Nazism in the days of the cholera

Friday, 20 March, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


The herpderpdemic has probably been the greatest thing to ever happen to this country.

I went out today, the roads were, while not actually empty, slightly emptier than what was going on back when I first came here, fifteen years ago. The roads were, in a word, reasonable.

Normal people don't give shit one about the whole clucker-engineered nonsense ; the aspie class however very much does, and so it came to pass that normal people went about their everyday lives normally whereas the spurious 14%ers, the aspirational retards, the dreamers, Satan's accursed spawn that we'd be so much better off without... "self-quarantined".

Without their unwelcome presence Frankfurt-ing and Oslo-ing and generally Amir Taaki-ing the place, without their cheap leased toyotas, without their haymasfuturo farts and oozing idiocy, the air's for the first time in twenty years almost breathable.

If only they could be quarantined permanently! Fail that, could they be simply... shot ? Vacupacked and dumped in the sea ? Anything ?

I can't tell you how much better this world is without all the weddititreddit tards, without all the "feminists" and "awareness raising" "woke" navel grazers, without all the perfectly idle, uterly useless, entirely spurious dumbass class.

Who knows, maybe I get my wish. I certainly don't really want anything else...


I can almost see how it's gonna go, too -- any moment now they're gonna start congratulating each other on their effectually effective adequacy and whatever the fuck such nonsense (just as soon as they notice that, well... viral epidemics are kinda self-limiting, eventually they run out naturally), and then there's gonna be no end of ploughing flies buzzing about in odorous contentment they presume to purport universal.i


Above depicted, pula mea. It levelled up.

Below, cafe chorreada de Limon and trims. The cafe itself was empty ; the new waiter came over to tell us we can't sit three at one table because of the state of emergency -- so I had him drag a new table over, and we sprawled a little. Cumplimos, lol.


The swastika is my manual addition ; the votive backing it occured naturally, through girly accumulation of trims and accessories atop a pre-installed mirror, until, eventually... I came by and realised the necessary. How's it strike you ?


This butterfly is dying. That's kinda how it goes for them ; and in this shot, it's almost dead.


Demented Einstein and decerebrated Lennon I'm pretty sure I shot before (though I don't recall where it's published -- if anyone does, please let me knowty).



La comunidad somos todos, policia y juventud. Sieg heil!


Do you remember the story of that one time when Athens was preparing for siege and so everyone ran this way or that doing who knows what and Diogenes, seeing the general activity, got out of his tub and started pushing it back and forth about the hillside ? Well... his tub was fulla liquor.

And so is mine. We've made provisions, yo. For the eventual apocatastasis.


  1. The pointless government rags are all full of "coronavirus news" these days, which provides scant masking of their perennial contentlessness. I've no doubt they'll just as well trumpet whatever socialist-government-issued nonsense tomorrow -- mayhap it'll be all about how we were never at war with eastasia, or about how comrade-secretary-general cut a cherry tree in his youth. Or the visit of Charles de Gaulle airport, while our guy was holding a hat on his head and a hat in is hand for good measure. Why not ? []
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  1. Yesterday taking those pictures and getting for once some empty streets, I was thinking quite the same - it might be a good idea after all, make the town much more pleasant, all of a sudden.

  2. > Or the visit of Charles de Gaulle airport

    Heh, and this time they won't be able to stop the trains delivering the nyoozpapers either.

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 20 March 2020

    @Diana Coman Isn't it though ? The socialists' "mass mobilization" wank they're so enamoured with for some incomprehensible reason backfires like all their shit always does. Whatever they imagined it'd deliver in the feverish clots that in their narrow skulls pretend to brain, what it actually did deliver was the superlative social good : a clear delineation of just how infinitely better the world would be without them. I really hope the experience is informative (and not in the usual being an engineer manner of idle, deadword, inconsequential "information", but quite the other).

    @spyked Their strategy has pivoted meanwhile, they're no longer trying to plug the narrow end of the funnel. Now they're working at the wide end, they're not gonna stop the newspaper from publishing but the readers from reading. And they think it's working, too, because it being a much larger space, their copious nearsightedness convinces them they've accomplished all sort and manner of impossible feats.

    Ps. I guess it's not that self-obvious in context, but I really intended for the string "Charles de Gaulle airport" to stand out as a personal name, as if it read "Joe McFucksticks". If negresses can name their daugthers Shtrevoyna or whatever the fuck, why can't I name my dweebs Charles de Gaulle airport ? Bonluck Fistula MacAdamia!

  4. Glad to see you're also enjoying the recent calm out there.

    Over here it's funny to observe the differences between grocery stores in Santa Cruz (for ticos) and those in Tamarindo (for gringos). The gringo stores are out of toilet paper and any kind of disinfectant wipes, their patrons walking around with rubber gloves on, and at least one store enforcing a "one person per party" rule. Meanwhile in Santa Cruz the only signs of anything out of the ordinary was a smiling guard at the supermarket entrance spraying a water/alcohol mixture onto customers' hands and a sign under the still-plentiful stock of disinfectant wipes stating, "limitado 3 por cliente".

    Indeed how nice it would be if the reduced traffic were permanent...

    p.s. there are some extra characters in the "ploughing flies" link (though it still resolves correctly as is)

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 20 March 2020

    Ah, the link was actually broken ; fixed it now ty.

    Automercado (upscale, rich white folk supermarket, by my lights as things stand now literally and by a fat margin best supermarket in the whole world) doesn't seem to have much of a problem either (except for some maniac wiping out their Barilla stocks and apparently they can't replace those until Italy gets back to work sometime in 2095). Basically it's the Jailary voters getting fucked every which way.

    I honestly hope they all fucking croak.

  6. The supermarket in Tamarindo that billymg is referring to is also an Automercado.

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