La moglie piu bella

Wednesday, 11 March, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

La moglie piu bellai is not particularly remarkable an exemplar of the systematic effort at pantsuitist agitprop produced throughout the 70s by the captured Italian state. Not nearly as well madeii as say Morti di Fame, it's basically the same old "Romanzo Popolare" as long ago invented and ever since tiresomely, ceaselessly recounted by the mulas -- but arbitrarily set in 1950s "Sicily" rather than 1970s Milano. Si-n rest tatatat la fel, as the poet so aptly put it.

Ornella Muti is not naked by way of exception, being actually fourteen at the time. Fancy that wonder, a fourteen year old actress overwhelming under the lens such requirements as the role of a precocious fifteen year old everyone conventionallyiii takes for sixteen could possibly put upon her. This is the sorta powerhouse that chick was ; and if she didn't come to better greatness it's all and entirely not her fault. Besides that, the film's only other claim to fame is having found a great match for her, Alessio Orano may be as toroughly hollow and entirely vacuous as a "quality" shoes model, but his eye color matches hers and in all respect they look the original couple. It's a strange thing to behold, and that perhaps may entice you to behold it.

Otherwise the lulz just keep piling on, her problem's that "he wants her for having made up his mind, not for wanting her" as fucking if, the same fanciulla that "ask of me what you will, but be gentle" is, in her husband & owner's remarkably correct words so very superbuousiv she'll run herself out of any possibility of existence. She'll just replace herself with an impossible imagined object, that's just HOW utterly UStardian she really truly is. Believe! Why don't you believe ?

Whatever, films being dumb is an impediment to watching them like women being stupid's an impediment to fucking them. The hole still works, whatever comments you may have on the quality of the light behind the glass.

  1. 1970, by Damiano Damiani, with Alessio Orano, Ornella Muti. []
  2. The dialogue as wanked off by Damiani is especially, offensively inappropriate. No Sicilian mother ever, to this day (and certainly no poor subsistence farmer) asked her obnoxious spawn "what she wants to do", what the fuck dumb question is that ? C'e la luna mezzo mare! []
  3. The convention in turn stemming from the simple fact that they have no other way of dealing with her thoroughly mature sexuality. So they just assume they don't have to, and "nobody could accuse them" of this approach not working, or being impertinent. Because nobody is actually me, and so... []
  4. Check this wonder : the sin of superbia, superby is somehow magically "not known" in English. Did you perhaps mean "superboy" ? Superfluous is what superbuous should have appeared as ?

    Idiots. Not even genuine idiots, false, self-pompously idiotic, the sort that blow up through blowing air up their own asshole. []

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