sidelined and treated as the sort of crutch that it is, it's so entrenched as to not allow discussion in any other terms.

That'd be the whole pantsuit subculture in a phrase. Indeed, there's nothing more there, their democracy along the entire pile of indigestible nonsense that they pretend "is everything" comes, in the end, to the crutch that's supposedly taken over the world. Like that superman-acting-cripple, and like the rest of them fantasmagoric garbage pickersi / citizens.

And what do you know - since I failed to do "what everyone does", I also fail to have their problems! Because didn't you know it, the "rigging" aka "fitting a skeleton inside a model" is a complicated problem and a terrible headache. Well, so it is, but for once... not for me!

Bwahahah. This just keeps getting better and better.

Sure, one could note here that a more useful approach would then be perhaps to *actually* use the skeleton to properly define the shape by deforming an overall blob in which the bones are embedded. While this sounds rather interesting to me, it also seems not exactly high priority right now nor all that quick to get to the point where it's useful so for now at least I'll stick to my existing meshes, skeletons and models, looking instead for the way to define working animations *for them*, as they are.

My intuition is that this'd be a dead end, or in barbugii cant,

Am intrat adinc in joc intr-o zi fara norocii, s-a vazut de la-nceput, m-am bagat si am pierdut. Am jucat toti banii pe care ii aveam, am crezut ca-m sa-i intorc dar tot pierdeam, pierdeam, inele, lanturi si bratari si tot am continuat. Am pus masina in joc si in sfarsit am castigat. Luasem inpoi ce pierdusem pana atunci mai putin un lant, ceasul si un ghiul. Baiatu mi-a dat momeala si eu ca prostu' am muscat, in loc sa plec acasa m-am pus iar si am jucat. Am luat-o de la capat si iar m-am dus la vale, nu stiu ce sa fac, ma simt la stramtoare. Omul spune ca joaca pe tot ce tine masa iar eu acum simt tre' sa imi pun casa. Atat mi-a trebuit, nu mam gandit nici un moment
Am dat cu zaru' ... ghinion ... adio apartament!

I expect this'd be exactly the sort of "available" opening pantsuitism "makes available", just for you. If we ever take it, it will be with heavy armor and machine guns.

So a vertex can use only one deformation but use it fully or it can use a weighted combination of any specific set of deformations it picks. How to pick then?

It occurs to me you could also normalize them, no ? There's no hard rule that 4 + 5 + 3 can't add to 100%.

Not that your angular deformation method isn't actually preferable, but just for the sake of completeness.

In Which Cal3D Silently Refuses to Load Animations (and the client misbehaves some more).


Incidentally, the last time I was this engrossed in a narrative story, fully committed to hissing and booing outloud at the mustacioed villain I must've been about eight or so.

Why? What do animations have so special and moreover why can't it SAY so, plainly?

Probably because it's "being professional", and "only amateurs" would use human-readable formats, according to the silent convention of some group of pompously self-important morons or other.

It's a wonder you even put this shameful display on your blog, it tars you with such an unprofessional brush! Best take some forgotten moron's advice and delete it (in the second person singular) while you still can. You don't want the smart cucks to think you unprofessional, do you ?!

And yes, you're right, it doesn't help me any.

So if the origin of the model is in its middle, as soon as you try to move it, it will... fall!

Honestly I believe the falling check is wrong altogether. There should be no "falling" below 0 Y coordinate, and forget about it. Whole mess just looks to me like someone counting sacks of oranges and the oranges therein on an ill defined algebra (there's no need for the concept of negative numbers when counting oranges and sacks of oranges) and then didn't know what to do about it.

If you're doing anything about this -- simply take out the falling below 0 / under terrain altogether, and that'll be that.

Nevertheless, the thing to be had *this cheaply* is indeed quite clunky

That's ok, we'll live.

I am more inclined to force a whole new aesthetic / means and ways of perceiving the world upon the worthless plebs, than inconvenience myself by making the animations in Eulora "more like they'd expect them to be". Who the fuck cares, their expectations are entirely built out of how much Eulora they've seen and naught else, the problem's self-righting.

None of those has any very cheap solutions that I'm aware of so far though and I rather think the whole thing *can* wait really, since it's all a matter of what values to put in each of those files, but in the end it's still the same files and the same pipeline anyway.

This'd be exactly the sound sort of judgement whose absence has sunk imaginary great contributors of great importance (as they imagined it).

Should have added perhaps "pessima" to the title, looking now at those animations again

Absolutely the fuck not, they're fucking adorable. Congrats on a large chunk well chewed, an' move on victorious triumphant.

  1. We watched ten-fifteen minutes of an atrocity of a film in which a pleasant-as-usual Richard Dreyfuss is bookended by a Bette Middler ready to be boiled in oil, humongo whale of insufferable impudence that she is, and some anodyne precious cuntlet whose name history hasn't recorded.

    Interestingly enough, instead of imposing any sorts of standards, instead of proceeding to force and enforce the remedial of any flaws, the simp just goes through it all (incidentally -- there's nobody Dreyfuss reminds me of as much as Ballas). Just like that, "tolerantly" and "loving" bla bla, trying hopelessly to pick something of value, however moderate, however negligible. "There must be something worth epsilon in this whole moras" is the whole message his ever-more-hunched presence screams out to the world.

    Why, and wherefore have ye sad lot became the world's foremost garbage picking culture ? Do you know ?

    What the fuck did you think the whole "every sperm is sacred" yadda-yakka could ever possibly lead to ? If no life's worthless enough to waste, guess what ? You get to go to bed with that despicable whale every night and, dumb fuck that you are, you'll be selling yourself on how good it is, too. And how much you like it. Because you're too smart to be normal -- in fact, you so god-damned smart you can only be mindbendingly stupid, everything else's closed off to you, by yourself.

    Just drop dead in a fucking fire, it's a vastly preferable outcome. And take your load of selected garbage with you -- it makes no difference what you think of its "value" on the transparently flimsy basis of "how much work you put into picking it". Garbage is garbage is garbage -- and he who spends his day with garbage inescapably becomes... you. []

  2. Luck, you see. The inept mind will see it involved when being scammed, also. He had bad luck and so his unmaintained car broke down. This is also the birthplace of the "just then" device : the slightly smarter gotta be slightly stupider, and so for their noticing that the foregoing proposition is ridiculous, they invent a counterweight. []
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  1. Ah, this made my morning, thank you! Literally, I woke up with an idea for cheap and likely effective improvement that I had to write down (not necessarily implement right now) and then I read this and re-read it too for it's such a pleasure.

    Incidentally, the last time I was this engrossed in a narrative story, fully committed to hissing and booing outloud at the mustacioed villain I must've been about eight or so.

    Yaaaay! Then I hit the mark with it and I'm so very glad I did.

    My intuition is that this'd be a dead end

    Having slept on it soundly, I found out I'd rather not go that route indeed and precisely because meanwhile the thing I was groping for there clarified - it's not the whole as a blob that would do anything, but rather the fact that the deformations make more sense based on points inside the mesh as opposed to its very ends.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 13 June 2020

    This is how my mornings go also ; but in the end being woken by ideatic urgency's not the worst of fates.

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